Transcendent David Chapter 27

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David didn’t take rest immediately. He had eaten energy-rich food at the cocktail party so he went on the practice 18 moves in the gym. He returned to his room and had a shower after exhausting himself. David he took out the’K2 Military Electronic Countermeasures’ as he sat on big soft bed. He connected to the positronic brain of the Este Hotel. First, he tried to search for relevant information stored in the positronic brain about Mr Este. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much except his age and so on. It was normal to have minimal information stored about the boss of Este Hotel. According to the data, Este was 93 years old but it was somewhat inconsistent with Este’s middle-aged appearance. Hans looked older than Este when they stood side by side. Although Hans’s face looked more mature than his actual age due to his background but looking older than 93 year old Este was too much.

Of course, people wouldn’t look as old as in David’s previous world but not as young as Este! Nevertheless, David didn’t entangle on this aspect way too much. Este was rich and could afford a lot of things. The world of rich and wealthy wasn’t something that David could guess.

In the positronic brain, all the information about Este Hotel, its financial and security records were store. Even the guest information. He first wanted to know if the Este Hotel was somehow connected to Trainer Jeremy. It didn’t take long to find financial records connecting Este Hotel and Trainer Jeremy. Unexpectedly, it wasn’t Este Hotel paying to Trainer Jeremy but the opposite! Trainer Jeremy has been investing money in Este Hotel in regular intervals. David’s contact with Trainer Jeremy wasn’t longer than 2 months but the investments have been made for at least 2 years.

David thought that it was Mr Este who was the client behind the assassination but the situation became more complicated once again. He had misjudged the situation between Mr Este and Trainer Jeremy. Of course, all the financial and transaction records were concealed but David was able to broke through the disguise easily. Probably Este never thought that someone could easily break through the safety systems of the positronic brain. As a result, there were lots of information which was stored there. In addition, David found information about Amos. Amos was given bonuses and it was easy to confirm that Este was behind it. Moreover, Este had issued large amount of compensation to Amos’s family after his death.

David shook his head. He didn’t get way too much information from the positronic brain. However, once thing was clear – Este was involved! It meant that monitoring Este’s whereabouts would give him more hints about his enemies.

David set up a small software which would contact Este’s identity bracelet through the positronic brain of the Este Hotel and send out position signal on regular basis. Este was a rich and influential in Pellin. His daily trips were pre-planned and David would be able to keep track of him much easier.

David put away the ‘K2 military electronic countermeasures’ device and fell asleep afterwards.

He woke up at 6 am the next morning because of smart steward Emma. He went downstairs to see that Myron was awake too. Myron was quite confused as it seemed that he wasn’t used to getting up early.

“David, is there a problem with your smart steward? It woke me up so early!!” Myron complained.

“I didn’t set it up to 6 oclock!” David shook his head: “Emma, ​​is there an error in your program?”

“Self-inspection, the self-inspection is over!” Emma replied: “Emma is functioning normally, no error found!”

“Why did you wake up at 6 o’clock?” Myron interjected.

“Mr Garen has the second highest authority after my Hans. The order to wake up at 6 o’clock was issued by mr Garen.” Smart Steward Emma replied.

“It’s a good habit to get up early, I hope you guys will keep it like this!” Garen walked out of the dining room with a glass of juice in his hand.

“Uncle Garen is awake too!” Myron’s complaints disappeared the moment he saw Garen.

“Emma, ​​give them the prepared breakfast!” Garen ordered: “Grab your meals and go down to underground gym!”

Smart steward Emma handed out 2 lunch boxes. David saw that there were ten pieces of fortified insect meat in the lunch box. He understood that today’s practice would be different.

Myron wasn’t surprised with 1000 sq/m greenhouse. It was as if common. David and Myron put down the food boxes and stood in front of Garen.

“I want to know how good you have mastered simple physique technique. 18 moves might look simple but it has gone 10000 years of modification and improvement. 18 moves is the best technique for stable foundation.” Garen said with a faint smile.

“Uncle Garen, I heard that all the techniques are transformed versions of Knight’s cultivation techniques from Great Spiritual World. Is it true?” Myron asked in curious tone.

“Myron, you will know when you are qualified to know. Now, you aren’t qualified to inquire!” Garen glanced at Myron and said: “You will be first to do 18 moves since you are so pumped up.”

Garen flicked in his finger and Myron’s body moved away five meters and stood in the middle.

“Then I’ll start!” Myron said directly.

Myron began 18 moves. According to David the way Myron did 18 moves was much better previous him who hadn’t obtained knowledge ball. According to David, Myron’s 18 moves was about 80% entry level.

Myron was sweating after practicing all 18 moves. He looked at David with proud expression.

“Good, it seems you have done a lot of effort to improve your physique.”  Garen nodded with satisfaction. The better the students meant that easier to teach them.

“Uncle Garen, I haven’t made any progress for several month. I can’t improve neither my strength or speed.” Myron quickly asked.

The best teachers of the Pelling City guided Myron but none of them could come up with good ways to improve him.

“The foundation of strength and speed is your physique. The strength and speed can’t improve if you can’t improve you physique. The physique can be improved through physical exercises or special potions. I think you have already used strengthening medicine. You better not use them at this stage or it will be very hard after you become an official Armored Soldier. I will guide you to improve physical skills in the next few days!” Garen smiled.

Myron nodded. He was aware of his own problems too but it was very difficult to improve. It was the main reason why Mayor Bernard tried his best to make sure that Garen guided Myron.

“Your body gets tolerance to strengthening medicine every time you use it. It is not obvious in ordinary times but it would be fatal when breaking through the shackles of your physique. Therefore, you must be very cautious using strengthening medicine.” Garen said to Myron and glanced at David. It was also reminder to David.


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