Transcendent David Chapter 2

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David couldn’t sleep well because of the accident that had happened. He turned around on the bed before finally falling asleep in a daze. The next morning, he was awakened by the identity bracelet on his wrist.

Smart steward also entered at this time to remind him that Jessica was already waiting for him at the door.

According to smart steward’s reminder, David was aware that it was a premediated agreement between him and Jessica to participate in the signing of the new book “War and Love” by the well-known author Burgess.

Originally, he didn’t want to participate in this signing event with Jessica, but when he heard Smart Steward mention that the destination was a paper bookstore, he immediately decided to go.

The unknown new world and the lost memory of this body made him frantic to get more information, but he didn’t even know how to search for information in this world, and the paper bookstore became his best choice.

Along the way, he understood that the Jessica didn’t have a nice attitude towards him. He walked by Jessica’s side while checking everything around.

There were hovering cars on the roads while the city was built  with rocks. The houses were like forts and most of them didn’t even have windows.

The bookstore they had to go wasn’t far away. As a result, they just walked for 3 kms. David saw crowd of people standing in line in front of the bookstore as they passed by the corner of the street.

David checked his side with worry in his eyes. There was a strange transparent shadow by his side. He had discovered this shadow after he woke up. He was actually scared to death. He had found out that this strange transparent shadow was “binded” to him after doing some experiment. Moreover, it was even able to follow his orders. The only ability that the shadow had was invisibility. Nevertheless, it was enough to disregard his loneliness after transmigrated to this new world.

David was aware that Jessica wasn’t able to see the shadow but there were hundreds of people in front of him. He was worried that someone would find this strange shadow.

“We are late! It seems we will have to wait for a long time in queue!” Jessica said with some dissatisfaction.

She woke up at 7 o’clock for this event. It wasn’t even 8am right now. However, on holidays she wouldn’t even think about waking up before 9.

David smiled did not respond to her remark. He didn’t care about the event. He wanted to enter the bookstore to find books.

“Today’s signing event will start in an hour. Mr. Burgess will be here in a while. Please wait in line!” The bookstore clerk shouted loudly while trying to maintain order.

“Jessica, I’m going to read in there, so I won’t be accompanying you!” David said to Jessica.

“Alright, go!” Jessica waved her hand. She had already found a few acquaintances, and she no longer needed David to accompany her. Although these people were not her friends but it was better to be with them than with the boring David.

David understood that Jessica treated him like a “spare tire”. It seemed that the previous owner of the body was an admirer of Jessica. Jessica, aware of previous “David”s feelings was used to mistreating him. But none of this had anything do with him. He didn’t even care.

He walked into the bookstore. The e-books were convenient but it hadn’t affected the sales of paper books. This fact could be understood from the size of the bookstore.

The clerk took a glance at him and realized that David didn’t want to jump the line, so the clerk ignored him.

There are more than ten large electronic posters in the bookstore, most of which displayed advertisements for “War and Love”.

Glass wall of the bookstore was soundproof. At least the voices of nearly 100 people outside weren’t not transmitted into the bookstore. This makes the bookstore very quiet which was a good reading environment.

David walked through bookshelves. The bookshelves were categorized into philosophy, politics, law, military, economics, culture, education, sports, language, art, history, geography, etc.

David went to the history section and found a book called “History of the Interstellar Federation”. After taking the book, he sat on a seat on the side, opened the book and began to read it.

Apart from him, there was no one else in the bookstore. Those who can came to this paper bookstore at this time were to participate in the signing of the new book “War and Love” by the well-known author Burgess.

The signing activities are carried out in front of the bookstore, which kept the atmosphere inside the store very quiet.

He opened the “History of the Interstellar Federation” and saw a sentence on the title page.

“To survive or to destroy, the universe is on the edge of the cliff!” Federal Great Marshal Danton.

David flipped to the index page “History of the Interstellar Federation” while thinking of the meaning of this sentence in his mind. He began to read the history of this universe which was built on iron and blood.

In the year 10116, there was a violent spatial shock on the outside of the sixteenth spiral arm at the edge of the Interstellar Federation.

This space shock caused an unknown shift in space, overlapping the corners of the two universes. These two universes are the Interstellar Federation and the Great Spiritual Universe.

Before the two large universes overlapped, the 6-82 spiral arm’s number 1 planet was just part of an unknown ordinary resource star.

The environment there was so bad that humans couldn’t survive.

However, after the two large universes overlapped, wonderful changes occurred. The oxygen content in the atmosphere and the content of various other gases have changed, and it became a livable planet.

At the same time, a large number of kryptonite crystal mines were discovered in the underground of the No. 6 planet

The kryptonite crystal mine is the main energy of the Interstellar Federation. It is precisely with the existence of the kryptonite crystal that the Interstellar Federation can make travel within the universe available and rule the entire Interstellar Federation universe.

But the kryptonite crystal mine is also the basic energy source of the Great Spiritual Universe. When the two universes overlapped, the two parties who were about to start negotiations have discovered the kryptonite crystal mine on the No. 2 planet.

From 10116 to 10200, both universes launched survival war on planet number 1. That battle was only mentioned in the “History of the Interstellar Federation”, but in those 100 years, the 6-82 spiral arm number 1 planet was renamed War Star from then on. You can imagine the cruelty of the war there to even name the planet War Star.

In the autumn of 10200, in the unstable space above the War Star, huge insects appeared. These insects appeared from the space and landed on the War Star.

There were countless various insects with the height of human beings up to several dozen meters rushing out of the body of the huge insects. They began to attack every living being on site.

As a result the situation changed in 10200. Neither the Interstellar Federation nor the Great Spiritual Universe alone could resist these powerful insects.

Both parties discovered that insects can grow by swallowing various substances, human corpses, interstellar battleship wreckages, buildings on the ground. Almost everything was a good source for these insects.

Especially the kryptonite crystal mine was a stimulant to these insects. There would be a quantitative explosion in their population as soon as those insects occupied a kryptonite crystal mine.

In 10202, the Interstellar Federation and Great Spiritual Universe signed an alliance contract. Since then, the two universes have jointly opened up a line of defense on War Star to resist the invasion of insect race.

These creatures are also called insect race. A race which doesn’t even care to communicate with others.

In the following 10000 years, War Star became a strong line of defense for the two universes, and countless Interstellar Federation fighters and Great Spiritual World fighters fought bloody and gore battles.

Of course, the insect race also impacts the neighboring planet of the 2 universes in various ways. Although the 2 universes are also constantly intercepting, some of the insect race creatures have passed through the defense and entered the nearby planets.

Because the insect race cannot enter other planets on a large scale, this prevents the insect race from realizing a quantitative advantage. The nearby planets also couldn’t form a large-scale insect race group due to the centralized cleaning of the Interstellar Federation and the Great Spiritual World.

But this does not mean that the threat of insect race has disappeared on these planets. The larvae of insect race are extremely difficult to find. They can hide in the deep ground without being detected by scanners.

When appropriate, these larvae can grow into various forms based on the environment all around, attacking the life on the planet.

More interstellar battleships had to be built, and more defense bases had to appear in the universe to ensure that the planets farther away would not be affected by the insect race.


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