Transcendent David Chapter 15

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“Whaaaat? Abbott died on Rock Star?” Vroman, the leader of Heavenly Wolf mercenaries, asked in disbelief. Captain Vroman’s most loyal subordinate was Abbott. Moroever, in the Heavenly Wolf mercenaries, Abbott was the cruelest guy. He was taking on the heat which made him the most wanted out of them all. But indirectly, the rest of the members were rarely wanted for any crime. It has to be known that robbery was like a second job skill for mercenaries of all types. Most of the time, the one who killed the most within the group would be notorious and wanted by the federation while the rest could easily roam around. Vrom’s most trusted subordinate was Abbott even though Abbott was a murderous psychopath. It’s not easy to find such a mercenary who would be a shield to all the group. In addition, most of the time, they would just report Abbott’s name and many people would deter to resist.

Additionally, Abbott had access to their important channels which was the manifestation of Vroman’s trust in him. This time when Abbott had left, he had taken the most valuable goods from the last robbery. He had gone for a short holiday after selling the goods. Vroman wouldn’t think in his dreams that Abbott would fall in a remote planet such as Rock Star.

“Captain, this is the information I bought.” Kroc sent out information from his identity bracelet to Vroman’s bracelet.

“Are you sure the police didn’t find T3 at the scene?” Vroman went through the intelligence report.

“Yes, I have confirmed it!” Kroc nodded.

“T3 couldn’t be destroyed in this kind of explosion, it seems that someone picked it up!” Vroman said solemnly.

Abbott wealth was stored in anonymous accounts. The proceed from the last robbery was also settled in anonymous account so that Interstellar Federation couldn’t sniff them out. The problem with those anonymous accounts is that only the corresponding chips could give them permissions to manage all that wealth!

Abbott, as an Armored Soldier Snip, used the chip within the ‘T3 sniper assist device’. It is estimated that apart from him who has studied the’T3 sniper assist device’, few people can use the’T3 sniper assist device’  to open it let alone know what’s going on.

If the’T3 sniper assist device’ has been found by the police, there was little hope of retrieving the ‘T3 sniper assist device’.  Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries had to go crazy to attack government. But the ‘T3 sniper assist device’ is not in the hands of the police, so the situation is different.

“It looks like we are going to Rock Star!” Vroman sat back on his seat and tapped the desk.


Four days have passed. It is already 4 o’clock in the evening. David has just merged the last 9 spheres of general education. At this time, his attribute panel shows:

Name: David Kerr

Strength: 2.52 (1)

Agility: 1.7 (1)

Physique: 2.1 (1)

Spirit: 2.8 (1)

Literature (3% proficiency), mathematics (5% proficiency), general education (51% entry), physical skills (35% entry), long sword mastery (5% entry)

The literature and mathematics have all reached proficient level. The physique has advanced by leaps and bounds in the first two days and his physical skills had reached 35% entry level. However, the last two days his advancement has slowed down.

According to David’s understanding, the leap that he had in physical skills was due to previous David’s practice for years. It’s just with the help of Shadow Servant’s increase in the Spirit he was able to push the body to its limits. The future improvement in his physique would take long time of practice. Moreover, David felt that the 18 moves weren’t as effective as before.

David had other gains over the past 4 days. His strength has increased by 0.02, and his physique has increased by 0.1. Although the increase is not much, it is only a few days’ results.

Especially with Shadow Servant’s attribute panel, he could clearly see his growth. He believed that after he fused the physical skills knowledge ball his strength was going to improve much faster. Originally, David was planning to wait for a while, to improve his physical skills to a higher level through his own practice, and then merge the two balls of physical knowledge.

However, the unknown danger made him to speed up the improvement of strength, even if he knew that the fusion of two physical knowledge light balls was not the best time, there was no time to wait.

The past few days the fusion of knowledge light spheres also allowed him to confirm his previous ideas. Although he did not dare to waste the knowledge light spheres to do more experiments, he determined that there would be no problems with fusing 2 knowledge light balls every day.

David’s financial situation was better because of hundred thousand credit compensation. Emma had ordered fortified meat which would be enough for the next 3 months. At the moment David was sitting in the basement fitness room with ten fortified meats in the food box in front of him. This was his preparation for the fusion of knowledge. Recently, after practicing 18 moves, he would have a strong sense of hunger, and his body needs far exceed the past.

These are all in David’s expectation. When the school teacher taught 18 moves, it was explained that as the degree of mastery of physical skills is higher, the more energy is required.

This is also the reason that restricts a large number of students who are not wealthy from being able to improve physical skills. The energy required is also a huge burden for ordinary families even if the students had the knowledge of 18 moves.

David has increased from 10% to 35% in physical skills in a short time, and the change in energy requirements is even more obvious. He consumes three times more energy every day.

Fortunately, with the compensation from the police station, he can support his recent growing need to practice 18 moves.

“Shadow Servant, pass the physique (70% entry level) knowledge light ball into my body!” David put his hand on Shadow Servant’s shoulder, and then instructed.

This time, unlike the previous fusion of the balls of knowledge, he did not dare to be distracted. He wanted to integrate the sphere of knowledge of body technique in the best state. For this reason, he did not control the Shadow Servant, but ordered the Shadow Servant to complete the work.

The Physique (70% entry level) knowledge ball is like a red fireball, following through David’s arm into his body. He entered the learning illusion brought by the knowledge bal.

K knowledge light ball of physique (70% entry) brought him into another body who was slowly doing 18 moves, without any teaching process, directly feeling the insights brought by the 18 moves.

The muscle changes that he hadn’t noticed before, as the body in the illusion slowly realized, on the attribute panel that he couldn’t notice, the physical skill was also growing rapidly.

Starting from 35%, 40%, 50%, 60%, it rose to 99%, and then stopped.

Although David only realized 70% of the 18 moves in the illusion, when he woke up, his whole body was sweaty, and every muscle was shaking involuntarily.

He took a few breaths before he checked the attribute panel in front of him. When he saw the physical technique (99% entry level), he couldn’t even care about the fatigue of his whole body. He jumped up and wanted to try physical technique 99% by using 18 moves.

However, when he was posing for 1st move, his body shook slightly. In his current state, he couldn’t complete this demanding 18 move.

David sat on ground and opened the food boxes. He picked up a piece of fortified meat and put it in his mouth.

He was thinking about fusing the second knowledge ball regarding physique techniques. It seemed that there wont be a big problem in reaching the proficient level in body technique.

After half an hour of rest, he once again ordered Shadow Servant to transfer the light ball of knowledge of physical skills (20% entry level) into his body.

David entered the same process and felt the 18 moves in a body. But from the beginning to the end of the 18 moves, he did not feel any new insights, at most it strengthened some of the previous understandings.

After he awakened, he immediately looked towards the attribute panel in front of him. As expected, the physical skills still stopped at the 99% entry level…


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