Transcendent David Chapter 24

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Hans and David were wearing federal suits. This formal dress was the first choice of men for occasions such as this one. The general style was the same apart from the differences in fabric and decorations due to wealth of the men.

Bertha, who is holding Hans’ arm, was wearing a tight-fitting long dress. There was a necklace on around her neck. Eddie was too young to attend the cocktail party. The location of the party was Este Hotel.

David got off the hovering car. It was his first time in Este Hotel. The first thing that he thought of when seeing the Este Hotel was Amos. The previous director of security forces of Este Hotel. Did it mean that Este Hotel was involved in assassination? Was the boss behind Amos an important person of Este Hotel? The Shadow Servant floated few meters above his head. He didn’t want to worry about his safety with the danger perception of Shadow Servant coupled with the “level” of reception.

It had been almost ten days since he got Shadow Servant. He was unable but to share vision and hearing of Shadow Servant. Now, he was able to check through the gaze of Shadow Servant without affecting his own actions. The multi-channel scanners had already obtained the detailed information about the arriving guests as they entered the Este Hotel. Those without the invitations would be taken away by the guards.

“David, find your peers to talk. I’ll find you later on.” Hans whispered after they entered the reception hall. David nodded. The people who saw the Hans entered the hall bowed and saluted him.

Hans had to entertain these people. He was aware that David wasn’t interested in such things so he only wanted to introduce David to important people. David separated with Hans and Bertha. He didn’t walk towards the place where youth gathered. Previous David wasn’t good at communication with others. Most of the youth of high circle of the city didn’t even know him.

This situation relieved David a lot. This world made him quite insecure. He couldn’t help but think if the person walking towards him is arranged by the enemy every time he saw a stranger.

He took a glass of natural juice and walked to the corner where there was no one. He ordered the Shadow Servant to pass through the ground while he took a sip of juice.

He unintentionally moved a dozen meters to the side after a while. At the same time, Shadow Servant was checking rooms beneath.

The most luxurious hall of the Este Hotel was on 2nd floor which was the venue for the reception. The first floor had guard rooms. David was trying to find the positronic brain controlling the security systems of the Este Hotel.

“Hi, why haven’t I met you beofer?” A voice interrupted David’s attention.

David looked up and saw a burly youth looking at him with a glass of red wine in his hand.

“Hello, my name is David Kerr!” David raised up the juice in his hand and smiled in response.

“My name is Myron.” Myron also raised the red wine in his hand and introduced himself. However, a second later he spoke in surprised tone: “Oh my God, your last name is Kerr, are you the eldest son of the legendary Hans Kerr?”

“If there is no second David Kerr, then I am!” David replied in a helpless tone.

“You probably don’t like socializing like us, look at your distance from all the noisy fellas.” Myron pointed at several young ladies and men.

It seemed as if Myron was particularly trying to have a chat with him.

“David, I’m saying the truth. I wouldn’t have come over today if a great character wouldn’t come to this reception!” Myron was aware of the misbelief in David’s eyes and continued to say.

“Great character?” David asked.

It wasn’t an ordinary cocktail party. All the senior officials of the Pellin City were here and the rest of the invitees were feeling honored to be invited. It could be said that this cocktail party had gathered all the elites of Pellin City.

The hall became quite as David David was talking with Myron.

Applauses rang out as people applauded to welcome several people.

“Thank you for coming to the New Year’s eve cocktail party!” An official said. His voice was transmitted through the loudspeakers. Previous David was an introvert but he still knew the identity of the official who spoke to everyone. It was Mayor Bernard.

“Myron, what about the great character?” David asked Myron softly while listening to Mayor Bernard’s speech.

“Great character are always low-key!” Myron replied softly as his eyes scanned through the crowd

David didn’t care about Myron but turned his attention to Shadow Servant. The Shadow servant couldn’t leave beyond ten meters which made his search quite difficult. He didn’t have all the information of Este Hotel so he couldn’t stand accurately above the guard room.

He quietly moved few steps aside. The Shadow Servant passed through another wall. There was about 100 small windows displayed the monitoring content. There were only 2 guards in the room. They didn’t even check the screens as AI was controlling everything and if anything went wrong it would issue alarm. David’s goal weren’t the screens but the room with the security block.

Even Edna wouldn’t be able to hack the system in here as she had to be within the room to connect to positronic brain. However, if she wanted to break into the system her team had to forcible break them room which would trigger Skynet. Moreover, it would be very hard to use a signal jammer to block such a big hotel.

However, David was different. He could use Shadow Servant’s stealth to pass through the walls of the room without being detected. He had already decided to hack the positronic brain of the Este Hotel in advance.

Shadow Servant passed through the wall which required security personal of highest authority to open while Mayor Bernard continued with his speed.

He couldn’t help but gasp when he saw the positronic brain. It was a small server-level positronic brain which could be used to operate a spaceship! It showed that Este Hotel attached importance to their safety.


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