Transcendent David Chapter 21

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“Do you mean our target is the child of ‘National Scholar’ title holder?” Vroman couldn’t help but ask in a loud tone. He understood the serious consequences that they would have to face this time. He would have never ordered the attack if he knew that the target had such a background. Their style was to kill the target all the time. However, if they were successful in killing David then it meant that they would be against the entire Interstellar Federation. Only the people who returned back from the War Star was enough to hunt them down!

Vroman suspected that even few large space battleships and star destroyers would be sent to hunt them down.

“Stop all contact with outside. We will move to second safe house and hide for a while!” Vroman decided.

Vroman didn’t want to retrieve the ‘T3 sniper assist device’ anymore. He believed that the chip with anynomous accounts by the device was more than enough as a compensation for ‘National Scholar’s son. Kroc nodded too. He supported his boss’s decision.

Kroc had also participated in battles in War Star. ‘National Scholar’ was a hero in his heart and he couldn’t help but be grateful that the mission had failed.

Ed and Fisher supported the decision too. It was best to hide for a while.

It didn’t take long for 8 Armored Soldiers surround the building after Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries left it. The information about the location of Heaveny Wolf Mercenaries had a great value and no intelligence deals will let go of this chance to make a fortune!

In fact, the problem was more serious than Vroman thought. They had entered the Rock Star via formal means and everything about them was found out. Now, even Abbott’s killing of 100 people wasn’t classified as accident but as assassination of David. All the members of the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries were tagged as the “most wanted” criminals.


David pressed his hand on the shoulder of Shadow Servant. Warm energy flowed from Shadow Servant’s body which brought comfort to him.

Perhaps because the energy this time was not as huge as last time so he didn’t faint. He felt his brain warm and as if his whole body was refreshed.

“Show my attribute panel!” he ordered

Soon his current attribute panel appeared in front of him:

Name: David Kerr

Strength: 2.52 (1)

Agility: 1.7 (1)

Physique: 2.1 (1)

Spirit: 3.0 (1)

Literature (3% proficiency), mathematics (5% proficiency), general education (51% entry), physical skills (99% entry), long sword master (5% entry)

His spirit had increased by 0.2 and he was 100% sure that the Shadow Servant had absorbed the souls of Amos and the female mercenary, and gave him a part of the soul energy, thereby enhancing his spirit.

He didn’t know the effect of Spirit attribute but at least he was aware that his learning speed is accelerated.

“Let’s see how many balls of knowledge Amos and the female mercenary gifted me?” David was extremely curious.

He had always wanted to do experiments to confirm some guesses, but Shadow Servant needs to absorb the soul to get the ball of knowledge. Where would he go to absorb souls on ordinary days?

Although it was dangerous today, but he had received 2 souls.

At least he can be sure that Amos is an Armored Soldier, and the female was an interstellar mercenary which meant she wasn’t an incompetent person.

There was an orange and a yellow ball of knowledge in Shadow Servant’s body. Orange represented proficient level so what was beyond the proficiency?

Warhammer master (82% proficient), electronic countermeasures (98% proficient).

David’s eyes were wide open. 98% proficiency in electronic warfare  was beyond his imagination. The Armored Soldier Amos had only 82% proficiency in Warhammer usage but the female was an electronic countermeasure specialist with 98% proficiency in electronic warefare! It is quite possible that she would have made a breakthrough and reached a high level if enough time was given!

“It’s a pity! If…” David laughed as he understood that he was getting way too greedy. He was able to get something that others wouldn’t be able to achieve in a lifetime and he still wanted to ask for more! He wasn’t going to fuse any ball of knowledge that would trigger physical reaction in his body. Instead he was going to learn electronic countermeasures (98% proficient).

Originally he wanted to integrate Heavy Axe Mastery (33% entry) knowledge ball, but he didn’t even have Heavy Axe. he couldn’t practice for a while even after learning Heavy Axe Mastery. Of course, same logic applied to Warhammer (82% proficient) knowledge ball too. He decided to absorb and fuse electronic countermeasures (98% proficient) knowledge ball.

David relaxed his whole body and guided the electronic countermeasures (98% proficient) knowledge ball into his body. He saw the electronic countermeasures ability appearing on the attribute panel in front of him, and it was rapidly increasing the level.

A light flashed and all kinds of computer codes began to appear in front of his eyes. He also understood the meaning behind these codes. The coding process lasted for a long time, many coding languages ​​were used, and various techniques were applied. The moment, David thought that the illusion was about the end, the scenes changed and different kinds of consoles and devices appeared in front him. The instruments were disassembled and re-assembled, their structures and functions were automatically entered into his brain. Among these were instruments and consoles that were used by military and civilians.

Afterwards, David appeared in a spaceship. He was in front of the positronic brain of the main control room and another wave of knowledge and information was poured into him. David fell asleep on the ground while he was absorbing all kinds of information via the illusion. The idea of absorbing 2 balls of knowledge per day was useless while absorbing the 98% proficient knowledge ball. In fact, David would have slept for few days if it wasn’t for his spirit to reach 3 points. Moreover, he wouldn’t be able to neither absorb and integrate all information of 98% proficient knowledge ball unless it was for his high spirit.

Edna wasn’t a simple woman. Vroman, the boss of the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries, had gone through lots of trouble to pouch her. She was a genius in electronic warfare and the resources poured to her after she joined Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries wasn’t trifling either!

All these massive amounts of knowledge were received and assimilated by David in a short period of time. Most probably, only the Spiritual Gods of the legendary Great Spiritual World had such means.

It has to be noted that the abilities shown by the Shadow Servant had long surpassed the “concept” of Shadow Servant and had become a mysterious being in itself.

David didn’t know any of this. All he was aware of was that the Shadow Servant was unique and Sacrifice Manual had killed previous David.

The next morning when David woke up he found himself sleep on the floor. He couldn’t help but recall everything that happened yesterday. He was shocked but quickly summoned Shadow Servant to activate the attribute panel.

He felt relieved when he saw extra column showing Electronic countermeasures (98% proficient). He would have regretted it if the yellow knowledge ball was wasted.

At the same time, he understood that the name of the device hidden by the Shadow Servant yesterday was called “K2 military electronic countermeasures”. Similar to “T3 sniper assist device”, “K2 military electronic countermeasures” device is only for military use and can’t be bought and sold openly in the market.

Only unscrupulous mercenaries could obtain these equipment through various channels. In addition, unlike the’T3 sniper assist device’, the’K2 military electronic countermeasures’ is a complete electronic warfare specialist equipment.


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