Transcendent David Chapter 11

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Eddie was hugged by David while they sat on the sofa in the living room. The faces of both Hans and Bertha were full of smiles. The family has never had the atmosphere such as this.

“David, this is a bottle of Level 2 strengthening medicine. You can take it for the next 2 days and cultivate. It will be beneficial for your college entrance examination!” Hans took out a small metal box from his pocket and placed it in front of David.

David was startled. There was no cheap strengthening medicine.

In Federation, the strengthening medicine must be produced by a professional company with sophisticated special tools and professional technicians with rich experience. The raw materials should consist of fortified meat of the insect race creatures!

Basically, no one would use larvae and Level 1 insect race fortified meat to make strengthening medicine.

The medicine in front of the David is the “cheapest” kind of strengthening medicine available on the market to people with “authority”. The main materials of Level 2 strengthening medicine is Level 2 insect race creatures. It has to be noted that as long as Level 2 insect race creature appears on Rock Star, it will bring catastrophe. To kill Level 2 insect race usually requires many Armored Soldiers to work together and pay a huge price to accomplish the task.

In fact, battleships would be dispatched to intercept and kill the Level 2 insect race creature as soon as it appears on Rock Star. As a result, there won’t be much left of the body of creature as they would be bombarded by the battleships!

Therefore, Level 2 strengthening medicine is a scarce item in Rockstar, even for Hans who has the status of a ‘National Scholar’, it is difficult to obtain.

“Father, you should use this Level 2 strengthening medicine yourself. I will try my best to get into a good university!” David declined politely.

David was aware that Hans needed this medicine more than himself. He was aware that aunt Bertha came from a very rich background but Hans would never ask his father in law for financial help. David was aware that the purchase of the medicine must have costed Hans a lot.

“David, take it, my body is in very good condition!” Hans smiled and waved his hand. He coughed out after saying that.

“Are you okay?” David asked in a tone with full of worry.

“I’m alright. Put away the medicine. My body can’t use Level 2 strengthening medicine anyway!” Hans replied after he felt the concern in David’s tone.

His eyes swept across the living room. There was an expression of nostalgia in his eyes. After his relationship with David deteriorated, he rarely entered the house.

“Pay attention to your health. I will accept this bottle of Level 2 strengthening medicine!” David felt like he was getting along with his father from his previous life.

He also noticed his stepmother Bertha, a beautiful woman with a good education, looked towards him with care and love.

After just chatting for a while, little Eddie became a little sleepy, dozed off in David’s arms.

“David, be careful with cultivating your body. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! We gotta go now.” Hans stood up.

“Father, Aunt Bertha, you can bring Eddie here often in the future!” David smiled.

David opened the bottle after Hans and the rest left. There was a foamy material on top of the glass bottle making sure that the medicine didn’t leak.

David felt the fatherly love of Hans from this bottle of medicine. He wasn’t the previous David. In this new world, there were only few relatives that could support him. Wouldn’t he be all alone in this universe except Hans, Eddie and Bertha?

Nevertheless, David wasn’t planning to use the Level 2 strengthening medicine immediately. He was going to use Level 2 strengthening medicine after he upgraded his physical skills to a higher level. That way he could absorb the essence efficiently and improve his body.

David didn’t absorb the knowledge balls the next morning but instead focused on 18 moves. Each practice session would give him new experience. He hoped to raise his level of physical skills to a higher level before fusing the knowledge of physical skills, so that he could get a greater improvement.

Although the improvement of the body by more than one day of exercise is not at all reflected in the data panel, David could feel his improvement. Perhaps at this time, if he is in school, he should be able to see his most detailed information on the dynamometer.

In the final analysis, although this data panel is convenient, some of the slight improvements that cannot reflect the overall data change.

David wanted to wait until the night to absorb the knowledge ball. He didn’t want to waste any knowledge ball in his hand.

At 2 pm, his identity bracelet showed a contact request.

He saw that it was police officer Bob who was requesting contact with him. After thinking about it, he remembered that this was the police officer who handled affairs in the bookstore yesterday.

“Inspector Bob, hello!” David accepted the request for video call.

The identity bracelet could make both video and audio calls.

Officer Bob had requested video call which showed that it was because of formality. In addition, the conversation would also be recorded by the police system.

“David, if you are free, please come over to the police station. You will get compensation for your injury and you will need to sign to get the payment!” Police Officer Bob said with a faint smile.

“Inspector Bob, did the results come out so soon?” David asked in a surprised tone.

David thought that the officer lied to him so that he could get David out of his home and harm him. However, if Officer Bob was inviting him to the police station then it would be impossible…

It has to be noted that after yesterday’s tragedy, Pellin City panicked. In morning’s news, it was said more than a dozen “blocker” drones were patrolling over Pellin City.

At least until the tension ends, Pellin City is the safest place, and no one dares to engage in trouble on the street in this situation.

“David, the pilot who drove the space shuttle into the crowd is a wanted criminal. The bounty of this wanted criminal will be paid to all victims as compensation!” Police Officer Bob explained with a smile.

If it was someone else, he would not pay too much attention, but after checking David’s background, he paid special attention to David.

Hans was the deputy director of the Pellin City’s Legal Department. Although Hans didn’t have real power as the deputy director, but officer Bob couldn’t afford to offend him.

“Thank you, I’m coming now!” David agreed, and then turned off the identity bracelet.

Although the danger outside is small, he decided to go there by car this time. At least the safety in the car is much higher and the speed is much faster.

He entered the garage. According to his memories, David was aware that there must a hovering car at the house. But it was his first time seeing it in real life. The car was 30 years old. However, you must know that the car’s surface was made out of level 1 insect carcass. The model name was Gladstone Type 3. It was an old model of Gladstone’s automobile brand. But Gladstone brand was the best brand in Rockstar. His mother had bought this car at a high price. She had felt extremely insecure which was one of the reasons why she had separated from Hans. In fact, she wouldn’t be able to buy a brand new Gladstone even if she paid 10 times the amount. According to previous David’s memories, he was quite dissatisfied with the Gladstone Type 3 as it was out of fashion in high circle for a long time. Nevertheless, current David was extremely satisfied. The safety of the car was the best! The carcass of the insect was harder than most metals even though the shell of the level 1 insect isn’t as hard as the teeth or the claws of it.

It would be very difficult to hurt David in this car unless an Armored Soldier attacked or heavy weapons used.


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