DK – Ch 89

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The Dark King – Chapter 89


More to come later on

Dudian took Joseph, Barton and other with him as they left the Chamber of Commerce. They came to nearby tavern. The table was full of dishes, after all every was hungry.

“Di, Dean, this is so much. So much that we can not eat.” Kroen looked at the table full of dishes while he swallowed his saliva.

Dudian smiled and replied: “Eat on. ”

“We will.” Four of the couldn’t stop at gobbling up.

At this time, a waiter wearing a white skirt came over. Clutching her nose she looked at the other before talking to Dudian: “You owe us a total of 68 copper coins for these.”

Dudian frowned and said: “We have not finished yet.”

“Pay the bill and eat as much as you can.” Waiter girl spoke in cold voice.

Dudian was unhappy, but too lazy to care about. He took out a silver coin and put into the tray in her hand: “Three more of these.”

Waiter girl was surprised for a moment as she did not think Dudian would be so generous. She didn’t say anything as she turned back to the kitchen to get the food.

“So expensive.” Barton, who heard the words of the girl, began to eat in embarrassed manner.

Dudian waved: “Money is not a problem, as I don’t lack any. Eat up as much as you want, if not enough we can continue to order more.”

Barton and the others saw that Dudian was really not distressed and care so they were little assured. They continued to wind and sweep to chew.

“Dean, your money is from … …” Barry was about to ask but saw the other guests come in the pub, suddenly shut up. He continued to eat the food in front of him.

After they were finished, Dudian took them out from the tavern and found a small back-alley near its vicinity. There were no people passing by so he was at ease while he talked to them: “What’s plan for the future?”

Barton and Joseph looked at each other. Joseph stammered: “I, I do not know, I think I can go and find a work. I should be able to find something with enough pay for food. ”

“Me too,” Barry said.

Dudian looked at Barton and Kroen as he saw the expression on their faces he nodded and said: “I have redeemed you guys but you are free to do whatever you want. Naturally I won’t force anything upon you. Now, there are three options for you to choose from. First, I can find you jobs such as gardener and housekeeper. You can serve in these positions and help me look after my house. I will not really treat you as servants but on name only.”

“Commercial district house?” Barton and the rest stared on as if they were sheep.

Dudian nodded: “Yes, the second option is that I’ll give a sum of money to each one of you. Do whatever you want as I will not interfere how you spend it. While the last option is to be assistant. ”

“Assistant?” Barton questioned.

Dudian spoke in serious tone: “Yes, but things what I’m going to do are very dangerous. It’s a bit illegal and you may end up losing your life. ”

They were surprised at his words. There was a bit of hesitation as they thought about the options.

Barton kept looking down, and suddenly looked up to Dudian: “I chose the third option to help you do things! Just … … my legs are not good, afraid it won’t be enough to help you.”

Dudian looked at him as he nodded: “I value your abilities that’s why I’m giving you guys the opportunity. Don’t worry about that.”

“I, I will also help you.” Joseph stammered: “Without you, I would soon be sent to the mine to work. I would be dead anyway, so no matter what you want me to do I will listen to your orders!”

Dudian nodded slightly, said: “Let me explain a bit. If you choose to follow me it will be road of no return and there will be dangers. But I didn’t redeem you guys because I wanted to force this upon you. Just know that you don’t owe me anything. I helped you guys, because I wanted to return the care you had given me.”

Joseph looked up at Kroen and Barry, thought, firmly authentic: “I am still willing to follow you. Although it is illegal but I believe that Dean your smart. I don’t want to live the life of poor. I want to stand high. I want a lot of money!”

Hearing his words, Kroen and Barry who were hesitant changed their minds and resolutely said.: “We also want to join!”

Dudian did not think that Joseph had such thoughts. He took out four gold coins from his pocket.: “This is our current start-up capital. However we will have new funds after a period of time. I’m going to give you these four gold coins to you. My request is that you guys find remote place as soon as possible. More away from civilization more better. Afterwards build a secret small factory.”

Barton looked at the four golden coins. His heart rate accelerated a bit. Kroen couldn’t help but said: “Aren’t you afraid that we would take the gold and run away?”

Dudian looked at him and said, “I trust you.”

Kroen eyes reddened.

“At the moment, there aren’t enough money on hand. Over time there will be more than enough. So when we have extra funds you can go to school to study. As for you bodies, I’ll find a way to look for treatment. “Dudian said.

Four of them startled with a bit of hope in their eyes.

“Now, you’d better find good clothing or with your current dresses people will think that you have robbed the gold.” Dudian smiled.

They looked at each other and laughed.

Dudian checked the sky to estimate the time.: “If you want to contact me put up a signal in front of the orphanage and I’ll come over. But remember, you can not expose our identities.”

“We know,” Kroen laughed.

Dudian looked at Barton and said, “I will try to help you recover as soon as possible.”

“I’m not worried,” Barton said with a smile on his face.

After leaving, Dudian hired a carriage and went back to residential district. It took him around an hour to return. Sky was dark by the time he came home.

Dudian came home to see Jura was busy getting the dinner ready.

At dinner they asked Dudian about what he did throughout the day but didn’t go into details. After all, in their view, Dudian was approaching the age of marriage and was also a guard so naturally needed a bit of his own private space.

The next morning, Dudian got up on time and after the breakfast went out.

“The last alchemist base…I hope it hasn’t been replaced…” Dudian thought out about the secret stronghold.

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  1. But oh boy, I wanna see more of ’em (those boys). Can’t believe they’ll part ways here… Although of course I know that they’ll keep in touch with each other… But… *sigh*

    Can’t wait to see ’em again.. =)

  2. I cant wait for Dudian to become an existence labeled as the devil itself. I love this novel so far.

    Thx for the chapter

  3. .TOO risky!
    ───── Foя тнє cнαpтєя
    ────────── from Jack

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