Transcendent David Chapter 18

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Amos resisted the pain of bullets that were piercing through his flesh from the back. He was grateful that he had equipped the car with ordinary bullets but hadn’t gone for reinforced ones! Ordinary bullets could pierce through his skin but couldn’t pass through his muscles while the reinforced ones would slash through him and injure his internal organs. Of course, it didn’t mean that his body could stop unlimited bullets.

Enda’s low-level evasion trick didn’t work out. Amos grabbed her and used her body to deflect the bullets. He changed his direction and ran away. Amos would still have a chance if the smart controller of the car, Dora, was controlled by Enda. It would stop not to hurt her. Moreover, he thought it would be enough to threaten Vroman to leave him be. Amos made all the right decision but unexpected happened. His movements were too fast and Edna wasn’t fully controlling the Dora. The result was that when Amos used the Edna to block himself the expected didn’t happen. The machine gun was still popping out the bullets. Dozens of bullets hit Edna’s body within short period of time. She was an Armored Soldier but the lowest level! Moreover, even Amos wouldn’t be able to survive through to many bullets.

Amos saw a pass through Edna’s body and hit himself.

“Edna!” Vroman’s eyes turned red. Edna’s death made him crazy. Electronic Warfare specialists weren’t Chinese cabbages that could be picked from a field! The main enemies of the armored soldier usually were insects so the electronic warfare specialists weren’t regular.

However, they were the best choice for mercenary groups to attack spaceships. They wouldn’t be able to open the door of the target’s spaceship with Enda let alone the control the defense systems of the enemy!

Vroman had used all means to keep Edna with them. She wasn’t beautiful at all but Vroman had agreed to get married to her! All of Vroman’s efforts over a long time was destroyed by Amos in a single second!

The aura spilling out from Vroman’s body was full of killing intent. His body burst out instantly. Vroman threw the short sword in his hand. He used all 2000kgs of power in his body to throw the short sword. It was an instant shot. The short sword left his hand and Amos who was fleeing fell to the ground.

There was a short sword that had pierced Amos’s right knee. The moment short sword touch his strong knee bone both of them shattered. The pain coming from the right knee was unbearable. Amos threw away Edna’s body and hugged his right knee in screams.

The machine gun was still shooting bullets. Vroman had a cruel smile on his face as he came towards the Amos step by step.

“You killed Edna! Now, its time to use your own life to pay for your crime!” Vroman’s anger had reached extreme level. He slammed the Warhammer into Amos’s arm. Amos’s arm, skin and bones had turned into powder with every blow. His eyes were full of fear but none of these could affect Vroman. He kept smashing Amos over and over. Over next 20 seconds Amos felt death while being alive. He wanted to die instead of being alive and going through that horror.

Vroman wouldn’t do this but go for a long torture. However, he was aware that there wasn’t much time.

“Die!” He smashed Amos’s head with the Warhammer. There was a relief in Amos’s eyes.

“Kroc, did you find the target?” Vroman looked at Edna with pity. But he didn’t pay attention to her anymore. He asked through the identity bracelet.

“Boss, there ain’t no one in the building. We have checked everywhere!” Kroc’s calm voice echoed through Vroman’s bracelet.

“There is no time! Evacuate immediately!” Vroman decisively ordered. There was another 3 minutes before the sniper assist device would send out a position signal. However, he couldn’t wait that much.

“Yes, Captain!” Kroc replied. He rushed out house with Ed and Fisher.

“Something happened to Edna?” Ed asked. There was already flashes of police car’s in the sky. Ed took Edna’s body and the mercenaries retreated the scene.

David who had shrunk in the corner of the gym in the basement let out a relaxed breath. A mercenary was a meter away from him just now. Neither mercenaries and nor scan could find him was because of Shadow Servant. After discovering that someone had invaded the smart steward Emma of the house, David immediately controlled the Shadow Servant to cross through the surface and check the situation outside the door. As a result, he had seen that the security system which he thought was extremely powerful was useless in front of these people. Moreover, the thick steel door was broken by the enemy.

All of that happened tonight proved that this world was a terrifying place. The intruders ignored the house which David thought had a foolproof protection. David saw through Shadow Servant’s eyes that the 3 mercenaries entered inside while 2 remained by the door. He was aware that it would be impossible to run away from them. He couldn’t contact the Skynet as the signal was blocked. The other party showed professional attitude at all steps.

Moreover, except the woman with the strange device, everyone had cold weapons. In his memory, the people with guns weren’t the dangerous people in this world but the people with cold weapons who were Armored Soldiers.

He was aware that it would be unrealistic to resist. The only option was to hide. Then he thought of Shadow Servant’s stealth ability. He didn’t know if Shadow Servant could hide him but he had no other choice.

He called back the Shadow Servant and found a corner in the basement. He contracted his body as much as possible to reduce his size. Fortunately, David has been practicing 18 moves, so his joints could bend easily. Afterwards, he ordered Shadow Servant to wrap around his body. He hoped that Shadow Servant could wrap around his body. The most unexpected thing was that Shadow Servant’s body deformed and covered his body like a fluid.

The mercenaries searched very quickly. It seemed that they had done such things a lot. It didn’t take long for them to discover the gym in the basement.

David could see through Shadow Servant’s eyes that the mercenary in the basement used a scanning device to check everything within the basement. Just a glance was enough to tell that this mercenary was still going with the most strict search method.

The mercenary was Kroc and the instrument in his hand indicated that there was no trace of life in here. The ‘T3T3 sniper assist device’ was here half an hour ago, but not now…


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