Transcendent David Chapter 17

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Amos held a large cup of coffee which he had bought from fast food store from the corner of the street. He returned to his car which was parked not far from David’s house.

He was going to stay up late so he had to take coffee. 2 burgers were there as his dinner and breakfast for tomorrow. Of course, he wasn’t planning to stay up all night but was planning to sleep at his car at 1 and then wake up at 5 am in the morning. 4 hours of sleep is more than enough to recover for Armored Soldier like him.

He was startled when he was passing by David’s house. The door was wide open. “did the kid go out again?” he murmured. But as soon as he said that, he thought that why would the kid leave the door open if he went out.

“Heck!” He saw the cut in the door and there were two silhouettes hidden in the shadow by the front door. Amos wasn’t an ordinary person either. He rarely goes out of the city to fight since he became the security director of the Este Hotel. But the instincts are still there. He kept his steps light. Although the order he received was to monitor David, he knew David’s identity and he had to respond.

“Someone!” Vromam wasn’t a snowflake either. He felt the peeping gaze and turned his gaze towards the direction where his senses warned him. He reminded Edna with a single word.

There was a short sword in Vroman’s hand. He exerted a bit of force and a small dent appeared on ground. The next second his huge body flashed towards Amos like lightning.

Amos was startled when he reached the car. He discovered that the opponent had already found him. It was a sign that the opponent wasn’t a simple character.

“Dora! Turn on the automatic attack!” He quickly ordered the smart assistant in the car. His car wasn’t an ordinary vehicle. It looked quite simple from outside but had lots of combat configurations. He had fought a lot. Though he doesn’t go out to fight anymore but he never feels secure without weapons by his side. In a sense, he felt that his care was guarantee of his security.

“Bang bang bang…” A machine gun was ejected from the top of the gur and began to shoot series of bullets.

Vroman who was rushing towards Amos was attacked suddenly but he didn’t panic. He swept the short sword in front of him and his body rolled over in air to avoid the bullets. A light curtain appeared as soon as he swept the short sword. It didn’t mean that Vroman’s short sword technique had reached some extreme level but the short sword itself was special! The short sword is a special combat saber. The energy in it can activate the defensive light curtain to protect itself in special times. Of course, this kind of defensive light curtain has no effect on the insect race above Level 1, or weapons above Level 1, but it can resist the bullets fired by the machine gun in a short time.

AVroman was aware that he had the help of Edna too. He had to deal with Amos while Edna would solve out the automatic combat system of the car. Edna’s fingers were already typing after the first burst of bullets. She wasn’t a good fighter without the external skeleton armor but she was an expert in electronic countermeasures. It was much easier to deal with the smart assistant in the car in comparison to security system in David’s house. The machine gun worked for 10 seconds before it stopped. Another 30 seconds and Edna was going to control the car which belonged to Amos and the machine gun would actually attack Amos. This was the specialty of Edna. She didn’t have to directly participate in battle to play a strong role in it.

“Why the heck there is an electronic countermeasure specialist in her!” Amos yelled angrily.

Amos was aware that he was in a trouble as the machine gun wasn’t going to affect Vroman anymore.


Edna changed the authority of the car but Amos raised his leg and kicked the side. He knew his car and he was aware the weapons were. A shaft opened and Amos pulled out 1.5 m long Warhammer! The surface of the Warhammer glowed with a metal-specific luster of Level 1 quality. He felt a lot safer as soon as he held the Warhammer in his hand. The weapon in his hand was totally different from Vroman’s. The mercenaries had brought short and small weapons as they were planning infiltration but Amos had his Level 1 battle weapon. He didn’t have the external skeleton armor on so he couldn’t use the formidable strength of the weapon. Nevertheless, the weapon in his hand had brought his confidence back.

“Aaaa!” He roared as the muscles on his body tightened. 1100kg heavy Warhammer felt like feather in his hand.

“Move faster! We are in a little bit of trouble!” Vroman said to his bracelet.

He wasn’t concerned about Amos. But Amos’s roar and the sound of repeated bullets from the machine gun would alarm the systems around. It was a quite night before everything happened and Vroman knew that it wouldn’t take long for police officers to arrive.

Amos was furious when he saw that Vroman didn’t give few shits about him. He was monitoring a child but it was an important job that his boss had told him to do. His identity in the Este Hotel was also extremely high. He was full of confidence with the Warhammer in his hand.

Amos and Vroman’s gazes connected. They were facing each other.

“Bang” both weapons collided in air. Amos made 5 steps back before he could stabilize his body. Vroman who had a short sword in his hand only shook his body. He looked at the short sword in his hand. It had collided with a level 1 warhammer which damaged it. Most probably, it would be irreparable after another collision.

Amos’s eyes twitched. He turned around and ran without batting his eye.

It took only a second for Amos to lose his courage. The enemy in front of him wasn’t an ordinary Armored Soldier like him. Who said that there was shame in running away when you faced a strong opponent?

“Want to escape? Too late!” Vroman said in a mocking tone. He moved out. His speed was much faster than Amos.

At the same time, machine gun on the car began to fire at Amos.

Amos knew that it would be a quick death when he heard the burst of bullets. Instead he shot the Warhammer in his head towards Vroman and changed his direction towards Edna. Amos wasn’t an angel either. He had his “qualities” too ( the sentence there is more like he had done robberies in the past). Although the life in the city had made him soft but at critical moment and under desperate situation he knew that he had to make the best out of the situation.

No Armored Soldier who had fought for decades and lived through is a simple person. All of them are sneaky, cunning and crazy. The would go for the most reasonable choice when facing extreme danger.

Amos’s reaction became faster and he doubled his speed. His potential was stimulated at the moment and there was no heavy Warhammer in his hand.

“Edna, be careful!” Vroman stretched out his hand and grabbed the flying Warhammer.

Edna was still operating the intrusion device. She raised her head when she heard captain’s voice. She felt the killing intent of Amos who was about 5 meters away from her. She could easily block Amos if she had a weapon. Moreover, her specialty was electronic countermeasures so she hadn’t brought anything with herself. The outer skeleton of the Armored Soldier was just means for her to protect her life in the battles! In ordinary tasks, she will choose the safest place to conduct electronic countermeasures – far away.

If it weren’t for today’s simple mission without danger, she wouldn’t have been so close to the battle, let alone without an outer skeleton armor.

Enda leaned back to get away from Amos’s attack but she underestimated the desperate Amos. The only way for Amos to stop the machine gun was to kill her. Either she had to die or Amos would lose his life!


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