Transcendent David Chapter 28

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Myron picked up the food box and began to eat the fortified meat.

“David, the effect of this larvae fortified meat is too bad. Why don’t you use Level 1 fortified meat?” He complained while eating.

“Myron, you can bring your own Level 1 fortified meat. Don’t eat my share and complain!” David said in angry tone.

“Yeah, I’ll ask my family to send Level 1 fortified meat.” Myron said with a smile.

David understood that Myron wanted to give him Level 1 fortified meat without losing David’s face. Actually, David could afford Level 1 fortified meat but didn’t want to expose his wealth. However, when Myron took the initiative to give the Level 1 fortified meat then it could be regarded as the “costs” of his lessons. Anyhow, it wasn’t much for a second generation wealthy person such as Myron.

“David, it’s your turn!” Garen said.

“Yes, Uncle Garen!” David nodded responded. In fact, he couldn’t wait for Garen to give him some pointers.

He stood in the center of the gym. He began to exert his strength. Myron didn’t feel anything but Garen’s eyes lit up. 99% entry level in 18 moves meant that David’s physique had reached an extreme which non-Armored Soldiers could reach. Anyone who could do that and have breakthrough in physique would become a monster-like existence after being an Armored-Soldier. Garen didn’t expect that in a small place like Pellin City, he could meet a teenager who was using 18 moves to breakthrough the physical limitations. Moreover, this teenager was his friend’s son!

“Damn Hans, are you blind? Your son is a genius but stuck at 600kgs because of lack of resources. He would already become an Armored Soldier if he had the resources!” Garen watched David practice 18 moves. According Garen, currently, the resources used by David couldn’t keep up with David’s cultivation speed. Most people can’t improve because 18 moves makes the energy within body too much and physique can’t improve. Typical example was Myron who had used best resources but still couldn’t improve.

David slowly did 18 moves one by one. He was slow and firm. There was heat manifesting from his body with every small movement. Each move made by him required more consumption of energy in comparison to Myron. David was sweating and his physical strength was consumed easily. His movements became much slower when he started the 10th movement. Garen’s body flash and appeared besides David like a ghost.

David could support the movement but he needed to ensure the coordination of the muscles. As a result, his movements became slow but the difficulty of 18 moves increased. He went for 11th, 12th and 13th styles. His body began to tremble slighty and he was going to fail at any time.

At this moment, Garen slapped David’s body. David was feeling that his body had become uncontrollable. But under the pressure from external force his movement became smooth. He continued on. A weird look appeared on Garen’s face. He thought that David would give up. David’s muscles and skeleton was uncontrollable again when he began the next move. Garen shot again to help him. 16th move, 17th move and 18th move. David finally completed the 18 moves.

David’s body was so sweaty that it seemed as if he came out of shower. Garen waved his hand and the food box flew to him.

“David, eat it!” He opened the food container and handed it to David.

David felt as if he could eat a whole cow at the time. He stuffed the fortified meat into his mouth regardless the amount. His digestive abilities were at max at the moment. Heat flowed into his body from the abdomen and replenish the “emptied” body. He thought that the fortified meat had never tasted so good. Soon, he saw that the food box was empty.

“Go on!” Myron handed out his food box which had 9 servings left.

David was also taken aback by his food intake. He knew that there were 10 fortified meats in the food box. At best, he was able to consume 3 parts but now he felt as if his body was asking for more.

He was not polite, took the food box and continued to eat. After eating the 9 servings he felt a moment of satisfaction. Energy flowed from his abdomen to all parts of his body.

“David, take a break. Then practice 18 moves once again.” Garen’s said.

“Uncle Garen, Do you want to wait for the Level 1 fortified meat to arrive before continuing?” Myron suggested as he looked at the two empty food boxes..

“It’s okay! It was a physical breakthrough” Garen waved his hand.

19 servings were digested in a short time. The weakness in David’s body has disappeared long ago. In fact, he felt power flooding through his body and ready to burst out!

He didn’t even want to rest when Garen said so. He stood up and began to practice 18 moves.

This time he felt a significant difference to previous times. He felt sense of ease from the first move. Before he was controlling his muscles and skeleton to match the 18 moves but now it was like his body was taking the initiative while practice.  Myron’s eyes widened. He didn’t understand what happened but it seemed that David had really made a breakthrough!

There was a huge gap for physical skills with entry level and proficiency. This gap was the representation between an Armored-Solder and an ordinary person. You could reach the proficiency level only with 1000kgs of strength!


Garen watched David practice the 18 moves. He thought that the gift that he promised to David, which was enrolling him into Naan University, seemed like a joke right now. Naan University would take the initiative to get David as David was able to get into proficient level in physical skills without reaching Armored-Soldier stage!

David finished practicing 18 moves. The 19 servings of the fortified meat didn’t gush out any heat. He felt that his body was stronger than it had ever been. He would order the Shadow Servant to open the attribute panel if it wasn’t for Garen and Myron.


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