Transcendent David Chapter 16

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David ate 5 servings of fortified meat. Moreover, he couldn’t complete 18 moves that day. Although his brain has mastered 99% entry level of 18 moves, his body would always fail somewhere in the middle around 5th or 6th move. The practice of 18 moves is a complete process. As long as any movement is not in place, the practice effect will be lost.

So even if David’s physical skills reached the 99% entry stage, he could not improve his attributes in a short time, let alone use 18 moves to better absorb Level 2 to strengthening medicine.

In the morning of 2nd day, David, who got up early, didn’t even eat breakfast, so he went to the basement fitness room and continued to 18 moves.

Last night he practiced 18 moves to 6th move, and today he would see how effective the practice is.From 1st Style to Sixth Style, his body and brain were  perfectly matched. He didn’t make a mistake at all. Due to unaccustomed muscle movement at the 7th move he failed again. But this also made David see hope. he was thinking about the failure just now while eating to strengthen his physical strength. As long as he summarizes the reasons for the failure and does more exercises, the body and brain would perfectly sync together.

As long as he is given a few days, he is confident that he can truly master 99% of the basic physical skills.

As he recovered his strength, the identity bracelet issued a video call request. The Shadow Servant turned invisible.

“Father!” David started the video call.

“David, pay attention to your body!” Hans couldn’t help but said as he looked at David who sweated.

“I will pay attention!” David responded with a smile.

“David, there is a government New Year’s Eve party on the evening of the 31st, and I hope you will also participate!” Hans said. Previous David’s and Hans’s relations weren’t harmonious. However, current David had eased the relationship which made Hans decide to introduce David to social circle of Pellin city. David was going to be an adult soon. In most political families, children as old as David have long been involved in these activities. The cocktail party for the New Years’s is the largest annual event in Pellin City, with the participation of the mayor of Pellin City and senior officials from various departments. It is also the best meeting place for the younger generation.

Especially in the reception, the ladies of high circl from Pellin City will also participate. For Hans, who has always cared about his son’s emotional life, it is more important than introducing political relationships.

“Father, I will attend.” David answered without thinking too much. It would not be dangerous to come to this kind of party.

“Very good, I will pick you up then. Remember to wear a suit!” Hans replied with a smile

David switched off the video call with a smile on his face. Step by step he was integrating himself into the identity of David Kerr.

” I am David Kerr!”

After saying this sentence, David felt that he was completely assimilated into this world. Afterwards, he began to practice 18 moves again. He didn’t know the reason but he passed the 7th move smoothly, his happy mood might be the reason. As he was about to practice 8th move, the light on the top of the fitness room flickered.

“Emma, ​​what’s the matter?” He asked the smart steward Emma through the identity bracelet.

However, he found that the intelligent steward Emma not at all responded to him, which was almost impossible. There were no monitoring devices in the basement as the previous David didn’t want to anything regarding sacrifice to be recorded in here. The only way to contact smart steward Emma in basement was through identity bracelet. Nevertheless, there was no response from smart steward Emma.

David’s hair stood on end. Stalker tracking him, death of previous David and right now losing contact with the smart steward Emma indicated something went wrong. He immediately contacted Police Officer Bob with his identity bracelet. The reason he didn’t contact father Hans was because he didn’t want Hans to have an accident. He knew that Hans was in poor health.

“Cannot connect to Skynet! Please check if you are close by to Skynet!” Identity bracelet alerted. David was more aware that an accident had occurred.


“Edna, did you bypass security system?” Vroman asked Edna, a female mercenary who was using an electronic intrusion device beside him.

Vroman had brought 4 experienced mercenaries from the Heavenly Wolf to Rock Star and came to Pellin City.

Vroman was willing to take the trip himself as Abbott had done a sale of 3,000,000 credits! In addition, there was no risk in this job. After coming to Pellin City, things went well, which surprised Vroman.

The ‘T3 sniper assist device’ owned by the dead Abbott had automatically turned on a highly concealed signal. Abbott had done it so that the device could be retrieved in case it was lost. This ‘T3 sniper assist device’ will send out a brief positioning signal to the outside world every hour. Vroman used this positioning signal to find the current location of the’T3 sniper assist device’.

He had determined the location during the day, but waited until night before he started to move.

“Leader, although the security system of this building is higher than that of ordinary houses, the person who installed this system is obviously a noob. My intrusion device can break through the civilian spaceship security let alone this house security system” Edna’s slender fingers were operating the device.

“The shield can be used only for ten minutes at most to distance this house from Skynet. Move fast!” Vroman said as he checked the information on shield and urged Edna. Space robbery was quite easy. You escape if you fail. But it gets very troublesome in the city.

Of course, the five people present all understood that no matter how safe such a house is, it is just a piece of cake for them. Moreover, they didn’t even wear their external skeleton armors but just carried some weapons with themselves. This was a small task and Vroman didn’t think that there was a need to use external skeleton armors. Moreover, they couldn’t move with external skeleton armors in the city as the Skynet monitoring the city would lock to them instantly. In that case, they would have to deal with the entire Pellin City instead of a single house.

“Got ya!” Edna said with a chukle.

“Kroc, take Ed and Fisher with you. Edna and me will be waiting outside. Act fast!” Vroman ordered

“Yes!” mercenaries responded.

Kroc held a Level 1 armor piercing axe while 2 mercenaries followed behind him towards the door. At the moment, security system of the house was down. Even smart steward Emma was disconnected and the house was undefended. Nevertheless, an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to break the door to get inside. However, Kroc had an armor piercing axe in his hand. This weapon was able to break through the shell of a level 1 insect let alone steel alloy door of a house. The armor piercing axe cut through the door as if hot knife going through butter. The lock was pierced. Kroc gently pushed the door and steel alloy door was broken open. He ordered Ed to go to 2nd floow while Fisher went to left and Kroc went to right.


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