Transcendent David Chapter 26

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Mayor Bernard left but Myron stayed close to David. They began to chat about interesting things in Pelling city. Hans was relieved when he saw David being able to communicate with his peers with ease. Hans wanted to pave the way for David before but David’s stubbornness made it hard for both of them to have proper chat.

David retracted Shadow Servant and let it float above his head while he chatted with Myron. At the same time he paid attention to Garen. He understood from Mayor Bernard’s attitude that Garen was someone very strong. There was basically no need to think about anything else if Garen couldn’t detect the presence of Shadow Servant! David was relieved when he saw that Garen continued to chat without knowing the existence of Shadow Servant even after Shadow Servant floated above his head.

“Hans, how you been?” A middle-aged man asked as he approached Hans. David’s whole body shook when he heard the voice. It was very familiar! It was the voice of the boss who Amos was talking to when he was in police-station’s parking lot! It was impossible to mistake it as David had heard it through Shadow Servant!

“David, something wrong?” Myron asked when he saw David’s expression.

“Nothing mate. Who is that person?” David asked as he pointed to the middle-aged man.

“Don’t you know him?” Myron asked with a strange expression on his face.

“Myron, why would I ask you if I knew him?” There was a slight anger in David’s tone.

“That’s Mr. Este. The owner of this Este Hotel.” Myron paused then continued: “His other identity is father of Mrs Hans.”

David pupils shrank. He was aware that Myron wasn’t referring to his biological mother but his stepmother Bertha. It’s just he never thought that the person directing Amos would be Bertha’s father.

Now, was Bertha aware of her father’s actions or not? Was previous David’s death was instructed or coordinated by Bertha? Everything became more complex and confusing with the appearance of Este. He was closer to the truth but the situation became complicated.

Garen couldn’t help but sigh when he saw the expression on David’s face when Este came over. He knew that David wasn’t comfortable with Este because of the man’s identity (as Bertha’s father) and patted David on the shoulder.

“David, I’m a little tired. I’ve heard that you live in your own house which has lots of empty rooms. Let’s go rest.” Garen had no intention of staying in the reception.

“Uncle Garen, you are welcome!” David nodded with a smile. It seems Garen catched up to something.

“Then I will send you back!” Myron added.

“Hans, David and I are going back!” Garen waved to Hans. Garen walked out with David without waiting for Hans’ reply.

A cold light flashed in Este’s eyes when Hans turned his head and looked towards Garen and David. Few people were aware of Garen’s identity so no one cared about his departure with the kids. The cold wind blew as they exited the Este Hotel. David was clear that the enemy had come out. However, he didn’t know that Este was acting on his own or on someone’s behalf.

In addition, there would be hardly any effect if he even told to Hans without any evidence. It could lead the relationship between Hans and Bertha to worsen. Little Eddie would be the one to suffer in that case.

He decided to check on his own about the situation and then decide to act. At the same time, a brand new Gladstone Type 6 stopped in front of them. Myron opened the door and let Garen and David enter the car.

“Myron, how come you have driver’s permission?” David knew that Myron was also a highschooler.

“Haha, I passed the pre-Armored Soldier assessment. I have already reached the F-rank authority. Driving a car is piece of cake!” Myron said triumphantly.

Garen smiled silently, watching the two teenagers communicate.

“Myron, did your strength reach 800 kg?” David asked.

“I’m already at 850 kg. I believe I can reach 900kgs by the graduation. I believe it will be quite easy to get into Naan University with the teachings of Uncle Garen!” Myron said proudly.

David looked at Myron a little enviously. This kid was rich! Poor people couldn’t prepare for Armored Soldier assessment.

The cost of preparing for the Armored Soldier appraisal requires hundreds of thousands credits. Of course, most wouldn’t go for assessment not because of credits but because of the strength! 800kgs was the standard for being an Armored Soldier which could be achieved by small number of people. In addition, it was easy to tell that even this Gladstone Type 6 was a brand new car. David didn’t continue to chat with Myron on the way back. Soon they reached David’s house.

“David, can I stay too? It would be convenient to to get Uncle Garen’s guidance!” Myron was quite thick-skinned. He was beginning to call “Uncle Garen” after David.

“David, let him stay!” Garen said directly.

“Well, Myron you can use the guest room on the first floow. Uncle Garen, you can you use the side bedroom on the second floor!” David assigned the rooms when he saw Garen agree to Myron’s proposal.

“The guest room on the first floor is the guest room on the first floor!” Myron murmured, obviously he was a little dissatisfied.

Myron was aware about Garen’s identity better than David. That’s why he had to stay and accept Garen’s teachings no matter what!

“David, take a good rest today, and we will start tomorrow morning!” Garen reminded.

“Alright, Uncle Garen!” David responded.

He couldn’t ignore Myron. The Smart Steward Emma went to clean Garen’s room so he could only help Myron.

“David, I found our similarities again!” Myron smiled.

“We have similarities?” David was perplexed. This kid was filthy rich! What kind of similarities was he talking about? Of course, David had a small treasury of 4.2 million credits but officially he had 80000 credits in his identity bracelet.

“Of course. My smart steward also uses Emma’s voice!” Myron pointed out.

“Myron, Emma has billions of fans! It seems we have billions of people with similarities to us… ” David said silently.

“David, Emma will come to give a concert in Rock Star in 2 months. We can go together to Naan City for the concetr!” Myron proposed.

“Myron, I’m an ordinary student and don’t have permissions to leave Pellin City.” David wanted to go to concert too as it seems the previous David’s affection for Emma was in his dna. However, the situation didn’t allow him to act as he wished.

“I’ll find a way by then!” Myron patted his chest.


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