Transcendent David Chapter 5

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A strange energy passed through his hand and entered his body as David’s hand patted the shadow. It was as if he was soaked in warm water. He couldn’t help but relax and began to slowly doze off.

David had slept on the floor of living room. Fortunately, there is only the smart steward Emma in the entire house and Emma does not care about the owner’s behavior.

David had a dream in which he lived with his mother since he was a child. David, from elementary school to middle school, and then to high school, had few friends except his mother.

The father was always away until one day father and mother separated. Soon after, mother committed suicide after arranging everything for David.

In his dream, he had memories of a good life, as well as the sadness of losing his relatives. He laughed and cried.

This is a complete life from birth to 17 years old, including all experiences, all emotions, presented in this dream one after another.

He opened his eyes. First he felt the difference in his perception.

In his eyes, all the colors are extremely vivid. It’s as if he used to watch the world via a normal TV, but now he uses a 4K TV resolution to observe the world.

He didn’t know the reason for this, but he knew it was caused by the energy transmitted to him by the transparent shadow.

He looked at the identity bracelet. It looked like a watch on his wrist. It was already 9pm, which means he slept on the floor for 12 hours.

David was aware in his heart that he had retrieved all the memories of his predecessor through the dream.

The name of the former owner of this body is also called David, which makes him wonder whether this is a choice of transmigration, or just a coincidence.

David Kerr, a 17-year-old student in grade 3 this year. He is now in winter holidays.

He lives alone in this building, but he is not an orphan. It’s just that his biological father married once again. He inherited the inheritance of his biological mother, Cathy, and lived alone.

David can’t describe the feelings that came from his memory about his biological father. There is respect, resentment, resistance, and a variety of tangled feelings.

His biological father is Hans Kerr. Hans is a hero in this city, and not only in this city. Hans has the title of’National Scholar’ which makes him special.

‘National Scholar’ is the title given to combat heroes who has achieved the highest merit. This is also the origin of David’s respect for Hans.

Hans paid too much for winning the title of’National Scholar’, including separation from David’s mother, who committed suicide due to depression, including the loss of Hans’s own left arm and left leg. At the moment, Hans used prosthetic limbs to move. He had undergone genetic treatment but his body is still in weak state.

David’s predecessor has always been worried about the death of his mother. Hans had remarried and had a son. These are the reasons why he and Hans lived separately. Of course, legally speaking, Hans is still his guardian.

He also understood the planet called the Rock Planet, which is two small galaxies away from the War Star, the battlefield with the insect race.

Even so, it’s not safe on the Rock planet. Uncontrollable insect race larvae are scattered all around. From time to time, insect race larvae grow into Level 1 insects. Some hidden ones even may grow into Level 2 creatures.

The larvae of the insect race can be dealt with with ordinary weapons. However, once the larvae of the insect race become Level 1 insect race, then ordinary weapons would be of no use.

The only way to deal with Level 1 insect race is to wear outer skeleton armor and use weapons made of Level 1 insect race teeth and claw tips.

The first requirement, to be able to wear outer skeleton armor,  is to become a certified Armored Soldier.

In the 10000 years of fighting insect race, Interstellar Federation used advanced war machines to fight against insect race, and also used insect race to strengthen its own combat power.

Among them, the corpse of the insect race is the most important resource. As mentioned earlier, the teeth and claw tips of the insect race, these sharpest skeletons will become the raw materials for making stronger weapons.

Most of the insect race corpses have 2 long slender muscles on the back, which are called strengthened meat. This is the basis for the Interstellar Federation to have a strong fighters.

David also understood why his predecessor would go through a sacrifice. It was because his predecessor wanted to go to Naan University. However, his situation didn’t allow him for entrance, so he thought of taking a shortcut.

Naan City, where Naan University is located, is the largest city in Rock Star. It is the economic and cultural center of Rock Star, and has a strong army guard. It made Naan City an area where humans can live freely without worries of insect race.

People living in Pellin City such as previous David are extremely eager to move to cities such as Naan City. Pellin city is dangerous. There could be extreme danger out of city borders and sometimes insect race creature might even appear inside the city.

Previous David didn’t get corresponding sense of security in Pellin City even though the chance of an insect race creature getting within the city is very small.

Naan City is good but it is not easy to live there. People need to have the appropriate permissions to move in.

In the Interstellar Federation, you cannot go to other cities without reaching a certain level of authority.

David’s predecessor was still a minor high schooler let alone to have any level of authority.

His guardian is his father Hans. If Hans takes him, as Hans is a National Scholar, he can go to any city and any planet at will.

But previous David was very resistant and didn’t want to ask Hans. He just wanted to leave Pellin City as soon as possible and leave Hans’s side. Pellin City was full of sad memories for previous David.

The only way he could think of leaving Hans and Pellin city was through the college entrance exam. He wasn’t not reconciled to get into an ordinary university. He didn’t want to be an ordinary office worker in this city all his life. As an ordinary office worker, he had to apply for permissions and wait for approvals even if he wanted to travel around. As a result, he had put all his hopes and dreams in one basket which was getting into Naan University on Rock Star.

The students cultivated by Naan University are the talents that all units compete for. As long as they enter Naan University, they will have a stable high salary and high social authority.

Naan City welcomes the graduates of Naan University, almost as long as the graduates apply, they will definitely agree to their decision to stay in Naan City.

The learning ability of previous David could only be regarded as average, and the cultural performance of each subject at the current Panshi High School is only above the middle level.

Previous David wouldn’t be able to get into second-rate universities let alone Naan University with his academic performance.

Therefore, Naan University was only a dream with his academic performance. However, he could make that dream true if he could attend the battle talent exams.

Naan University is also the best Armored Soldier school in Rock Star besides training a large number of civilian staff.

Previous David had access to insect race meat on daily basis. His body was much strongest than ordinary person. However, the conditions to get offer letter into Naan City were high even for him.

In fact, with his current strength is at 600 kilograms. He could rank in top 30 in Panshi High School.


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