Transcendent David Chapter 1

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Morning of December 12, year 20412

Rock Star’s half gray ground and half blue ocean was illuminated by the Kea star. The atmosphere surrounding the planet altered from one color to another.

If you look towards the terrestrial structure from space, you can see the devastation on the land. Many years of fighting have left too many traces here. The surface of the planet is rarely covered with green. Most of it is dead gray.

Only the existence of blue ocean does it show that this is a planet with the most basic resource for life to exist.

Although Rock Star’s ever-changing colors look like a dream from a distance, in fact this planet is only an administrative planet with low quality of life in the Interstellar Federation.

The administrative planet with low quality of life is the lowest standard for all humans to be able to live in the planet. It provides the necessary conditions for human survival, such as oxygen, fresh water, and food. However, low quality of life means that the environment is harsh and it is difficult for humans to survive in the wild.

The calm sky that was originally windless and cloudless was broken by a sharp sonic boom.

Then a dazzling spot of light appeared in the sky. Drones were chasing a space-shuttle.

At the front is the personal flying shuttle colored in silver white, and at the back are 4 drones controlled by the planet defense, Skynet, followed closely from behind.

In the single-person flying shuttle, Abbott was manipulating the flying shuttle with a gloomy expression. The controlled was constantly moving left and right in his hands. The drastic change of course was already the limit of this personal flying shuttle.

He has a feeling that if this change of course is carried out on such a large scale, this personal flying shuttle used for space flight is likely to collapse without the use of an interceptor drone attack, but he dare not hesitate at the moment.

He wanted to get rid of the drones by accelerating and changing directions at fast intervals, but the four drones were sticking to the space shuttle without problems. He couldn’t get rid of them at all.

“Damn it, I shouldn’t have come here with this shit!” Abbott cursed.

Abbott is an interstellar mercenary who belongs to the infamous Heavenly Wolf mercenary group. He is also a wanted felon of the Interstellar Federation. He was involved in multiple murders and many other serious crimes such as resisting arrest, wounding humans and robbery.

There were a lot of civilians who had lost their lives in his hands. In the previous mission, the Heavenly Wolf mercenary group successfully robbed an interstellar cruise ship. The mercenaries were rewarded generously and went to have fun.

Abbott also received a lot of credits, so he used a forged identity to come to Rock Star to relax.

Originally, Abbott thought that there won’t be any problems so he had decided to use a personal space-shuttle. Most of the interstellar criminals often forged their identity bracelets while travelling around. Unexpectedly, Abbott was discovered by the “blocker” drones as soon as he entered the planet’s atmosphere.

“I ain’t no damn insect race! Why the heck are you following me? ” Abbott continued to curse while observing the blocker drones on the central control screen.

These blocker drones are part of planet Skynet’s defense. Their main priority is to detect and attack insects flying in the air, not against intruders such as him!

If a powerful creature from insect race is found, the blocker drone will report to Skynet and monitor it. If it is only a weak creature then it will attack directly.

Abbott was in bad luck as these “blocker” drones targeted him while performing their mission. These four “blocker” drones wouldn’t be considered a threat to him if he had weapons and equipment. But it’s very difficult for him to evade and escape from them while using the personal space-shuttle.

“Warning, stop the flight immediately, accept the inspection! Warning, stop the flight immediately, accept the inspection!” This was a warning issued by the staff who monitored the blocker drone through Skynet.

Although the “blocker” drone is unmanned, there will always be relevant personnel on the far end of Skynet for real-time monitoring.

At this time, Abbott’s situation has been reported, and the attack will be launched at any time.

Fortunately, the original target of the “blocker” drone is creatures from the insect race. Otherwise it will attack directly without warning.

Abbott ignored the warning from the blocker drone. He had seen too many such drones and had a detailed understanding of their performance.

At ordinary times, the “blocker” drone can only forcefully land the illegal aircraft or shuttles, and will not directly attack.

The order to launch an attack on humans can only be issued by humans with the corresponding authority. This is an iron law and the final solution after countless problems created by the artificial intelligence.

Abbott checked the map next to the personal flying shuttle pilot seat and found that Pellin City was not far ahead. He was delighted that as long as he was close to the city, the blocker drone could not chase him. The first rule that “blocker” drones abide by protection of civilian lives!

The personal space shuttle accelerated towards the direction of Pellin City. The four blocker drones in the rear are constantly issuing warnings, and the high-power scanner is turned on to scan the personal flying shuttle.


“David, did you skip breakfast! Why are you lagging?” Jessica urged the David who was behind her. She isn’t a particularly beautiful girl but had a unique youthful aura.

David understood from her attitude that she wasn’t willing to call him a friend. Moreover, Jessica was aware that she wouldn’t ever contact David to accompany her if it wasn’t for the lack of students because of winter vacation.

“Alright, I’m coming!” David replied.

David replied but he had a strange feeling in his heart. He instinctively used the language but he was extremely alien to this language. The reason was quite simple. He had “arrived” (transmigrated) to this world just yesterday. In addition, he didn’t even receive the memories of the person whose body he had occupied. Fortunately, he was able to master the reading, writing and speaking.

In his previous life, his name was David Lee, a “successful” IT engineer. The reason why David put quotation marks on the word successful while describing himself was that he was just an IT elite in a fourth-tier city.

He was walking on a sidewalk when he was hit by a heavy truck. The damned driver didn’t choose to collide the heavy truck with the other cement carrying trucks but instead moved towards the vulnerable people on the sidewalk.

David wasn’t going to elaborate on the what kind of thoughts passed through the mind of the driver when he chose to drive towards the sidewalk instead of the other trucks on the road. But nevertheless he had suspicions about the malice of the driver.

When faced with an out-of-control heavy truck, David was surrounded by pedestrians, especially some students who had just finished school.

At that time, he didn’t even have time to think. In addition, there were pedestrians on the left and right, he couldn’t avoid the on-coming heavy truck. At that time, he made an action that he couldn’t imagine at this time, and he suddenly pushed the side pedestrian away.

Then there was heavy impact. He didn’t know how many people died, but he clearly remembered that he successfully pushed away several students around him.

The moment David opened his eyes he had already occupied this current body. He was at the basement of the home. There was a “broken” altar, few unknown charred pieces of meat, and unfamiliar text book and naked body which he occupied. It was like a scene from a movie where an some kind of twisted evil ceremony would occur.

He would have thought that he had transmigrated to a savage world if he didn’t see the high tech fitness equipment in the basement made out of unknown materials. Afterwards, it took an hour for David to slowly accept the the fact that he changed from a yellow man to a tall young white man.

It took him another hour to find a way to get out of the basement. Although it was just a simple palm verification, for him who had not received any memory of this body, everything was alien.

But after walking out of the basement, he didn’t need to worry about the unfamiliar environment at all.

Because of the intelligent steward of this house, a humanoid housekeeping robot was waiting outside the basemen.

Outside the basement, David was surprised to see a huge underground vegetable farming base. Led by the smart steward, he returned to the bedroom on the ground floor.

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