Transcendent David Chapter 19

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Kroc once again turned on another function of the instrument in his hand. A light wave emitted from the instrument. It could detect any hidden secret room or safe in the basement. David saw Kroc turn around and aim even at the Shadow Servant. His heart tightened.

Soon, David discovered that his worries were unnecessary. Kroc turned around once again to check another area. It seemed that the instrument couldn’t detect Shadow Servant.

Kroc was disappointed after seeing everything “clean”. However, after many years of mercenary life he instinctively understood that there were people in the basement just short while ago! He couldn’t see David but he could feel the smell of sweat from all the exercise David had done.

This was the main reason why he search for hidden secret room or some other passage. People simply couldn’t disappear! There had to be something that he wasn’t aware of.

To tell the truth, Kroc would have found David out of instinct if David didn’t use Shadow Servant’s eyes but directly looked at him.

This is the intuition of an experienced Armored Soldier who had gone through lots of life and death battles. It’s just that Shadow Servant was a special existence, its eyes have been watching Kroc’s every move, but didn’t Kroc’s attention.

Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries had to leave earlier because of Amos’s unexpected appearance and disruption of the plans. Before leaving the basement fitness room, he still scanned the empty room somewhat unwillingly, and then walked away quickly.

David found out that the danger was moving away from him through the “perception” of Shadow Servant. Instead of moving himself, he ordered the Shadow Servant to fly out. Firstly, he was going to check the situation outside the basement. Above the basement there is a5 layered greenhouse where vegetables are grown. Shadow Servant didn’t find anyone there and crossed the top to reach the surface of the ground level. David borrowed Shadow Servant’s vision to see 4 mercenaries leave. One of them was carrying a corpse.

An illusory shadow flew out of female mercenary’s body and plunged into Shadow Servant as soon as Shadow Servant appeared. Then another illusory shadow flew into Shadow Servant’s body from the broken body of Amos.

David didn’t know what had happened but he was quite happy with the results. He was most concerned with the two illusory shadows absorbed by the Shadow Servant. It was the first time he saw Shadow Servant absorb souls from a corpse. Last time many people had died in the bookstore but Shadow Servant had already finished the absorption by the time he head reached the place.

The flying police patrol cars approached and David knew that he was safe.

At the same time, he saw a notebook-like item on the ground. He remembered that the female mercenary had this item in her hand.

David didn’t know who these people were but he was sure that they weren’t part of his main enemies. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have killed Amos who was monitoring him. Perhaps he could find the reason with this item. Shadow Servant couldn’t pick up heavy items but could easy hide them. It flew to the item and wrapped it up.

“Quickly, ask for reinforcements!” A policeman shouted immediately after seeing the dead body on the ground and empty bullets. There were traces of explosion.

The policeman was aware that there had to be a battle between the Armored Soldier which was beyond his control.

One minute later, a larger police transport ship appeared. 4 Armored Soldiers wearing external skeleton armor jumped out. The rest of the police officers began to block the scene.

David saw for the first time the most powerful combar force from his memory.

It had taken 10000 years for Interstellar Federation to finalize the best possible form for external skeleton armor. It was a mecha like armor that had AI control some of its functions. The external skeleton changed from Armored Soldier to Armored Soldier as they were made out of different insects. The original external skeleton armors had no effect in front of insect race creatures. Only the ones which began to utilize the insect race materials could dominate the battlefield. The speed and battle style of the insect race determined the battle style of the Armored Soldier. Armored Soldier used weapons made out of high grade level 1 insect parts. No organization could afford to use those materials to make bullets as the consumption of financial sources would bankrupt anyone.

Because of that the value of Level 1 bullet was much expensive that the value of killing an insect. The wound caused by the kinetic energy of the bullet is too small to achieve a fatal effect.

Of course, there are always exceptions. There are specialists called Armored Soldier Snipers. These people could maximize the attack power of high-quality bullets and reduce the consumption of high-quality bullets with accurate and critical attacks.

There were 4 Armored Soldiers at the scene. The one holding the shield was defender, the one holding two swords was meant for assault while the other two had Heavy Axes on them. This was a standard Armored Soldier group!

Officer Bob jumped out of his hovering car which was 2 meters above the ground and ran towards David’s house.

“David… You are alright!” He saw David who came out of basement.

“Officer Bob, thanks for coming on time!” David said.

“David, don’t worry, we will find the murderer!” Officer Bob added.

In fact, even if he doesn’t say anything, this matter will be taken seriously by the government.

David might be a high schoolar but he is the son of the ‘National Scholar’. Assassination of the ‘National Scholar’s son is same as crossing the bottom line of the government.

‘National Scholar’ represents the heroes who have returned from War Star and made great achievements.

In fact, in every department of the Interstellar Federation, the veterans returning from War Star are the backbone, and the same is true for Rock Star. Previous David had underestimated the influence of ‘National Scholar’. Even current David wasn’t aware of such influence,

“Officer Bob, will you inform my father?” David asked in soft tone as he didn’t want to bother his father.

“David, Deputy Director Hans can’t know about this..” Officer Bob said with a wry smile.


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