Transcendent David Chapter 29

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“David, have you taken the Level 2 strengthening medicine?” Garen asked as he observed David calm his breath.

“Father did prepare a bottle of Level 2 strengthening medicine for me a few days ago, but I haven’t taken it because I recently felt that  my physique was about to go through a breakthrough.” David replied.

“David, don’t take Level 2 strengthening medicine. Level 2 strengthening medicine will help you to breakthrough in the Armored Soldier level. Of course, its very likely that you will have an easy breakthrough to Amored Soldier level.” Garen added.

Garen was aware that the most problematic thing for a person to became an Armored Soldier was to breakthrough in physique where the person’s body could handle the load of the external skeleton armor. The point was that, the people who relied on their own skills to push their physiques to higher levels would become superior to others who used strengthening medicines in Armored Soldier level.

“David, Myron, you must understand that the limit of the ordinary person is 1000 kgs. The physical exercises and techniques that you use is the key to unlock this limit. Many people rely on external resources to push through the limit of 1000kg and become an Armored Soldier. They ignore the important of physical techniques and exercises. But doing so is same as putting a barrier in your future growth. I hope both of you use as little as possible external methods to increase the strength and most of the time use the fortified meats instead! The original fortified meat without additives is the purest strengthening resource! The improvements would be small but there won’t be any hidden dangers! ” Garen continued to explain.

“Uncle Garen, does it mean that the use of strengthening medicine is bad? I have already consumed 2 bottles of Level 2 strengthening medicine!” Myron asked in a tone full of worry.

“Why do you think you father hasn’t provided you another bottle of Level 2 strengthening medicine? You should know that with another bottle of Level 2 strengthening medicine you will have a smooth breakthrough! It’s just your father doesn’t want to weaken your foundation. He seems to hope that you can ascend on your own.” Garen smiled.

“David, your situation is special. You haven’t taken any strengthening medicine and your foundation is extremely pure. Some medicines will face effects on your body but its always best to go through on your own. You will see the benefits when you become an Armored Solderi!” Garen turned his head towards the David and said. David nodded in return. It was likely that the strengthening medicines contained stimulants which were harmful to the body. The strengthening medicine was used mainly to increase the number of Armored Soldiers!

“Myron, tell your father to send a Level 2 Warhammer. David lacks a lot of things in here.” Garen directly said to Myron.

“Uncle Garen, do I have to use Warhammer in the future?” Myron asked in a bitter tone. He had practiced long sword for a long time and didn’t want to change to Warhammer.

“Of course, no. You can choose other heavy weapons but I can only teach Warhammer. I can’t guarantee to teach other weapons as good as Warhammer.” Garen replied indifferently.

“Uncle Garen, I don’t understand why must I choose a heavy weapon. Isn’t long sword good enough?” Myron insisted.

“Myron, you can choose whichever weapon you want if you don’t want to participate in wars against the insect race! However, using a long sword in a battle against the insect race is no good. You won’t just harm yourself but also your companions.” Garen replied. There was sadness in his tone as if he went on to remember some bad things from his past. Long swords were popular weapons for youth. It was easy to carry, looked hip while using it and attracted the attention of girls. However, it didn’t do anything towards the insect race creatures. For example, a level 1 long sword couldn’t pierce through the shell of a level 1 insect race create unless huge power was applied to it. At best, it could be used to stab but lances were much better in that. Heavy Axe’s were better in piercing the armor of creatures much better than the long swords. Of course, it doesn’t mean that there weren’t any Armored Soldiers who used long swords in battlefield. However, they were Peak level Armored Soldiers whose physical strength had reached 2000kgs! Nevertheless, ordinary Armored Soldiers still needed to really on better weapons such as Heavy Axes or Warhammers to ensure the maximum attack power.

“Uncle Garen, I will learn Warhammer from you.” Myron didn’t understand the details but still choose to believe in Garen’s words.

“David, don’t practice anymore today. Take a break!” Garen said and turned to look at Myron: “I’ll guide you now. Let’s start with 1st move.”

David left the gym under the envious gazes of Myron. David quickened his pace as he impatiently returned back to his bedroom. There were 2 more people in the house so the bedroom was the only place where he felt undisturbed.

Shadow Servant was by his side. He put his hand on Shadow Servant and the attribute panel appear in front of him.

Name: David Kerr

Strength: 3.0 (1)

Agility: 1.9 (1)

physique: 3.0 (1)

Spirit: 3.0 (1)

Literature (3% proficiency), mathematics (5% proficiency), general education (51% entry level), physical skills (1% proficiency), long sword master (5% entry), electronic countermeasures(98% proficiency)

The breakthrough in body brought up his strength, speed and physique. His strength had reached 800 kilograms and at the moment the agility of 1.9 meant that he could run 100 meters in 8.4 seconds! It meant that he was qualified to enroll in Naan University.

According to Garen increase in physique meant increase in raw power!

“Unfortunately, there isn’t a way known to me exercise agility. Maybe I can learn some methods by going to university!” David looked at agility attribute which was the lowest out of all. In fact, speed was always the weakness of Armored Soldiers. They couldn’t catch up with same level insect race creates even with the help of external skeleton armors! Armored Soldiers had to siege the creature to kill it.

David looked at the Warhammer mastery (82% proficiency) knowledge ball in the body of Shadow Servant. He was going to fuse it first as Garen was going to teach Warhammer skills to Myron and him.

He ordered Shadow Servant to transfer Warhammer mastery (82% proficiency) knowledge ball into his body. He appeared within scarlet red illusion as soon as the knowledge ball entered his body. David was quite startled even though he had mentally prepared himself for fusion.

David was standing on a flat ground. It was colored dark brow. The strength of blood was everywhere. There was huge Warhammer in his hand. It was 1.5m long. Both sides of Warhammer’s head were sharp. There was an iron chain that interlocked the handle of the weapon to his right harm so that Warhammer never left his body. David wanted to move his body but it seemed that he couldn’t control it but only perceive it. He could feel the weight of the Warhammer on his right arm. The harsh wind blew across his cheeks. The ground beneath his feet was hard. David could feel everything but he was aware that at the moment he was a bystander locked in another body.

The body suddenly moved. His right hand moved forward and Warhammer made a perfect arc in the air. The target of the Warhammer turned out to be a hunter mantis that appeared at some unknown time. According to the insect race encyclopedia, the Hunter Mantis was a scout unit of the incest race. It’s shell was weak but its body was very agile and fast. It had two saw-like front limbs that looked like sickle chains and used it as its main weapons. It was one of the weakest Level 1 incest race creatures. Of course, an ordinary Armored Soldier couldn’t face it alone!

“KILLL!” The body shouted. David felt a violent power push through the body with the shout. The Warhammer moved faster but Hunter Mantis wasn’t sitting still too! It’s body accelerated and Warhammer couldn’t hit it. The mantis’s sickle like arm cut through the body’s waist…


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