Transcendent David Chapter 25

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Shadow Servant, under control of David, appeared in front of the console for controlling the positronic brain. It tapped on the console and the permission page appeared. Shadow Servant didn’t do anything else. Because the system would be locked and an alarm would ring in case the password entered would be wrong for 3 times. This was the last defense for the positronic brain. However, 98% proficiency level as an electronic countermeasures specialist would be for worthless if he couldn’t bypass this level of security.

The screen changed to operation controls in less than 20 seconds. There was a smug smil on David’s face as he stood in the hall and drank juice. He could mix very well in this world just by relying on his electronic countermeasures ability, not to mention anything else. In addition, Shadow Servant greatly enhanced his abilities. Shadow Servant’s strength of 100 grams is useless to grab something or hit someone but its more than enough to operate the positronic brain.

Shadow Servant went through the high-authority accounts of the Ester Hotel. He found an account that hadn’t logged in for a long time, and changed some permissions through the remote access and added a backdoor in the security of the positronic brain. The function of the backdoor software would be to automatically remove all traces of that specific account actions, making it similar to a ghost account. Applauses echoed as he finished his job. It seemed Mayor Bernard finally finished his speech.

The reception was officially open. Many high-status guests surrounded Mayor Bernard. The rests of the guests grouped with similar status people.

David saw Bertha chatting with noble ladies while his father was talking to a youth who seemed to be in his twenties. The two seemed quite eager in their chat. Hans saw David and beckoned him to join them. David understood that Hans wanted to introduce him to that person. David wasn’t interested in these relationships but he didn’t want to harm his interactions with Hans so he walked over.

“Hans, is this your son? Not bad!” The youth spoke as if he was some kind of elder.

“David, this is your Uncle Garen. He is my brother who went through life and death battles in War Star.” Hans introduced David to Garen. David looked at youth called Garen in surprise. According to Hans’ introduction Garen must be older than 50! Although the average of humans in Interstellar Federation was 200 but that person couldn’t look sooo young!

“Uncle Garen!” David said politely.

“I gotta give a gift to you since you called my uncle. I’ll get you enter the Armored Soldier Department of the Naan University if you can reach the minimum standards of strength and speed before the college entrance examination! ” Garen said with a smile.

David was amazed by Garen’s tone. It had to be known that Naan University was the best education organization in Rock Star and it wasn’t easy to enroll! The strength had to reach at least 800kgs and you had to run 100 meters maximum in 8.5 seconds! And that was only standard for taking the test. Afterwards, you had to go through combat test. Naan University would select the best students after everything was done.

“David, thank Uncle Garen!” Hans reminded David.

“Thank you, Uncle Garen!” David thanked in hurry.

“David, your father has never asked for favors his entire life. He asked me this time when you were attacked. I will stay here and take care of the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries.” Garen looked at Hans then turned to David and said.

“Garen, what are you talking about?” Hans tapped Garen.

“Hans, this time it was David’s good luck that he escaped from Armored Soldiers with his life. I heard from the 5th Fleet that your son was attacked by the interstellar mercenaries! I have ordered the entire Rock Star to be blocked for a while.” Garen said with a smile.

“I’ll be troubling my old friend!” Hans shook his hea.

“‘National Scholar’ mustn’t be insulted. This is the iron law! You might not be interested in real power but the honor and influence is still there!” Garen said then looked at David: “Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries is over as a group. Nevertheless, I will stay here in case they might do something stupid and trouble you because they have reached their end. In addition, I will take this opportunity to teach you few things. You won’t be able to keep up with others in this state. ”

“Mr. Garen, I wonder if my son can attend your lessons with David?” Mayor Bernard who had reached them asked with a smile.

David saw the teenager next to Mayor Bernard. It was Myron who had chatted with him not long ago.

“David, let’s go together, since the kid is your friend!” Garen didn’t refuse when he saw Myron and David to be familar with each other.

Hans tapped David’s shoulder when David was about to say something. It seemed that there was some kind of deal which he wasn’t aware about. It seemed that Myron didn’t chat with David by chance but on purpose!

At the same time, he remember Myron talking about a “great character” and it seemed that he was talking about Garen.

“David, which weapon do you use?” Myron and David walked aside not to interrupt Hans, Garen and Mayor Bernard.

“I learned long sword before, but I want to try Warhammer in the future. I also want to see if I have innate talent in sniping!” David replied as he thought about 82% Warhammer knowledge ball and 20% proficient sniper knowledge ball.

“Why don’t you continue long sword? It’s hip!” Myron seemed to be learning long sword.

Mayor Bernard gave him a fast look before Myron couldn’t continue on. Bernard, Hans and Garen could hear the, although their voice was law.

“Mr. Garen, sorry, Myron is not sensible!” Mayor Bernard apologized.

“It doesn’t matter. Myron’s mind will change in the next few days!” Garen, who was a Warhammer user, looked at Myron and said with a faint smile.

Myron regretted his words. It seemed like he had an innate talent in saying wrong things at wrong times. Fortunately, those three didn’t pay much attention to them.

“Hey, it is going to be difficult in the next few days!” Myron said softly.

“It’s okay, it’s a rare opportunity to find someone to teach us.” David looked forward to Garen’s teaching. He was stuck at 99% entry level for his physical skills and his physique couldn’t improve anymore. He was aware that his foundation was inadequate. Physique was the foundation and root of everything. Moreover, his physical skills were bad so it needed time for his body to get used and digest the improvements. Moreover, no one has instructed him in the last 10 days that he had come to this world. He needed someone who could point out his shortcomings.

“By the way, you talked about sniping.. Why don’t I take you to polygon the next time for test? ” Myron suggested.

“Okay, but we gotta wait for a while. I’m busy these days.” David didn’t refuse.

“Of course, not in the next few days!” Myron glanced at Garen.


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