DK – Ch 9

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The Dark King – Chapter 9

Hunters and Scavengers


Translator notes: Now, let me remind you guys that I’m still forcing myself to not read future chapters before translating them so I’ve few speculations as of this chapter. I’m going to write the most important that I think I should write about. So let’s begin.


In previous chapter, the teacher told them that the giant wall of Silva was constructed to protect them from outside(it doesn’t matter devils, plague or radiation). So I assume that even though the world inside the giant wall is stuck in pre-industrial era, the giant wall which covers the small world of Silva should be high-tech. Like an invisible dome which covers everything.


P.S: What I like about The Dark King is that it does not have direct story line. In short, you can read first 5 chapters and on 6th one you will still be like “oh my god, I couldn’t have predicted this”


Anyway, less about my ramblings without further ado…





“You eight, come with us.” Young officer looked at little Dudian eyes, said coldly, turned away with the companion and left the classroom.

White-bearded old man saw Dudian and other eight did not move, quickly said: “This is your lucky chance. Other people would love to have that chance.” Hearing his words, a tall child who stood out because of his height, with courageous steps took the lead of the eight and left the classroom.
Dudian walked at the end. He was quietly watching the selected children. Trying to contrast and compare the selected ones with the ones left in the classroom. But soon he came to an understanding that there is no common ground at least from color, appearance or any other external feature to distinguish the selected ones from the rest of the students.
No external feature, then the only option left is inner qualification.

He suddenly thought of pre-school physical examination. It was the most suspicious event.
As he was dazzled in his thoughts, the other children had come to the great playground outside the law school. As they arrived here, Dudian saw a black carriage parked in front of the college. The iron bars and a huge rivet were embedded on the carriage giving it an extra strong look. The horses that were pulling the carriage looked much more magnificent. They were nearly three meters tall and had their bodies covered by helmet and armor. It was as if an amazing beast stood there but not a horse.
It’s was not only Dudian that was surprised. Other children were stunned at sight too.
“Come on, get into the carriage” said the young officer.

All the children hesitated for a moment. The tall child who was going in front of the kids seemingly shouldering the leaders identity asked: ” May I ask, where are we going? ”

Fit officer stared at him coldly and said: “Just get into the carriage!”

At the sharp looks of the officer, the tall childs hairs inverted up and his face turned pale because of fear. He did not dare to ask another question. Carefully avoiding the giant horse, he began to climb up the carriage.

Other children who saw this, silently, followed Locke (the tall child) into the carriage.

The carriage was extremely spacious and more than enough to accommodate the eight children. Dudian sat in the corner. The two children who were sitting next to him had tension on their faces. He quietly looked to the front of the carriage where driver jumped up.


The world was more dangerous than he imagined. Although there was law, it is clear that certain beings are able to ignore the law!

As for human rights.

In the feudal society in which serfs and aristocrats existed, “equality” and “freedom” were never part of human rights. So being delusional enough to believe in rule of law was an outrageous idea.

The carriage galloped away from the College of the Law in an extremely fast speed. The buildings on both sides of the road swiftly retreated out of sight. It was not long before Dudian saw a high wall. The wall was inscribed with a large word. Dudian had learned a lot of words from Jura couple in the past few months. So he knew the exact meaning of the word.
Dudian recognized that this is the residential area leading to the wall of the commercial district. Is this carriage going to take them to the business district?

Other children clearly recognize this point too and then thought of the old white beard teacher. Afterwards the tension in their heart was suddenly replaced by surprise and their faces were full of excited expression.
Every child in the carriage was eager to enter the aristocracy and the rich life of the commercial district.

Dudian was not surprised. To be able to bring out children directly from the law school was an indication that there is a great force behind these people. What was important at this point, is their purpose good or bad for them?
Soon, the carriage flew past the concert hall building where Dudian had traveled previously. See this building, Dudian could not help but think of the little girl’s sharp questioning discourse. Suddenly feel a little funny, although he thought he would sooner or later enter the civilian area of ​​the business district, but did not expect just in a month to come back .

Before long, the black carriage came to stop in front of a castle, the black uniformed officer sitting at the front of the carriage jumped down, opened the door and shouted at the crowd: “Get off.”

All children obediently got off the carriage.

Dudian was the last one, but when he was just going to get off, the man suddenly said: “finished here” he looked back to the front of the driver position: “shake off the whip, drove the carriage away”

Leaving only the original seven children get off, Dudian felt lost.

Dudian face slightly changed. His heart-beat slightly raised. He opened the carriage curtain to look at the figure of seven children until the disappeared out of his sight.

After a carriage turned over a corner, his line of sight was totally blocked. Dudian turned his face to see the officer sitting in the empty carriage. Many thoughts turned up in his mind.



Obviously, he was up to the mercy of the opposite party.

Soon, the carriage stopped in front of a manor. This one was a very vast manor. It was covered by a white lacquer wood fence. An extremely smooth green grass was pruning all over the place. At the moment there were several gardeners who were waterin the lawn.

The door opened and young officer looked Dudian. His cold face turned into a smile: “Little guy, you are quite calm.”

Dudian saw his smile. Dudian was slightly startled and his heart tensed a bit. But he calmed down and directly asked: “Is it because of the radiation values?”

Officer seemed to change to another individual as he previous tone and appearance were nowhere to be seen. Wide smile on his face, he said: “Pretty clever. Yes, its because of the radiation values. They are barely qualified, even through a rough training they could only become “Scavengers”. But you, well, there is a hope for you to join “Hunters”.”

“The scavengers and the hunters?” as Dudian heard these two words, he was a bit perplexed. Dudian asked: “Who are the scavengers?”

“Come over first.” The man reached out to hold Dudian as he got off the carriage. They began to walk towards the manor: “The scavengers are responsible for the giant wall to develop out of the security zone. They are mainly looking for available resources. ”

“Out of the giant wall?” Dudian was surprised as it was no small matter. It turned out to be working outside the giant wall. That white-bearded old man obviously knew this. Even though white-bearded man told them that there is plague and devils outside the giant wall and nobody could survive there.
Although Dudian did not believe in devils, but there is no doubt that the giant wall is extremely dangerous. At least the air radiation is much higher outside the giant wall. Ah, radiation? Suddenly Dudian, as if sobering up from hangover, come to understand. No wonder the radiation value will be used to distinguish between scavengers and hunters, most of the environment outside the giant wall is extremely bad, very high radiation. If the body itself has too high radiation, outside the wall it will be easy to reach saturation. Only the people with low radiation values could survive out there.
Understanding this point, his heart could not help but suck down the cold lump. People behind the so-called medical examination are responsible for the secret assessment of civilians?

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    1. I don’t think they care about how smart, only how low the radiation values. I’m sure there will be a lot of stupid hunter arrogant noble brat.

  1. It’s funny when he talks about equality and freedom when in the current era, equality and freedom are still limited (croynism, tribalism, nepotism, “blood is thicker than water”, and instead of aristocracy, people’s will are controlled by money). The MC and in extension, the author’s view is naive.

  2. I understand that they were looking for children with low radiation values, but they’ve still not adequately explained why. They want children with low-radiation values to go into a radiation-rich environment? Gee, I wonder how long those children will retain those low values? A couple days, maybe a month or two? By then, they’ll probably have higher radiation values than anyone inside the wall of Silva.

    Needless to say, if this is their only explanation, then they have an incredibly stupid idea.

    1. Maybe that’s the point. Something outside needs to be developed/reserached, etc. It’ll take longer for them to “die” from the high radiation levels compared to those with already high radiation levels.

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