Transcendent David Chapter 12

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The door of the Gladstone Model 3 car opened automatically, David sat on a soft seat, and the car automatically turned on the power unit when it detected his identity bracelet.

The Gladstone Type 3 car hovered, keeping it at a height of 0.3 meters, and then the garage door opened.

The car drove out of the garage automatically, and a map of the entire Pellin City appeared in front of David.

David is underage and he is not qualified to drive a car alone. He could only turn on the autopilot mode and the entire journey was controlled by the urban traffic system.

David enjoyed the ride, sitting in a comfortable seat, feeling the stability and silence of the car.

Although with the technical capabilities of the Interstellar Federation, flying has long been easily achieved, and after more than 10000 years of development, the technology has matured.

But whether it is in a galaxy near the War Star or in a peaceful galaxy, the same principle is followed: flying can only be carried out by citizens with corresponding permissions.

Ordinary citizens like David can drive a car 0.3 meters above the ground, and the maximum height cannot exceed 1 meter.

The air traffic is also divided into several levels, the higher the authority, the greater the possibility to hover on high heights.

As soon as David left and entered the boulevard in a Gladstone Type 3 car, he felt an someone observing his actions.

Of course, it wasn’t his perception that detected the observation, but the Shadow Servant who was in invisible mode next to him.

David felt that the worries he became real. He still couldn’t understand why others would try to kill a high schooler. However, the fact was that Trainer Jeremy passed the Sacrifice Manual and wanted David to kill himself via this ritual. Moreover, it was a success!

David believed that it would be Trainer Jeremy who was checking him. Most probably, Trainer Jeremy would attack him after discovering that he isn’t dead. Nevertheless, David wasn’t worried at the moment. No one would be insane enough to blatantly to attack him at the moment. The car was on autopilot mode so David wasn’t worried about driving but instead began to control Shadow Servant who was beside himself.

Shadow Servant flew up, passed through the car. David was a burly man sitting in an unremarkable ordinary car through the eyes of Shadow Servant. David knew that this person wasn’t Trainer Jeremy. Shadow Servant could only stay away from David by ten meters. This allowed Shadow Servant to see the face of the man.

After David’s Gladstone Model 3 passed by, the ordinary car also started the car to follow up, which made David feel nervous.

Just when David was nervous, he found that the other party was only tracking him.

After discovering that the stalker was not at all dangerous, David didn’t bother with the stalker.

The speed of the Gladstone Model 3 soon stabilized at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour. Of course, this was not the full speed of the Gladstone Model 3 car.

In fact, the Gladstone Model 3 can reach a speed of 500 kilometers per hour at full speed, but it is not used at all in the city, and David does not have authority for such high-speed movement.

The power foundation for the Gladstone 3 car to have such a speed is also related to the kryptonite crystals. Interstellar Federation’s research on kryptonite crystals lasted for 2000 years. The convenience of kryptonite crystal and the large stock in the entire universe allowed kryptonite crystal to successfully suppress all other forms of energy.

One of the biggest reasons is that after the kryptonite crystal has used up its energy, the remaining kryptonite crystals could directly absorb the light energy of the stars by using a conversion device.

Although the energy stored in kryptonite crystal is far less than the original kryptonite crystal energy, it is far more convenient, safe and economical than other forms of energy.

What surprised David the most was that nuclear energy didn’t appear in this universe at all.

Perhaps it is because of the existence of kryptonite crystals that made the scientists of this world not care about the energy resources.  Perhaps the technological trend of this world is the most correct choice.

Of course, this is not to say that this world does not have a powerful weapons comparable to nuclear weapons. The anti-matter main gun on a large battleship, once charged and activated, is formidable enough to destroy a small planet.

The energy block of the Gladstone Type 3 was enough to be used for a year without a need for replacement. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but think about the horrifying insect race that has been waging war against both Interstellar Federation and Great Spiritual World for 10000 years. The strength and power of the insect race has to be taken into account as they have been constantly fighting against 2 universes on their own.

As David thought about random issues the Shadow Servant was keeping an eye on the car that was tracking him. The car always kept a long distance from his car, and it seemed that the driver didn’t want to be discovered by him.

At this moment, the Gladstone Type 3 car stopped and David saw the door of the police station.

He got out of the car and the Gladstone Model 3 drove automatically to the parking lot on the side.

Shadow Servant followed behind him, and the stalker seemed to be surprised that David actually came to the police station. He did not stop and drove away.

After David swiped the identity bracelet at the door, an arrow appeared on his identity bracelet. It was a virtual walking track for him to follow within the police station. Although this function guarantees the order, it makes him very unhappy. Of course, its not as if he couldn’t change the track. It’s just he didn’t have enough permissions to alter the route. Now he could only follow the arrow’s guidance and walk to the designated location.

The target location is the Conference Hall of the police station. It had a space of 300 square meters. The place was extremely noisy, David could hear the cries of people.

“My child had received a special letter from Jacobs University! You just said that it was an accident but that person was a wanted criminal! I have already made inquiries! Four blocker drones had chased the space shuttle which led to this tragedy! ” An angry middle-aged man yelled.

Although Jacobs University wasn’t comparable to Naan University, it is also a key university of Rock Star. Especially its mathematics department was popular. The child had to be good as he was able to receive a special enrollment letter from Jacobs University. It was no wonder the middle-aged man was so angry.

The words of the middle-aged man also aroused the emotions of the people around. Starting this morning, the families of these victims have come here to ask for the truth to be investigated and those responsible to be severely punished.

“My child had the hope of becoming an Armored Soldier. Who ordered the blocker drone to attack? I demand a strict investigation!” Another angry man pointed at the police officer in front of him and shouted loudly.

The man’s questioning agitated everyone’s emotions, and the scene began to become chaotic.

At this moment, David’s heart moved. He thought of the red ball of knowledge which had mathematics (99% entry level). Could it be that he got it from the child of the middle-aged man?

As for the man who said that the child has the hope of becoming an Armored Soldier, he is probably the owner of the Physique (70% entry level) or Heavy Axe Mastery (33% entry level).

He looked towards the two men apologetically, and at the same time he felt a sense of guilt for everyone who appeared here. He felt that he was a thief and stole the talents of others…


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