Transcendent David Chapter 14

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The first thing that David did after getting back home was to check the information about the car and person tracking him.

He couldn’t help but thank officer David as the information sent by the police officer was really good.

The information displayed on David’s identity bracelet includes the owner of the vehicle, the year of production of the vehicle, the purchase record, and even the violation and repair records of the vehicle for the past two years.

It also includes information about the person who is driving today, including photos, names, addresses, work information, and so on.

Although most of the information in this information is not helpful to him, but it would be impossible for David to get that info. David isn’t working for police and he is even a minor. His status within the Skynet is equal to nothing. The kind of the information provided by the officer Bob couldn’t be disclosed to anyone as it violated the privacy of the citizen. However, Police Officer Bob gave all this information to David, and David owed him a favor.

As a person who has worked in the police system for 20 years, Officer Bob knows how to maximize his interests, and the same is true about making connections.

The owner of the tracking vehicle is the same person as the tracker. His name is Amos and he is the security director of the Este Hotel.

“Este Hotel!” David muttered to himself.

This hotel is very famous in Pellin City and is one of the best hotels in Pellin City.

It’s not a simple thing to open a hotel in Pellin city. Hotel needs lots of ingredients for its restaurants and the most important of all is the fortified meat from the insect race! It means that the owner or owners must have deep connections with the hunters or should have their own force made out of Armored Soldiers. As a result, no one would dare to underestimate hotel owners.

Why would, Amos, the security supervisor of the Este Hotel follow him? Did someone from the Este Hotel was involved in the plan to harm him? The more he thought about it, the more worried he became. A few days ago, he was just an ordinary person, and now he has not only come to this dangerous world, but also has to face unknown people who wanted to murder him.

“I want to survive in this world!” David suppressed his worries and made his first goal in this unknown world. Actually, the conditions left to him were good. He had an independent house, good car, stable income and caring relatives. He just wanted to protect his life and live an ordinary life even after learning about Shadow Servant’s abilities. At first, he had thought that it was Trainer Jeremy who wanted to harm him so he believed that he would be fine as long as he stayed away from Trainer Jeremy. Now, another but unknown enemy popped up. There was urgent need to strengthen himself.

David opened another piece of information about the mercenary Abbott given by Officer Bob. Abbott’s information is a complete crime book.

The Heavenly Wolf mercenary group to which Abbott belonged wasn’t just making mercenary missions but robbed people from time to time. Abbott was the one who killed the most. Not long ago, the Heavenly Wolf mercenary group robbed an interstellar cruise ship. In order to allow the guests on the interstellar cruise ship to surrender their wealth, Abbott killed several guests who had resisted on the spot.

Among these victims are 2 bodyguards and a person belonging Dirk Consortuim, which was also the origin of the huge reward.

David also saw the content of Abbott’s strength that he cares most about. Abbott is a good Armored Soldier Sniper.

This information was able to explain the origin of the sniper (20% proficiency) knowledge ball, which was derived from the death of Abbott.

From what the families of the victims said in the police station, together with the information from Abbott, David can basically affirm that the ball of knowledge was inhaled by the Shadow Servant after Abbott died.

It’s just that there are many people who died on the spot, but there were only 15 spheres of knowledge. He suddenly understood that the ball of knowledges are created when the soul has at least entry level knowledge. These are all his guesses. All that was need the opportunity to test it. But this kind of opportunity may come by with luck, but not by searching for it.

What he has to do now is to integrate the light sphere of knowledge in Shadow Servant’s body and improve his abilities so as to pass the college entrance examination, an important stage of his life and obtain a better ladder for his future.

“Emma, ​​turn on all security systems!” After reading all the 2 pieces of information given by Police Officer Bob, David immediately ordered the smart steward Emma.

In normal times, these security systems aren’t turned on. David felt very inconvenient with that. The security alarms are very sensitive and will be triggered by a small movement. This will continue to disturb him, but relative to his own safety, David would rather endure such troubles.

Following his order, all the sensors inside and outside the entire building were turned on, and the intelligent steward Emma also devoted 50% of its computing power to the calculation of the analysis of all sensor information. David felt a little grateful to his mother, Cathy, who passed away. It was because of the insecurities of his mother Cathy that she built a security system with a security base far exceeding that of a standard house.

The security system gave him a sense of security. He walked into the study room, sat on the chair in front of the desk and turned on the light.  Although his literary subjects have reached 69% entry level, those are all in memory. He needs to verify the current mastery of knowledge in order to compare the 69% entry level.

He called up a literary examination paper that he hadn’t done before, set the standard examination time and began to answer the questions.

This is from the high-level examination papers of previous years, but David didn’t think that the questions were hard. He easily answered most of them. It only took him an hour and half to complete the exam paper, which was half an hour earlier than the normal exam time.

He ordered the system to determine the score. Soon he saw his score, 125 points. Compared with the test paper with a full score of 150 points, the error rate is not much.

But as long as you compare David’s classmates, you can know that 125 points can definitely be ranked in the top 5 of the class. Previous David could get at most 90 points when he was lucky!

He judged this result, and based on the current 69% entry-level progress, he speculated that if the entry level reached 100%, he should be able to achieve one of the very best results in the class or even the whole school. That is to say, the entry level is the Peak that most ordinary high school students can achieve. Once they reach the proficiency level, it means they are genius according to high school standards.

According to the current Shadow Servant’s balls of knowledge, it is not a problem for him to reach the proficiency level in maths and literature. Plus he could reach the peak of entry level in general studies. However, he wasn’t sure that he couldn’t get into Naan University with all that information. Now, compared to all this knowledge, David paid more attention to physical skills, Heavy Axe Mastery and sniper-ship. (marksmanship?)

Heavy Axe Mastery (33% entry level) was the best choice to replace his long sword mastership (5% entry level). He doesn’t quite understand why the previous David gave up heavy weapons and chose long sword. It seemed previous David enjoyed the beauty of long sword. However, current David thought that long sword was a bit flashy. The school had always encouraged the students to learn heavy weapons as much as possible as it would be very helpful when becoming an Armored Soldier. After all, most of the time Armored Soldier’s opponents were insect race creature, and only heavy weapons could give them a better chance while fighting an insect race creature.


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