Transcendent David Chapter 6

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In order to be able to go to the favorite Naan University, previous David applied for a cram school and tried his best to exercise. Naan University’s minimum acceptance was 800kilograms of strength plus the speed requirements.

Previous David was desperate to increase his strength but it wasn’t an easy job at all even though he had tried his best. It was when he saw a book from the Great Spiritual World in Trainer Jeremy office at cram school.

Trainer Jeremy said that it was a part of his collection and told to  previous David that it is a Sacrifice Manual of the Great Spiritual World.

Previous David, who was anxious for not being able to improve his strength at the time, saw hope from this Sacrifice Manual.

The Great Spiritual World is a mysterious and powerful universe in the eyes of the Interstellar Federation people.

The Interstellar Federation and the insect race are fighting on the ground, they rely on the “human sea” tactic. A large number of Armored Soldiers with outer skeleton armor fight against the Level 1 insect race. The more powerful insect race requires the Interstellar Federation to use stronger weapons and equipment.

However, it’s different in Great Spiritual World. The fighters sent by the Great Spiritual World possess incredible combat capabilities. They can almost fight against Level 2 and even Level 3 insect race creatures one-on-one. It is said that  powerhouses of Great Spiritual World have the ability to fight against Level 4 insect race creatures alone.

What is the concept of Level 4 insect race creature? It is an existence that requires the cooperation of several interstellar battleships to fight. Each one can easily destroy a city.

Therefore, the Interstellar Federation Great World blocks all news about the Great Spiritual World. Of course, this blockade of information isn’t perfect. Many gossips are circulated everywhere through various channels.

A Sacrifice Manual from the Great Spiritual World had likely brought strong hope for previous David.

Previous David paid 50000 credits to purchase this Great Spiritual World Sacrifice Manual, which was the one David saw in the basement when he transmigrated.

After obtaining the Sacrifice Manual, previous David began translation work of the Great Spiritual World text into federal text.

Previous David even used Hans’s ‘National Scholar’ permission to borrow related books.

It is important to know that all the information related to Great Spiritual World is not something that a student like previous David could borrow. However, Hans who owns the title of  ‘National Scholar’ was different. The status of’National Scholar’ is extremely noble and has great authority.

He could achieve a very high political status by virtue of his status as a ‘National Scholar’ if it weren’t for Hans’ own lack of abilities.

Hans is just the deputy director of the Pellin City Legal Affairs Department with little power in his hands.

After many days of translation, previous David’s confidence became stronger. According to the record, through sacrifices, the Shadow Servant of Spiritual God can be summoned, and the Shadow Servant of Spiritual God can be his best combat assistant.

The Shadow Servant ability described in the Sacrifice Manual can be transformed into the strongest armor to provide defense for the master, and can also cooperate with the master to attack the enemy. It is master’s most reliable helper.

At the same time, during the sacrifice process, the body of would be strengthened.

Although Shadow Servant is good, it could be only used as a help in the future. Previous David was only after strength.

Previous David began to purchase sacrifice related materials as fast as he could as he understood about the physical enhancements that Great Spiritual World’s Sacrifice Manual would bring to him.

David recalled the process of discovering the Great Spiritual World Sacrifice Manual. With memories of his second life, he discovered the problem from the perspective of an observer.

The first issue was the consequence of the sacrifice. The reason for David’s possession of this body was the accidental death of his predecessor.

Judging from the situation in the underground fitness room at the time, it goes without saying that the cause of death was the consequence of the failedsacrifice, and Trainer Jeremy simply did not mention that the sacrifice would fail.

How could Trainer Jeremy show such a Sacrifice Manual with the effects described in the book  if the Sacrifice Manual is really so easy to succeed?

The second is the way the Sacrifice Manual appeared. The Trainer Jeremy knew about previous David’s situation. The Sacrifice Manual appeared when previous David dire in need of improving his strength.

Trainer Jeremy had clearly aimed at previous David, if you look at the situation from the perspective of the bystander.

Previous David was just a 3rd year High School student. How could he know about the dangers of the Sacrifice Manual from Great Spiritual World.

But does it mean that Trainer Jeremy didn’t know either?

David couldn’t help but feel chills at this time. It seems that the death of his predecessor was probably not an accident, but a premeditated crime.

It’s just that he doesn’t know if Trainer Jeremy did it for money or to take his life. Previous David had given more than 300,000 credits to Trainer Jeremy to get materials for the sacrifice. It has to be known that most of the materials that were purchased aren’t even known in Interstellar Federation let alone finding a place to purchase them.

The most suspicious part was the heart of a Level 1 insect race to be used in the sacrifice. Level 1 insects are treasure in itself. But only their shell, teeth, claw tips and flesh. The rest are useless!

Sometimes even shells would be discarded.  So, who would bring back the heart of Level 1 insect?

In fact, the most important thing for the sacrifice is the heart of this Level 1 insect race, which is also the direct cause of death of the predecessor.

The more David thought about it, the more get scared. Although his body has a huge strength of 600 kg, the strength of the Trainer Jeremy far exceeds him. He even doubts whether the Trainer Jeremy is an official Armored Soldier.

In his memory, during the training process, Trainer Jeremy could easily block his attacks.

“Call the police!” David murmured. It was the first idea that came to his mind as a transmigrator. But he quickly gave up.

First of all, he doesn’t have any evidence. Is he going to tell the police that Trainer Jeremy killed himself with a book?

In fact, David isn’t even dead!

Secondly, the method of sacrifice is obtained from the Great Spiritual World’s Sacrifice Manual. Judging from the Interstellar Federation’s blockade of information about the Great Spiritual World, David would be the likely one to be punished,

David calmed down as he began to judge the situation he was in. The way Trainer Jeremy had planned everything meant that Trainer Jeremy wasn’t interested in directly acting against David.

If current David hadn’t transmigrated then it would seem as if an ignorant youth privately went through a sacrifice and died. It would never implicate Trainer Jeremy in his death! Moreover, after David’s death it would be impossible to find out the source of sacrifice materials.

David thought that his safety is guaranteed as long as he doesn’t give Trainer Jeremy a chance to act again him in a blocked environment.

Even at his home, Emma would automatically call the police, as long as someone entered the house without permission. The neighborhood where he lived was a rich area. Police would arrive without a minute! In addition, his house is like a fort with external defenses. Forced entry would take more than a minute. School wasn’t going to start for nearly a month so David thought he should be fine as long as he pays attention to situation around himself.

He couldn’t help let out a long relaxed breath after thinking about everything.


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