Transcendent David Chapter 4

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Transparent shadow wasn’t hurt by the explosion at all. The rubble was passing through its body.

David wanted to order the transparent shadow to come back, but he felt a sense of satisfaction from the transparent shadow. It was as if the shadow was full.

The shadow was about 10 meters away from his. The maximum distance that the shadow could stay away from him. It was the location of the previous gate. There were invisible substances that flew towards the transparent shadow and entered its body.

If anyone counts them, they can find that the number of these invisible substances is exactly the number of deaths.

David feels that his connection with the transparent shadow is getting closer and closer. It was like comparison to 3G connection at the moment, if the previous connection with the transparent shadow was like 2G..

He didn’t understand what was going on, but he felt what the transparent shadow wouldn’t harm him. On the contrary, it seemed that he had gained some benefits.

After all, the time for him to get the transparent shadow is too short, so short that he has no ability to truly understand the transparent shadow.

David tried to stand up. The injury behind his back was a bit painful, but it didn’t make much difference. He passed through the gap which was created after the missing bathroom door.

he walked cautiously while stepping on the stagnant water on the ground. The ground was full of debris after the explosion.

He stopped as he saw a cylindrical metal item. It was thick enough to be hold in one hand. It’s length was about 20 cm. It was black all around with 2 mirror like glass cylinders sealing it on ends. The metal cylinder was extremely clean even in this chaotic environment. David didn’t have to be an expert of this this world to understand that it wasn’t an ordinary item. He bent over and picked the item.

He didn’t have the idea of leaving the cylinder here. There was an element of curiosity that made him the pick it up. He walked through the lobby. The damage to the bookstore was much more serious in comparison to bathroom. There was smoke all around the bookstore. There was no transparent glass wall or gate. Both of them had disappeared. The broken human bodies were scattered around. No one was able to run away because of the excessive speed of the space shuttle.

David wanted to vomit. He was aware that there were nearly 100 people gathered outside the bookstore. But at this moment there were only a dozen complete corpses.

His brain was blank, but he was quickly awakened by a miserable moan.

David was about to step forward to help the struggling person who fell on the ground, but he heard the sound of police sirens from the air, and then he saw two blue and white police patrol  vehicles approached.

He couldn’t help but stop. This kind of injury is best to be treated by a professional person. He didn’t need to intervene since professionals were coming.

The blue-white police patrol ship hovered on the road in front of the bookstore, and a dozen uniformed policemen jumped from it.

Police paid special attention to David as he was the only one who was alive. Officers walked towards him.

“Are you alright?” A middle-aged policeman asked David while checking David’s identity bracelet with an instrument in his hand.

David shook his head. He did not speak because he saw Jessica’s body.

The girl who had travelled with him to the bookstore in the morning was lying in the pool of blood while a metal fragment had pierced her heart.

“I’m Police Officer Bob, the medical staff will be here soon, and they will take care of your injury!” Officer Bob inspected the instrument in his hand and knew that the kid in front of him was still a student. He couldn’t help but pat David’s shoulder to comfort him when he saw David’s expression.

David had no memories of Jessica. However, he was aware that Jessica and the previous David were at least friends as he had promised to come to bookstore with her.

He didn’t know how to express his feelings about Jessica’s death. He wasn’t sad for sure. The only feeling that he had in his heart at the moment was fear, extreme fear.

His own corpse would be lying over somewhere if the transparent shadow didn’t notify him of danger in advance.

David nodded at Officer Bob as he looked as Jessica’s body in dazed manner.

It took very little time for ambulances to arrive. David was surprised by the rapid emergency response. It didn’t even take 5 minutes and both the police and emergency medical staff were at the location.

This fast response didn’t make David happy at all. It meant that this place was a very dangerous city. Most probably because of the frequent dangers that the police and medical staff had such a rapid reaction ability.

He thought of the buildings without windows.

A medical staff treated the wound on his back and helped him put some medicine on the burn on his hand. David wasn’t taken to the hospital after the medical staff verified that he wasn’t in serious situation at all.

He wanted to go home immediately. It was the only place where he felt the safest. In addition, the people who were transported via ambulance were very injured so it was better for them to get the first treatment instead of himself.

Officer Bob copied the contact information from the identity bracelet on David’s wrist so that the police can contact him later on.

David saw the transparent shadow right behind him when he left the bookstore. None of the police personnel could spot it.

David ran back home quickly, completely ignoring the pedestrians on the road who looked towards him.

As soon as he entered the house, he immediately closed the door heavily, and then he leaned on the door.

He was still shocked by the danger today although he was a person who died once.

He sat on the ground, weakly. He panicked as he had gone from a peaceful world to a dangerous one which he didn’t understand at all.

The tragic death of Jessice and others in the bookstore was a feeling that he had never experienced in his previous life. He wanted to find someone so that he could get comfort. But he had no memories of previous David. He had no idea to whom to talk. Moreover, how could he explain his transmigration to someone else? He was deep in thought when he saw the transparent shadow besides himself. He thoughts moved and it seemed as if the shadow could understand him. It just flew over and sat beside David.

David felt at ease for a while because of shadow “sitting” by his side. It had saved him at the most dangerous moment.

He was very shocked when he saw the transparent shadow the last night. Afterwards, he found out that the shadow wasn’t dangerous. Moreover, he had tried all kinds of ridiculous ways to try to move the shadow.

However, now David was full of gratitude. He stretched out his hand to pat the shadow as if it was his friend.


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