DK – Ch 94

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The Dark King – Chapter 94

Alloy experiments

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the 94th chapter!


Barton saw that Dudian hadn’t mentioned the money so he was relieved as he said: “These last three days we searched everywhere but haven’t found the right place yet. Today it is Kroen who is searching but he hasn’t come back yet.”

Dudian nodded. It was good to see that they haven’t tried to run away with the money. Actually, deep down he wanted to test them by giving them the gold coins. After all, if he supplied them with lots of money the poor won’t hesitate to rob or kill. However, Barton and others didn’t run away but have decided on to follow Dudian for the rest of their lives.

Dudian was very satisfied with the result.

“Kroen has been away for a long time. He wouldn’t have encountered any trouble, right?” Barry was worried as he checked the time.

Barton looked at his slightly changed face and replied: “No, nothing would happen. He is very smart.”

Joseph nodded: “Maybe he had already found a place. ”

Dudian looked at the surrounding environment and said: “You can find a better place to stay. Don’t worry about the money, as I will earn more in the future.”

“Great,” Barton laughed. “At least it is a lot better than the mine where I was living. At least I can see the sun. Moreover, the attitudes of the poor who live here are not so bad. ”

Dudian didn’t say anything as he saw their stance. Although Barton and the others were orphans the orphanage taught them some basic knowledge. Especially how to protect themselves in the society.

Even though they had physical disabilities, their minds were extremely sensitive. Not a bit inferior to those who are physically fit, even smarter and more cautious than ordinary people.

Dudian and the rest chatted in the small shack. It didn’t take long before Kroen came back from the outside while carrying three wrapped things in oil paper. He spoke as he entered: “I brought back some rice. Are you guys hungry?” He was surprised when he saw Dudian inside.

Barton said, “Did you find an abandoned factory or any other suitable place?”

Kroen put down the things and shook his head: ìI couldn’t find the right place. There were several factories for rent but not in remote areas. And the prices were a little high.î

Barton and the rest were a little disappointed as they looked at Dudian.

Dudian waved: “Don’t be so anxious. You guys eat first. You will find a place at some point. The most important thing is for it to be in a secluded area so that we can conceal some things from the surrounding environment.” He didn’t intend the place to be found right from the start. Nevertheless, the slums were very vast and it was very difficult to find the right place. Moreover, Barton and the rest were new to this world so it was mainly meant as an exercise for them.

Although, they heard Dudian’s words they still apologized for their incompetence.

Dudian accompanied them for a chat as he saw it was getting late, he left. He took a carriage and returned to the neighborhood where the secret alchemy lab was.

Nightingale saw Dudian enter the lab but didn’t say anything and continued with her experiment.

Dudian glanced at gold powder on the table and casually asked her: “Do you intend to directly produce a ‘Philosopher’s Stone’?”

Nightingale saw that Dudian was able to note down the aim of her research so she didn’t deliberately conceal anything. She shook her head: “How could I? it is our ultimate goal to make a ‘Philosopher’s Stone’. Even five-star alchemists can’t make it, how can I? I’m just researching the compatibility of gold. I want to see if we can use gold and mix it with other metals to produce more precious metals.î”

“Alloy?” Dudian surprised a moment.

Nightingale was a little surprised, “Alloy? It’s a good name. I will call my experiment alloy research, uh, do you mind? ”

Dudian coughed: “There is nothing to mind. Where are you going with this experiment. Do you want to get an official alchemist badge?”

“Well, if I get the results that I hoped for, then I should be able to get it,” the Nightingale nodded her head forcefully.

Dudian knew that the most famous alloy material of the old era was the aluminum alloy. But there was no gold in the aluminum alloy. Gold was too scarce. In addition, there will be other metal elements synthesized in gold jewelry because of its scarceness. Moreover, the aluminum alloy was used in many heavy industry products.

“However to create aluminum alloy first you need to do metal electrolysis. For that, you need to have electricity first.” Dudian was frustrated as he could see the limitations of the tools that were used.

