Transcendent David Chapter 30

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David felt the danger even if he knew that he was not in real world. This was the first time he had actually seen an incest race creature! He saw the dark green gleam on the forelimbs of the Hunter Mantis. He could be severely injured if he was hit by such a weapon. David perceived the danger but the body wasn’t under his control. Of course, he would turn around and run the hell out of there if the body was under his control.

At the same time, David felt the body take a small step backwards and pull the Warhammer. Likewise, the body pressed the Warhammer down at the same time. ‘clang’. The handle of the Warhammer collided with the sickle of the mantis. David felt huge force because of the shock. The body turned around and transferred that power of the shock to Warhammer and hit the mantis again.

David didn’t know whether the hunter mantis in front of him had the real combat strength of a real hunter mantis. Nevertheless, the creature had made him feel the terror of the insect race. Moreover, it was the weakest creature out of all of them! The body using the Warhammer was extremely strong and could control the Warhammer as if it was part of the body. David felt as if the Grim Reaper was standing by and waiting to rip out his soul out the body. Nevertheless, his master of Warhammer increased as time passed. Truth to be told, it didn’t matter who taught him or how they taught him, no one would be able to instill the knowledge of using Warhammer to David like the illusion. The body was tireless and the hunter mantis was like a war machine. Two continued to fight in melee. As time passed, David became more concentrated. It was like he was the one fighting the mantis and waving the warhammer. Combat experience was pouring into his mind and being imprinted into his soul.

Amos, the owner of the knowledge ball, was also an elite Armored Soldier who had returned from the War Star. His combat experience was there even thou he was pampered by the easy life in Rock Star.

This could be seen from the instant decision that he made when he faced the leader of the Heavely Wolf Mercenaries, Vroman. He would be able to retreat if it weren’t for an accident (Edna being killed).

Amos’s experience of using Warhammer was improved from constant life and death battles against the insect race creatures. All of these experiences were fused into David through the illusion. David couldn’t tell whether it was reality or fantasy. Because at one time, he had already become one with the body. He was distracted for a second and sickle of the hunter mantis swept his back resulting in a long wound. The intense pain made his concentration more intense. It was the weakest insect race creature but for David this pressure was never felt before!


The battle with the Hunter Mantis continued on as both of them went for offense and defense. He wasn’t aware how long it took but both the hunter mantis’s and the body he was controlling became transparent. The entire space shook and the Warhammer in his hand disappeared. David wanted to hold on to the Warhammer. It seemed as if the weapon was part of his body and disappearance of the weapon was like losing a limb.

“Huh, huh, huh!” David breathed heavily. The illusion had disappeared and he was in the bedroom. He had worn new clothes after practicing 18 moves but his clothes were sweaty once again.

“Shadow Servant, open the attribute panel!” He placed his hand on Shadow Servant and commanded in his heart.

There was Warhammer mastery(82% proficiency) among his abilities! It would take a long way before he could use the actual skill and assimilate them in real life even thou there was Warhammer mastery (82% proficiency) in the attribute panel. It’s just the process of practice will be quite short. Others would need decades of training and experience while it will take short time for him.

At the moment, David wasn’t going to rest but fuse another knowledge ball. He was going to merge Heavy Axe Mastery(33% entry level). It wouldn’t be helpful to him but at least he would be able to master and use another weapon. Moreover, it was an entry level knowledge ball so his body would be able to handle the fusion easily.

He ordered Shadow Servant to move the Heavy Axe Mastery (33% entry level) knowledge ball into his body. This time the illusion was quite ordinary. He was in a training room and practicing Heavy Axe. He was practicing various moves. David felt that the practice was quite simple because of his 82% proficiency in Warhammer master. He opened his eyes. It felt as if the this was the faster fusion process. In fact, several years of practice in the illusion was just only few minutes in real world. This kind of experience transmission through soul and consciousness couldn’t be explained by science.

David felt exhaust after 2 fusions. He took a shower, changed his clothes and fell asleep. He woke up at 4’clock in the afternoon. He felt hungry. He had eaten a lot in the morning but the body wanted more. It has to be known that after he began to temper his body, ordinary food couldn’t satisfy his energy consumption. He saw Myron dragging his body when he came to the kitchen.

“Myron, what’s wrong with you?” David asked.

“David. I did 18 moves 10 times! 10 times ” Myron replied. David stepped forward and helped Myron.18 moves consumed a lot of energy. Doing it ten times meant that body would be exhausted.

“Emma, ​​prepare more fortified meat for me and Myron.” David instructed.

“Yes, master!” Smart steward Emma responded.

There were already two plates of fortified meat on the table by the time they sat down.

“Hey, Myron, you really brought Level 1 fortified meat!” David said in surprise.

“Of course, anyway, it’s easy for my father to get Level 1 fortified meat. I just had to mention about it!” Myron said indifferently.

There are many organizations in Pellin City that go out to hunt insect race creatures. It wasn’t difficult for Mayor Bernard to buy some although most of the time, the fortified meat would be sent to large cities for more profit. hunting insect races. David ate a piece of meat while thinking about benefits of power. The feeling of energetic meat made his hungry body sing in joy.

“What about Uncle Garen?” David couldn’t help but ask as he didn’t see Garen’s silhouette.

“Uncle Garen, went out to look up for Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries. My father said that their battleship is already captured. All of their members have been captured apart the ones who had attacked you!” Myron smiled.

His tone was full of disdain. The Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries were full of Amored Soldiers but they had to know who they could attack and whom they couldn’t! Even Myron himself had to be careful. He didn’t dare to cause unnecessary trouble to his family. David didn’t feel much about the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries. They had attacked him but as a result, he got huge amount of wealth and 98% proficiency electronic countermeasure skill!

Of course, when it comes to enemies, it was best for them to be dead rather than alive!


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