Transcendent David Chapter 3

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David’s body shivered while he was quietly browsing through history of this universe. He looked towards the invisible transparent shadow besides him. Those feelings was transferred to his body by the transparent shadow.

It seemed as if the shadow was telling him that he was in danger. An extreme, life-threatening danger!

It was the same feeling when he had seen the heavy truck lose control and move towards him back in his previous life. The despair and helplessness, the fear that his life would be ruthlessly deprived, made all the hairs on David’s body stood on end.


Abbott, who was flying a personal space shuttle in the sky, was already making it to fly at the highest speed possible. This kind of personal space shuttle could fly short distances in space at super-fast speeds but couldn’t do that in the atmosphere. .

However, he didn’t need to check  the map at this time, only with the help of the scanning device on the personal space shuttle, he could clearly see the Pellin City below.

“Find me the place with the most congregated people in Pellin City!” Abbott ordered.

The auxiliary intelligence on the personal space shuttle quickly found the location with the largest number of people outdoors through the scan results.

The personal flying shuttle slightly adjusted the direction according to the position. A triumphant smile appeared on Abbott’s face when he saw the scene where nearly 100 people gathered next to the building on the ground.

On the other end of Skynet, official Bismark slightly corrected the information sent back by the “blocker” drone.

Skynet had already analyzed and identified the identity of Abbott as the arrogant made hadn’t even made any changes to his facial appearances.

Major Bismark was going through the intelligence reports on Abbott at the moment. Bunch of arrest warrants were among the details. There were huge rewards to the people or person who could arrest Abboot.

It is a huge contribution as long as Abbott is captured or killed. Bismark would likely to jump a rank and become a lieutenant colonel, let alone the wealth brought by a huge reward.

Of course, only a part of all the income from the huge reward will be allocated to him, but this is enough to make him excited.

“Go for it!” Major Bismark steadied his emotions and ordered in a deep voice.

The four “blocker” drones that received the order activated the small rapid-fire guns at the same time, and pursued the personal space shuttle.

“Major, there are a large number of civilians below!” Just when Major Bismark turned to look at Abbott’s intelligence, the staff who was monitoring the situation yelled.

The staff member was also very depressed. Although he saw the city and the increasingly eye-catching crowd, this was an order issued by Major Bismark. He had no right to cancel, and could only inform Major Bismark to cancel the order.

Rapid-fire guns of the four blocker drones all shoot at Abbott’s personal space shuttle just as Major Bismark looked up.

The personal flying shuttle is only a civilian spaceship. It didn’t have any weapons or defense system. Attacked by the 4 blocker drones meant a 100% death.

Abbott did not expect that the blocker drones would ignore so many civilians and attack him like this, even at his deathbed.

Major Bismark who gave the order panicked the moment he was aware of the situation.

“Stop attacking, stop attacking immediately!” he commanded.

It’s just that the order is too late. This tragedy could be avoided if Major Bismark’s attention wasn’t on the information in his hand and fantasies about the rewards wasn’t on his mind.

Abbot could have dodged the bullets if he hadn’t made the shuttle to dive towards the crowd. It could be possible that he would resist for a bit longer.

But now it was too late. Abbott was full of unwillingness, and the personal space shuttle was hit by several shells.

Abbot had good combat capability as a mercenary and wanted criminal. He was doing extremely well as a mercenary but he couldn’t resist at the moment. The wings of the space shuttle shattered after several holes appeared on them and the shuttle. One of the holes appeared just besides Abbott who was sitting in pilot’s seat. He suffered a serious injury when the shuttle was just 20 meters over the ground. His right leg was gone while there was a small gap in his abdomen. He could have tried to control the space shuttle to reduce the damage on the crowd below but he went berserk before his death. He made sure that the shuttle would hit the densest part of the crowd. There was a cruel smile on his face as the life left his body.

At the same time, Major Bismark watched in horror as the personal space shuttle crashed into the crowd. A mushroom cloud of fire shone up, covering the area.

“It’s over!” Major Bismark sat down on the chair behind him with a thought left in his mind.


The sensation of extreme danger passed from the transparent shadow made David to instinctively look towards the direction of the glass curtain wall of the gate. He didn’t see anything out of ordinary but he didn’t yell either. He wasn’t sure that this feeling of danger was true or false. The only thing he could do was to find a relatively safe place.

He saw the bathroom not far away from his current location. The door was made of metal. He reached the bathroom after few stems, the door automatically opened and he walked in.

The metal door closed. Afterwards, the sound of violent explosion spread out and because of violent impact the metal door pushed him in. His body was pushed inside with the metal door. He hugged his head to reduce the damage. David didn’t want to be the transmigrator who was killed on his first day. The strong muscles on his body played a role when his body collided with the bathroom panel.

It was surprising that the damage to his body was big  although the wooden toilet panel was damaged twice in a row. There was no sign of injury on his hands, feet or head.

The shock wave caused by the explosion was also blocked by the metal door in front of him. The most serious thing was that he pressed his unprotected hand on the metal door and suffered minor burns.

He made sure not to breathe in so that his inner organs weren’t affected.

David didn’t care about this at the moment. He didn’t dare to let go even if the metal door was hot. The sound of crushed stones hitting the metal continued to echo.

Fortunately, he was in the bathroom. Many water pipes ruptured after the impact, forming a mist in the bathroom and reducing the heat in the air. The temperature of the metal door quickly dropped.

David’s choice was right. In addition to the explosion shock wave breaking through the metal door and part of the wall, the entire bathroom remained mostly intact, which is why he was able to maintain minor injuries in the explosion.

The personal space shuttle is a short-range spacecraft. The energy used is kryptonite crystal. An extremely stable and huge energy source.

Since this kind of impact cannot trigger the explosion of the kryptonite crystal, the explosion of this impact was mainly caused by a small amount of spare energy used to operate personal space shuttle.

There would be no life within 1000 meters if Abbott was able to charge sufficient energy from the kryptonite crystal operating the space shuttle.

David waited for a while, and the sense of danger disappeared completely. He shook his dizzy head and pushed open the metal door that was pressing on him.

At this time, he realized that the power of this body was far beyond his imagination. Such a metal door weighed 100 kg, but it felt as if he was moving something light.

However, he didn’t have time to study his body. The transparent shadow left his side and flew outside.


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