DK – Ch 96

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The Dark King – Chapter 96


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the 96th chapter!

“That’s reasonable!” Dudian eyes slightly shined. After all, he had seen the modern world. Aircraft, cannons, cars and many other modern products could be stolen or guessed by some other party at the experimental stage!

Moreover, these speculations could be realized at any given moment.

“Not as simple as you think.” Mouse noticed a change of expression on Dudian’s face. He shook his head and laughed: “The experimental hypothesis submitted requires a complete derivation, not simply a concept, but a relatively perfect alchemy formula. After all, if the chemical formula is wrong, it is only a guess. Just like our illusory fantasy. However, with the ascension of the alchemy at some point, all those fantasies may become a reality. Unfortunately, there is not any actual theoretical support at this point.”

Dudian nodded in agreement. His father had often told him that scientific truth required rigorous attitude. Everything had to be based on the experiments, scientific truths and empirical knowledge rather than whimsical inner fantasies. Even in the old times when there was a variety of ‘magical’ things, they were based on a certain scientific theory rather than fantasies.

Because the creator has not really carried out the relevant experiments, most of the propositions were close to ‘experimental guesses’ which were close to fantasy-based novels.

Thus, submission of a rigorous and qualified experimental speculation was not an easy task.

However, Dudian was still very excited. It may be difficult for another, but for him it was simple. As long as he copies few things from the contents of the super-chip would be more than enough for him. After all, there are lots of genuine scientific and technological formulas stored in it.

However, the premise that he had to overcome the problem of electricity.

Dudian and Mouse checked out other booths for a long time. Later on, Mouse noted that it was getting late and there was not much which could help them out with their experiments. So they left the dark underground market.

The sun in the sky had faded. Gray radiation clouds were covering the moon. So the curfew time would approach.

Dudian and Mouse parted ways, each going towards their house.

In the blink of an eye, another three days went by.

Using his own alchemy station in the lab, Dudian began to study the production of yellow phosphorus matches. After three days of consecutive experiments, he had a big harvest. He had mastered the initial manufacturing method. In fact, producing a match was nothing difficult. It was the same as gunpowder. The formula was very simple. But the birth of early powder was obtained by the alchemists of the old times through an accident. Before that, no one would have expected that mixing few kinds of materials together would explode.

Many great inventions were often found after a coincidence.

It was the day Dudian had to report to hunter headquarters.

Jura and Gray had not yet dismissed their work in the residential district so they were still staying in there. They didn’t follow Dudian to the commercial district as they were not anxious to move. After all, they had grown up here and there were many acquaintances that they had to say farewell to before moving out.

Da da da!

Dudian took the consortium’s carriage to a remote suburb of the commercial district.

Several silent castles quietly stood here, surrounded by the mountains. The carriage stopped in front of one of the castles.

Dudian checked the dark environment. He didn’t think that hunter headquarters would be in such a gloomy place. However, it was a good fit with the life of hunters who had to go through some rough stuff outside the giant wall.

“Please.” Said the coachman respectfully while jumping out of the carriage.

Dudian followed behind him.

Both of them walked by the hillside into the castle. The castle’s door was opened as they reached it. A youth in a black suit came out smiling at Dudian: “Are you the recruit from the reports, Dean?”


“Come with me.” The youth turned and walked into the castle. Dudian followed him and the castle door slowly closed.

They walked along the gravel path and reached the castle’s lobby. It was dimly lit. A huge painting of a woman hung on the wall. Dudian’s had seen the same woman’s picture alongside with a man in Dayton’s office in the scavenger’s headquarters. He was surprised and curious at the same time but didn’t ask about the identity of the woman.

“You have been already registered. So from the moment, you join us today you have to fulfil your duties as the hunter of the Mellon consortium. Do you know that the highest goal is to safeguard the interests of the consortium?” The youth said to Dudian.

“I know,” said Dudian and glanced at his shoulder. However, he didn’t see the medal, which identified him as the official hunter.

Youth noticed Dudian’s eyes so he said: “I’m an associate trainee. By the way, even if you have magic marks, you are still considered as a hunter in training. Even if the other trainee hunters aren’t as strong as you are, you will still be trained by the consortium.”

“Trained by the consortium? ” Dudian was puzzled. “Not in the hunter school? ”

The youth smiled: “I had long heard about you. The consortium was going to arrange for your training in the hunter school, but you have magic marks now. So your physical strength is better than other people. However, there is unified training in the hunter school and they can not give you a double standard alone. That’s why you will be directly trained by the consortium instead of entering the hunter school.”

“But you shouldn’t be worried as the consortium’s training content was basically copied from the hunter school. It’s roughly the same and you should have thought about and chosen your path by now. So you only need to have a special training.”

“Of course, you may study the abilities of the other positions to have a better understanding of the hunting process.”

Dudian saw that there was nothing that he could do since the top have set the program for him so he could only follow the orders.

“What career did you choose?”


“Remote position. The consortium is indeed lacking archers, but there are not many people who are talented with bows and arrows. I hope you have good talent in this area otherwise, it would be difficult to get to the peak.” Youth informed Dudian.

Dudian’s heart beats accelerated as he heard the youth talk. He remembered his earlier shooting experience which was not fruitful at all.

“First, we are going to test all aspects of your talents.” The youth smiled and said: “We should go to the training ground.” He pushed open the door to a hall. There was a wide space behind the door. All kinds of training props, such as arrows, wood, shaking horses and a cage with the sharp swords were inside. Dudian sweated a bit at the sight.

“Since you want to be an archer, first we are going to see how good is your shooting talent.” The youth went towards the arrow target and waved over by motioning to Dudian to move over.

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    1. Agreed, but I don’t think he is suited as a teamplayer. Scout requires him to be some kind of utility support and requires a lot of interaction with the team. It doesn’t match his goals and he has too many secrets to hide. Also with just his smelling power he can already be considered half a scout so why not use that power mostly for himself and use it to support his archery. He is definitely suited for the solo route.

  1. Do you know Roland from.Release that witch?

    Guy is an Engineer from previous life. Made a city in just months, solved all the scientific problem.

    Dudian, got a 160 IQ and doesn’t evem electricity works. Dang!

    1. what does iq have anything to do with knowledge? smart doesnt mean u can just make something u dont know or barely know, the ones invented these things spent countless hours to discover and know about these inventions

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