Nightingale saw Dudian being silent: “What is the direction of your experiment?î

“Mine?” Dudian thought, said: “I am studying ‘electricity.’ ”

Nightingale was surprised as she looked at his eyes: “Aren’t you going to make some basic experiment to get more experience, before going with stuff like that?”

Dudian saw that she tried to persuade him as she was worried that his ambitions would be too high. In fact, this was a common problem for most of the alchemists. Some beginners directly wanted to create the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ and get the ultimate alchemy treasure. However, it was a completely whimsical wish.

However, he was not ignorant and fearless. All the things that he wanted to create need the support of electricity. So the supply of ‘electricity’ was the first problem that had to be solved.

Moreover, the post-modern world has proved that without electricity the whole human society will go through paralysis. The existence of electricity brought humanity from the ancient age to the industrial age. It was a significant factor for the human race to improve and develop.

Dudian shook his head and said that he would adhere to his own experiments.

Nightingale saw his persistence, therefore, avoided talking more on the topic. As it wasn’t good to interfere with others experiments.

At this time, Mouse, who came out and saw Dudian and Nightingale said: ìWhat are you guys talking about?î

“The experiment,” Nightingale said casually.

Mouse did not ask about details but looked at Dudian: “Are you ready? I’ll take you to the market? Did you get enough money when you went back home earlier?î

“It should be enough,” replied Dudian.

Mouse nodded: “We should meet at 23 West street. Do you know the place? If you don’t then find someone and ask!î

“OK,” Dudian nodded.

Both of them left the lab.

He didn’t know the place so he hired a carriage to take him directly to West street. Because of the length of the journey, he paid a few coins extra as payment.

West Street was a more remote place. There were no shops on the street. There were only residential houses. It was a bleak street with a cold wind blowing past once in a while.

Dudian’s head was half-covered with a robe as he got off the carriage. He paid the fare and immediately wore the mask. He went to the front of the small building which had number ’23′ hanging outside of it. The house was covered in leaves and it gave a feeling that no one has lived in this house for ages.

However, he could smell that there were three or four humans inside.

Suddenly, one of the odors disappeared.

Dudian was startled. It was like the owner of the smell disappeared into thin air.

Dudian was puzzled but he didn’t take the initiative to enter the small building. Instead, he waited in the vicinity adjacent to the door.

Mouse came up wearing a mask. He was astonished as he saw Dudian: “How come you are so early?”

Dudian knew that Mouse had run all the way because of his rough heartbeats and breathing: “I’m sorry that you had to run…”

Mouse waved his hand: “Small things mate. We are companions. Alright, I’ll take you in”. Then he walked to the front door of the house and began to gently tap the door.

Dudian noted that he knocked on the door with a certain frequency. All in all three taps. The first one was light, the second was slow and the third was fast.

Shortly after knocking, the door opened. A person wearing a white mask and black robe looked at them indifferently and said: “Come in.”

Mouse went ahead and Dudian followed.

When both of them were inside, the tall figure spoke: “Please show me your tattoos.”

Mouse lifted robe over the wrist, revealing the black hook tattoo.

Dudian clawed his chest, revealing black cross tattoos. At this time, he suddenly felt that the tattoo which mouse had come with advantages. It was more convenient and easy to verify the identity of someone. Fortunately, if he could get to be an official alchemist, showing the badge would be enough for verification.

The Tall figure looked at their tattoos but didn’t say anything. He turned to the two people inside the building and got a bottle from them. It was filled with orange water: “The first thing is we going to help you eliminate the odor. So the dogs of the Holy Church wouldn’t be aware of your existence inside the place”. Then he drank a bit of the orange water and sprayed it on Dudian and mouse’s head.

Suddenly, Dudian sensed that the odor coming from him and Mouse were fading away.

“Go in.” The Tall figure said while pointing to the second door.

Two people who were standing in front of the door opened it, indicating them to enter.

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  1. Oh Hech, he should get some of that “orange water”. It would in handy later on to hide his odor on hunting missions.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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