Transcendent David Chapter 20

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“David, do you know the identities of attackers?” Officer Bob began to ask routine questions.

“I don’t know. I was practicing the in basement when I found out that my identity bracelet couldn’t connect to Skynet. Afterwards, I just hid away.” David replied.

“You house has a security system. Was it functioning at the time?” Officer Bob continued to ask.

“Officer Bob, I had turned on all the security systems!” David replied.

“David, I will look for you if we need your cooperation.” Officer Bob turned off the identity bracelet’s recording and then he continued: “Security System didn’t work properly. I believe all your losses will be handled by the company which provided the services. I will try my best to get more compensation for you.”

The insurance industry wasn’t developed due to the special environment of the Rock Star. Most of the companies wouldn’t insure houses in here. Therefore, most of the time, even if an accident occurred, the owner would be responsible for the repair. Officer Bob was going to use power and influence of ‘National Scholar’ Hans to pressure the security company for repair works.

In case, security company failed to protect the relative of ‘National Scholar’ who would continue to work with them?

“Officerr Bob, I’ll be troubling you!” David thanked Officer Bob. He was aware that Bob was helping him out.

“Officer Bob, this is the result of preliminary investigation!” A young policeman passed the information to Officer Bob.

Bob opened the information in front of David.

“David, it seems the people who attacked you were Armored Soldiers and Amos, security director of Este Hotel, died at the scene.”  Officer Bob glanced at David. He was the one to provide information about Amos to David.

“It seems that the other party have dispatched an electronic countermeasures specialist to pacify the security system in your house. There should be several Armored Soldier who had broken in. All of this is quite similar to mercenary style actions. David, what do you think attracted these Armored Soldiers into you house?” Officer Bob asked.

“I can’t think of anything!” David shook his head as he replied.

In fact, the only thing that he recently acquired which seemed to be of any value was ‘T3 sniper assist device’. If it wasn’t for that item then it seems the previous David would be the cause of mercenaries “coming for a visit”.

However, the previous David rarely interacted with people because of his introvert personality. The only thing that was extraordinary in his life was the Sacrifice Manual.

“I’ll make sure that Skynet pays special attention to the safety of your house. I’ll inform you if any new development occur in the investigation!” Officer Bob said.

4 Armored Soldiers from the police didn’t approach the scene but stood outside. Amos’s corpse and his car were taken away. The traces of the battle which were reflected on the ground were recorded and everything was restored back to its usual appearance. Blood examples and weapons fragments were collected too.

There was no difference from before, except the destroyed steel alloy door, by the time police left.

As soon as, everyone went away, David hurried to the place where Shadow Servant was staying. He picked up the item that Shadow Servant hid, and returned back to home. He wasn’t worried about the security as Skynet would particularly scan his house which would make it much secure in comparison to his house security system protection.

If anyone came over to attack his house, then this time it wouldn’t be police but “blocker” drones that would welcome them. Even Armored Soldiers without long-range weapons wouldn’t dare to face “blocker” drones. In addition, the identity of the attackers would be placed in wanted list as soon as blocker drones scans them.

There were many places in the house that were destroyed. The search method of the mercenaries was quite rough. The most important thing was that the smart steward Emma had yet to respond, which worried David. Although Emma is only a smart steward, he regarded Emma as a member of the family.

He came over to stand by the robot but he didn’t know how to operate it. At the same time, his identity bracelet showed a video call request.

“Father!” David said.

“I’ll be at your place in a while. Get your stuff as you will be leaving with me!” Hans said solemnly.

“Father, I won’t leave home!” David replied without thinking. It was an obsession left from the previous David.

Hans didn’t reply for a while when he heard David’s tone.

“I’m here!” He said and disconnected the video call.

David saw Hans come down from the hovering car.

“David, I’ve contacted the maintenance team. They will repair the house. ” Hans said.

Hans respected the choice of his son who had re-accepted him as father. At the same time, he used his connections to strengthen the security of the area.

David didn’t have to worry about anything in the next few days. Even the smart steward Emma was turned on again.

“David, rest early. Don’t worry about the security system. Tomorrow I will talk to them in the name of the Department of Legal Affairs, and they will replace your house’s security with the best security system.” Hans was still a little worried.

David returned to the lobby. At this time, he was the only one left in the whole house, but there was a warm smile on his face.


4 mercenaries from the Heavenly Wolf Mercenary group sat together in the basement of a house.

“Kroc, Ed, Fisher, didn’t you find anything?” Vroman said as he looked at the position signal coming from the location of the ‘T3 sniper assist device’. His tone was full of suspicion. Actually, he couldn’t be blamed too. Who wouldn’t be confused and suspicious if they lose an important personnel in the action and gained nothing while at it?

“Boss, I’m sure!” Kroc nodded and replied in a deep voice.

“Should we continue to stay or leave Rock Star?” Vroman asked Kroc. Kroc was one of the most trusted people in the group.

“Boss, whether leaving away or going at it again, we can’t do it in a short time!” Ed reminded.

Edna was the electronic countermeasure specialist and one of her tasks was collecting intelligence. Ed wasn’t as good as Edna but he could still do simple tasks. Ed purchased information from intelligence dealers but they weren’t aware that entire Pellin City and even the Rock Star was alarmed by their actions! Abbott who drove a space shuttle and killed 100 deaths wasn’t categorized as alarming as this situation. It has to be noted that Abbott’s actions were classified as an accident. However, their action was classified as targeted attack! The most important thing was that their target turned out to be son of ‘National Scholar’!

There were as many as 10 blocker drones hovering over the Pellin City. Anyone who dared to fly without a permissions would face…


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