Transcendent David Chapter 22

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David turned on the ‘K2 Military Electronic Countermeasures’ device. For people without the relevant knowledge this piece of equipment would be useless. They wouldn’t even be able to operate it. David smoothly checked everything and found the reason how his position was exposed to the mercenaries. He took out the ‘T3 sniper assist device’ and placed it next to the’K2 military electronic countermeasure device’. The’K2 military electronic countermeasure device’ successfully captured the weak signal emitted by the’T3 sniper assist device’ in ten seconds. He found the piece of code that exposed his location and sent a location signal every hour. He turned off the location identifier and with this the problem was solved.

“Strange. The ‘K2 military electronic countermeasures’ was left, but then why would they attach so much importance to the’T3 sniper assist device’?” David had turned off the location identifier but there were still doubts in his heart.

The electronic countermeasures specialist’s K2 military electronic countermeasures device was very expensive equipment. He didn’t know the exact value but it was a luxurious equipment for sure. However, in comparison, the ‘T3 sniper assist device’ is only difficult to obtain but far less valuable than the’K2 military electronic countermeasures’ device. It wasn’t worth it to dispatch so many Armored Soldier mercenaries at all. The gains and losses didn’t make any sense there.

“Is there any secret to the ‘T3 sniper assist device’ ? ” He thought in his heart and began to check the ‘T3 sniper assist device’ in his hand.

This piece of equipment looked but it was composed of a large number of fine parts. He couldn’t disassemble it so he can’t find the secret. He turned his head and saw Shadow Servant and his eyes lit up. One of Shadow Servant’s abilities is to pass through objects. Doesn’t that mean it could see what’s inside? Although the’T3 sniper assist device’ wasn’t big but the Shadow Servant could still “penetrate” through it.

David saw the inside of the’T3 sniper assist device’ through the eye of Shadow Servant. On the side wall, a fingernail-sized chip was glued to it. It was troublesome to take out the chip from the’T3 sniper assist device’. This’T3 sniper assist device’ is the equipment that has been completely preserved even from explosion of the space shuttle. he couldn’t break it even if he wants to destroy it.

“Let’s see what’s so special about this chip…” The chip couldn’t be taken out but it didn’t mean that David couldn’t connect to the chip and see its content. Of course, the previous David couldn’t do it, but as a person proficient in electronic countermeasures it was quite simple.

The ‘K2 military electronic countermeasure instrument’ sent out a weak energy with the positioning of Shadow Servant. This weak energy was accurately connected to the energy interface of the chip, and the chip was activated. Then a line of data popped up on the ‘K2 military electronic countermeasures instrument’. At first it seemed like it was a messy code but data was clear in David’s eyes.

He manipulated the ‘K2 military electronic countermeasure’ device to transfer the data to his identity bracelet. A projection appeared on his identity bracelet, and the Asia Bank logo was displayed on the projection.

Asia Bank was one of the federal banks. The bank with the highest degree of confidentiality. It was known as the safest bank. The credit points stored in Asia Bank may not be too high, but it will never be exposed. This bank was the best choice for people with black/gray income. David had heard about legendary anonymous account but had never used one. The data from the chip continuously interacted with the Asia Bank branch on Rock Star through Skynet. This interaction process took a full ten seconds. David couldn’t analyze the data which seemed to be over his knowledge. This was the core secret of Asia Bank, which has been tested for countless years.

At the end of the verification, David finally understands the real reason why the mercenaries came. There was total of 4.2 million credits in the account. In a planet like, Rock Star, that amount made you filthy rich.

Of that amount 3000000 was from the last sales and rest was the private deposits of dead Abbott. There was a smile on David’s face as he saw the numbers in the account. He wouldn’t be able to save so much money in a lifetime if he lived in Pellin City. Whether in his past or present life, it was the first time he saw so much wealth.

He stabilized his emotions after taking a few heavy breaths. He wasn’t planning to transfer the money to his identity bracelet. It would cause unnecessary trouble if such a huge amount of wealth was transferred to his private account. Besides, now the chip was in his hands. Others can’t open this anonymous account as long as they don’t have the chip.

He put the’T3 sniper assist device’ into his pocket. This thing was worth more than 4.2 million credits today.

Through the 2 people who died last night, he began to analyze the problem of Shadow Servant’s ability. First of all, Amos as an Armored Soldier will definitely have more than one ability but Shadow Servant had only had Warhammer master(82% proficiency). David believed that Amos’s physical skills must far exceed the entry level for him to become an Armored Soldier.

Moreover, Shadow Servant only obtained one skill (electronic countermeasures) from the female mercenary. Does it mean that Shadow Servant can only obtain 1 knowledge ball from a single soul? Vaguely, David came to an understanding that, Shadow Servant would only extract the strongest ability of the soul.

According to that theory, he believed that Shadow Servant extracted the electronic countermeasures skill from the soul of the female mercenary as it must be the best skill she had. David stopped thinking about the issue but he didn’t continue to fuse another knowledge ball. There was a great probability that the absorption and fusion would fail if his body couldn’t support the whole process.

Electronic Countermeasures (98% proficient) was pure knowledge ball and didn’t have any physical integrations to his body. The others were battle-type knowledge balls which might fail while assimilating them.

He began to practice 18 moves. David believed that his physique would make a great lap and break through the entry level if he could practice all 18 moves without a failure. The fortified meat that was planning for the next 3 months was rapidly consumed as he continued physical exercises. However, he no longer cared or paid attention to such kind of consumption as he was ricccch!

The plan in his head was that he would break through the physique to proficient level then absorb the Level 2 strengthening medicine gifted to him by Hans. The Level 2 strengthening medicine might work well but the absorption depended on the abilities of the individual. The strongest the physique and abilities better the absorption effect.

He planning to use the remaining 3 knowledge balls only after making sure that his physique could support such abilities. As a result, he decided to improve his body, then use the Level 2 strengthening medicine and afterwards go with the knowledge balls.


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