Transcendent David Chapter 13

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“David, here you are! Sorry, it’s quite messy here, come with me!” Police Officer Bob spotted David.

David followed Police Officer Bob out of the Conference Hall and into an office. Officer Bob poured a glass of water in front of David.

“David, this is a compensation agreement. If there is no problem, please sign it!” Police Officer Bob seemed to be very busy. He took out the prepared documents from the cabinet and handed it to David.

David took over the compensation agreement. This is a standard compensation agreement. It simply describes the situation, but the compensation is quite a lot, hundred thousand of credit.

“Officer Bob, do these hundred thousand of credits come from the bounty of the wanted criminal?” David was also surprised by the amount of compensation and asked in confusion.

We must know that there were a lot of people who died at that time. He suffered minor injuries and got hundreds of thousands, so how big the bounty was?

“David, your father is the deputy director of justice. I won’t hide it from you. The name of the man was Abbot. Amongst countless victims of his was a member of Dirk Consortium. The Dirk Consortium had a huge bounty on him and we used that money to compensate the victims including you.” Officer Bob explained in soft tone as his eyes checked around. It would be impossible to tell this information to David but he wanted to make good relations with the kid because of his father.

“Inspector Bob, may I check the information about Abbott?” David wanted to know if the Abbott was an Armored Soldier criminal with a sniper innate talent. David was aware that Officer Bob attached great importance to his father so he asked for more.

“This is a trivial matter!” Officer Bob replied. He activated his identity bracelet and sent the copy of information to David’s identity bracelet.

“Officer Bob, thank you!” David didn’t immediately check the information but instead thanked officer Bob and signed the compensation agreement.

Hundred thousand credits was quite a lot as he had hit the low bottom recently. This much money would allow him to buy more fortified meat.

“Inspector Bob, you are busy so I’ll take my leave now.” He handed the compensation agreement to Officer Bob.

David still heard the cries of mothers and angry shouts of fathers as he left the lobby. As he was by the gate of the police station David stopped. Because of the large number of victim’s, a lot of family members had come to police station. At the moment, there was no one in the lobby. Only a female police officer was by the reception desk. She didn’t pay attention to him instead was looking towards the hall.

David controlled the Shadow Servant and used it to bypass the police station gate to come out. He saw the hovering car parked in the and waiting for him. The stalker hadn’t left but was still waiting for him.


Milo returned to the police station and found a place to park. He was thinking about how to properly report to his boss as because of his carelessness he hadn’t found out that David had left his home yesterday morning. In fact, he couldn’t be blamed for this at all. David’s daily routine was quite regular. He would never go out during the morning in the holidays. Milo didn’t even know how David appeared in that explosion scene yesterday morning.

His identity bracelet rang and Milo checked the contact name.

“Boss, hello!” Milo said respectfully.

“Milo, how is the situation?” the person contacting him asked.

“Boss, everything is normal!” Milo replied quickly.

“Did you see David?” the man asked.

“Yes, Boss, David went out with car and I’ve been keeping track of him. ” Milo replied.

“Continue with your work!” The man ordered.

“Yes, Boss!” Milo replied. After the other party finished the call, he murmured, “It’s troublesome to monitor a kid…”

Nevertheless, he felt happy that his boss hadn’t found out about his laziness. But Milo wasn’t aware that Shadow Servant was floating besides him. David had heard everything!

David heard the conversation well. Unlike Milo, he was aware from the “boss”’s tone that the man doubted that David was alive! Moreover, David felt that the voice was familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere.

It’s just he couldn’t remember where the previous David had heard that voice. But one thing was for certain, David could determine the identity of that person as long as he heard him talking again!

“David, why haven’t you left?” Officer Bob had come to lobby to take a breath from the chaotic environment in the hall. He couldn’t help but ask when he saw David standing there.

David ended his connection with Shadow Servant as soon as he heard Bob’s voice. At the moment, he was leaning against the wall because he couldn’t control both Shadow Servant and his own body at the same time. After hearing the voice of Officer Bob, he could only give up control of Shadow Servant.

Moreover, there was no need to control Shadow Servant as it couldn’t leave him for more than 10 meters.

“Inspector Bob, can you do me a little favor?” David asked. He had already understood that because of Hans, officer Bob was already kind to him and tried to get close to him.

“As long as it is within the scope of my authority, there is no problem!” Bob replied but pointed out conditions as he didn’t want to get into anything that was over the board.

“Officer Bob, can you find out the owner of that car? ” David pointed out towards an unremarkable car.

“That’s no problem!” Officer Bob glanced at the parked car and said with a smile.

The identity bracelet on his arm was aimed at the car, and at the same time a police scan wave was sent out. This scan wave can not only scan the origin of the vehicle, but also scan the identity of the person in the car.

Officer Bob didn’t inquire about the reasons why David was interested in that car or person. In his opinion, he was just doing a favor.

Although David’s father was a deputy but no one would underestimate Hans as he had the title of “National Scholar”.

“This is all the information about that car and the drive!” Officer Bob sent a packaged message to David’s identity bracelet.

“Thank you very much for your help, I will mention your help to my father!” David thanked.

“David, if you need help, you can contact me.” Officer Bob replied with a smile after getting the result he needed.

David got into his own Gladstone Type 3 after exiting the station. He didn’t even look at the stalker’s car. The tracking car began to follow him after there was 100 meters of distance between them. Shadow Servant returned to David’s side and the hovering car drove back to his house at steady speed of 70km/h.


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