Transcendent David Chapter 23

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“Master, Director Ji Xin of Lixin Security Company wants to see you!” Emma familiar voice echoed out while David was practicing 18 moves in the basement gym. In the last few days, he had used his newly acquired electronic countermeasures skills to re-enforce the security system of the house.

The security system of the house was full of “holes” after he thoroughly checked the system. It was no wonder the female mercenary had broken through the system so easily.

Originally, David wasn’t interested in meeting Director Ji Xin. He no longer needed the services of the security company to rebuild the security system. However, it was the possible compensation that attracted his decision to change.

Director Ji Xin’s fat body moved anxiously in the lobby. Even the high-end soft lounge didn’t made him feel good. He glanced at the beautiful secretary sitting by his side. Ji Xin was aware that he was going to lose his position as the supervisor if he didn’t deal with the owner of the house. The beautiful secretary was going to belong to someone else in that case..

Director Ji Xin was extremely uneasy as the owner of the house hadn’t showed up for a long time after the smart steward Emma had invited them in. David didn’t mean to let them wait in the house. It was just out of politeness he wanted to wash his sweaty body. It’s just he didn’t expect it would cause a misunderstanding.

Director Ji Xin looked around as he judged the value of the house. He was aware that the owner was related to ‘National Scholar’ but the basis of the compensation still had to depend upon the value of the house. Nevertheless, the fresh fruit juice in his hand told him that there was abundance in this house. Rock Star had almost no agricultural resources. Most people bought synthetic foods. The fresh fruit juice seemed unremarkable but it meant that there was a large-scale greenhouse within the house.

Rock Star was threatened by the insect race. The city even had thick barriers underneath made out of steel and materials from insect race creatures. A large number of sensors were placed underneath the city to make sure that no insect race creature would be able to sneak into the city. The underground space was quite limited because of the existence of such barrier zone. The resources were extremely precious in the Pellin City. The underground space was much more expensive than space above the ground.

“Mr. David, I am Ji Xin, the director of Lixin Security!” Ji Xin bounced off the stool and introduced himself when he saw David come in. There was a wide smile on female secretary’s face. Ji Xin had brought her to ease the “mood”.

“Director Ji Xin, hi!” David smiled and gestured to Director Ji Xin to sit down so that they could talk.

Ji Xin saw the mature actions of David. The kid wasn’t even attracted by the female secretary.

“Mr. David, I’m deeply sorry for the loss caused to you by this accident. I’m here on behalf of Lixin Security Company.”  Director Ji Xin said..

“Director Ji Xin, I receive the apologies. I don’t know what you are going to do?” David didn’t care much about courtesies. He just wanted to finish the matter as soon as possible.

“Mr. David, Lixin Security will replace the security with the best system for free of charge. At the same time, your losses will be paid by us. We are thinking about 200,000 credits as compensation. What do you think?” Director Ji Xin said as he saw that David was quite direct with his words.

“Awesome!” David nodded and stood up to extend his hand.

Director Ji Xin was a big confused. He had prepared a lot of useless speech versions to confront David but the kid directly agreed to their terms. Moreover, the amount was much less than he had in his mind. However, it wasn’t a good thing as others might think that their company “bullied” the child of ‘National Scholar’. The talk was over but he couldn’t say anything about the compensation amount.

“Mr. David please enable the permissions, and I will upgrade the security system for you.” Director Ji Xin said. David didn’t say that he had re-enforced the security system. It would be very hard to explain. Instead he gave permissions to Direction Ji Xin to connect to house’s security network. Ji Xin began to upgrade and install new patches to the security system. All in all, everything took 5 minutes.

“Mr. David, the security system software of your house has been upgraded to the best level. Our tech staff will bring the hardware within 3 working days. We will sign the settlement agreement if you are satisfied.” Director Ji Xin smiled. David signed the electronic document via his identity bracelet.

There wasn’t a smile on David’s face when Director Ji Xin left his house. The security system installed by him had issued unceasing alarms in his bracelets after Ji Xin had upgraded the system. His own patch wasn’t as comprehensive as Lixin Security’s path but it was more advanced in terms of security! After all, Lixin Security was a civilian company while Ji Xin’s patch was on military level! It was clear that Director Ji Xin’s patch had additional software that shouldn’t be there!

David took out the ‘K2 military electronic countermeasures’, connected it to the security system and started searching. It didn’t take long for him to find a hidden software. All security devices within his house wouldn’t shut off as long as this hidden software was activated.  David once again felt that the people who wanted to harm him had great strength behind them. The mercenary attack was an accident but these people had seized the opportunity to re-modify the security system in his house and make it undefended. He wouldn’t even know how he died if he hadn’t had electronic countermeasure abilities and didn’t modify the system at first.

David modified the hidden software. He would get a message in his identity bracelet if that specific hidden software was activated. Afterwards, he would decide whether to enable the permissions to that software. He didn’t want to go to Lixin Security Company. The company was already an enemy of his and he didn’t want to expose that. Moreover, the most terrifying thing was that he didn’t know who was behind all these schemes.

He thought of Warhammer (82% proficieny) knowledge ball, sniper (20% proficiency) knowledge ball and 99% entry level physical skills knowledge ball. He wouldn’t be passively defending himself, if he had enough time to fuse all those skills.

Director Ji Xin was sitting in his car. He didn’t have a bit of joy in his face.

He sent a message: “Mission completed!”

“Dear, I want to eat natural vegetables!” the female secretary said softly.

“Okay, I’ll take you to have a good meal!” Director Ji Xin smiled.

The employees of Lixin Security came over to install more monitoring equipment before the new year. David checked all the hardware and found no backdoors or hidden software in them. It seemed that the enemy wasn’t interested in his private life but wanted to attack him easily.

It was December 12 and the hidden software in the security system wasn’t activated. David thought that the other party wanted to wait until the “chaos” from previous incident was forgotten.

As time went on, the New Year cocktail party arrived…


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