Transcendent David Chapter 10

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David put away the device after playing with the’T3 sniper assist device’ for a while. He went to the bathroom to clean his body. He had recovered his memories and discovered the secret of the Shadow Servant after coming back. As a result, he wasn’t able to clean up stains on his body.

He was already battered and exhausted after experiencing the explosion. Clean water flowed down from his head, which made him feel less tired.

After washing, he checked the injuries on his body. The injury on his back was almost healed in a day, and the burn on his hand only left some scabs.

This body is much stronger than his body in the previous life. This kind of minor injury would not be healed in a week in his previous life but it only took few hours to heal more than half in this world.

“Emma, ​​prepare a dinner for me and add more fortified meat!” David felt the hunger of his body after changing into clean clothes.

At this moment, he also recalled the memories related to the intelligent steward Emma. From the name to the voice, the intelligent steward Emma is derived from a very famous actress and the favorite actress of previous David.

Previous David had spent a lot of credits to obtain rights to use smart steward with voice of Emma. Now, David couldn’t help but feel contemptuous. He felt that previous David was an otaku.

Normally, David would only eat fortified meat once every day. This is a supplementary requirement based on his body’s needs. But today, he obviously felt that his body needs a lot of energy  after cultivating 18 moves. If it is ordinary food, the effect will be very poor, and even affect his cultivation tomorrow.

“Master, your credit balance is only 1320 points. This amount is not enough to order fortified meat for next month!” Smart steward Emma reminded him while David was dining.

David just remembered at this moment that because previous David had purchased all the materials needed for the sacrifice, all his wealth had been invested in it.

David’s income wasn’t big. His mother, Cathy, had prepared for her son’s future before committing suicide. He still had two commercial real estates, which were taken care of by the agency.

It’s just that his predecessor didn’t care about the problems of these two properties. Previous David wasn’t even aware about the location of these two properties. He only knew that he would get 20000 credits every month. It was a huge amount as an ordinary person’s monthly income was 3000 credits.

He wasn’t worried about living expenses either. Hans would transfer credits each month to him. So, even if David doesn’t have much credit points at the moment. Everything would be solved out by the next month after the agency transfers the rent income.

“Ding dong, ding dong!” The electronic doorbell rang.

David stopped the smart steward Emma from opening the door. At the same time, he complained about the unreliability of the smart steward Emma. You must know that it is so late and he is the only one living here. How can she open the door casually?

He put down the knife in his hand, opened the identity bracelet, and called up the image of the door of the residence. His identity bracelet managed all the security systems of this residence.

In the video, he saw a thin middle-aged man, a middle-aged man in a federal uniform. On the chest of the official serviceman, a golden badge exudes a dim light.

David immediately recognized the middle-aged man. This is his physical father Hans Kerr, and the insignia pinned on his chest is the ‘National Scholar’ badge.

At this time, David also understood why the intelligent steward Emma would directly open the door, and not at all asked him for his opinion. As Hans was his guardian, he could enter this house without his consent.

And Hans was able to ring the doorbell, which was a great respect for David’s attitude.

David wasn’t even prepared to meet Hans, but he stood up and walked to the door to open it.

David had many memories in his mind when he saw the middle-aged person in front of him.

Previous David also had good memory of his father. Hans would always bring back gifts when coming back from the battlefield. He would always play with previous David.

These memories of father merged with David’s own memories of father from another world, and suppressed all the dissatisfaction of his predecessor with father.

“Father!” David couldn’t help cry out as soon as he saw Hans.

Hans seemed surprised, but a gratified smile appeared on his face. David hadn’t called him that way for many years.

After Cathy’s death, David even regarded him as an enemy.

“David, I learned about the accident in the morning. It was too dangerous. Is your injury okay?” After a pause, Hans said with concern.

He was still worried about David even though he knew from his subordinates that David wasn’t injured at all and there were few minor scrapes.

It was just that he tried to contact the smart steward Emma and learned that David was resting, so he didn’t come to visit David immediately. After learning from the smart steward Emma that David had time, he rushed over.

“Father, my injury is okay, please come in!” David did not know how to get along with Hans.

His gaze then saw the hovering speed car parked on the roadside, and the two faint silhouettes sitting in it.

“David, aunt Bertha was worried and Eddie followed along. That’s why I brought them here!” Hans quickly explained when he saw David’s sight.

Bertha is David’s stepmother, and Eddie is the 3-year-old  brother of his, the son of Bertha and Hans.

“Father, let Aunt and younger brother come in too!” David responded. He has received the memory of his predecessor, but his emotions are still his own. He has his own way of dealing with his family.

Hans isn’t even 50 at the moment. In the Interstellar Federation, he is considered very young as the average age is around 200 years.

David knew that Hans was not easy egg. Hans was an Armored Soldier trained by the army.

Because of rules and restrictions, Hans couldn’t come back home often. He and his wife Cathy could not stay together for a long time because of circumstances. Especially after Hans went to War Star to participate in the war, it made Cathy worried and sick.

It is no longer important to David who was right or wrong. He decided to treat Hans and rest as his relatives.

“Okay, I’ll call them!” Hans was surprised by David’s attitude, his face was also excited, he turned and walked towards the hovering speed car.

David looked at the somewhat unstable silhouette of Hans, and he was even more emotional. He knew how powerful the Armored Soldier should be. However, today Hans had long lost his strong physique. He left arm and leg were prostheses.

It turned out that, Hans was an Armored Solder Sniper. A special existence even within the Armored Soldiers. After losing his ability to continue to fight he had moved back to Pellin City.

“Big brother!” Little Eddie ran towards David with his short legs, and shouted as he ran.

Although previous David had great resistance to Aunt Bertha, he liked his younger brother Eddie very much. From time to time, he would buy something to visit the younger brother in the kindergarten.

From memory, the younger brother Eddie may be the person his predecessor wants to get close to most in the world. Previous David didn’t have any truble with little Eddie.

“Eddie!” He smiled and opened his arms to hug little Eddie, and then greeted Bertha who was following: “Hi Aunt!”

Bertha was also taken aback by David’s attitude, but she smiled back after only a daze.


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