DK – Ch 87

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The Dark King – Chapter 87

Devil’s cradle

There will be more chapters in 5-6 hours:) Enjoy

Dudian nodded slightly as he was aware of the restrictions. But for his present status, lifting of a slave’s house registration was not a problem. Not to mention the Meishan orphanage, his words wouldn’t be taken lightly all over the Mel family businesses: “Let them come out while you go through the procedures. I’ll take all of them away. ”

Aunt Dai spoke in worry: “It would take a lot of money to redeem them. You should know than if more than a silver coin is stolen, people are sent to prison. You can’t be silly, ah!”

“This is my own money.” Dudian knew that he had to explain the source of his money as they were not aware of his status. He took out his guard medal: “I have been selected as a guard, the monthly salary is very high.”

Dai Li stunned, said: “You, you are a guard?

Dudian took the medal, said: “Yes.”

Aunt Dai recovered a bit as she looked at Dudian in surprise: “Good. Good! I’ve taken care of the orphanage in the past few years, you should be one of the most promising kids in here. Well, you remember Lisa, do you? She was adopted the same time as you were. She was adapted by the gardener of the Mel family. But she was clever and was appreciated by the Little Miss of Mel family. She was chosen as her maid. Last year, she came back once and also asked about you. She is good person, so if you have any difficulties later on perhaps you should find her for help!”

Dudian was surprised to find out that the girl who launched a verbal attack on him years ago had been successful in Mel family. She seemed cute and silly but her true nature was hidden deep inside. However, things have been much better for him in the past few years so he didn’t care to much.: “I may.”

Aunt Dai smiled as turned and went into the orphanage. Soon three children came out. It seems they were sleeping earlier as their eyes were gooey and crusty. They were Joseph, Kroen and Barry.

They were amazed when they saw Dudian.

In the last three years all of them had changed. But because of good nutrition Dudian had the greatest change. His body had a strong development and was totally different to his original thin appearance from 3 years ago. Joseph had also changed. He was a head taller in comparison to three years ago. However his face’s lump was more bloated and he was looked very scary.

Kroen had congenital malformations. His arms had only grown to half the size of a normal. Few of his fingers had stayed as baby fingers.

Barry was in good shape. On surface there was no problems. But Dudian knew that he had sarcoma because of the condensation of radiation in his stomach.

Living in the orphanage, their life experiences were stronger than Mason, Zach and Sham. Soon, they recognized Dudian and quickly approached. Joseph stuttered: “Di, Dean… Are you doing well?”

Dudian smiled as he replied: “I’m doing very good. This time I’ve opportunity to take you back with me. By the way, you don’t have to bring your clothes as I’ll be getting new ones for you. As soon as we finish with the registration we gotta go and take Barton. ”

They were stunned as Joseph stuttered more: “You…You mean… Want… To take us away?”

Dudian laughed: “Don’t you believe me? ”

Kroen was the fastest to strain himself.: “Of course we trust you but Dean. Do you have money?”

“I’ve enough to redeem all of you” Dudian looked at their eyes filled with hope and excitement. He knew that they were eager to leave: “I’ll go and pick the household registration documents.”

Three looked at each other and quickly nodded. Then they turned and ran back to the orphanage.

Dudian came to the front yard of the orphanage and immediately saw the chunky woman, who had helped him with the procedure. She was sitting behind the counter, yawning, listless. There was a dark-skinned boy next to her.

The little boy was quite alert. As he saw Dudian, he gently gestured to the chunky woman.

The chunky woman opened her eyes and saw Dudian walking in. She sat up and smiled. “Excuse me, who are you?”

“I’m here to redeem children.” Dudian said in brief.

Chunky women shook her head: “adoption. To adopt you have to… …”

“I now.” Dudian interrupted her. Everyone had to wait till the so-called adoption day. The purpose was to increase the possible monetary benefits from the adoption.

“We have such a rule … …” chunky women quickly explained.

Dudian was too lazy to listen, took out the guard medal and said: “I know that the rules can be bent. So you better proceed immediately…”

Although, he looked like a youth but has long been polished in the training camp. So his talk resembled more of a nobility rather than a normal guards. The woman replied immediately after some hesitation: “I know… Give me the names of children.”

“Joseph, Kroen and Barry.” Dudian reported the names.

Woman was stupefied after hearing the names but still went with the registration. It didn’t take long before the procedures were complete. Each of them cost him two silver coins.


When  the woman saw Dudian taking out a gold coin she realized that he was not someone to be neglected.

At this time, aunt Dai came in and saw Dudian putting away the contract. : “How? Finished?”

Dudian nodded slightly.

“They’ve been waiting for you out there,” aunt Dai laughed. “I hope they remembered the kindness and will pay you back.”

“You are wrong, this is my gratitude.” Dudian replied. He signed the household registration contract and left.

Chunky women looked at the back of Dudian and asked: “Dai sister, who is this man, you seem to know him?”

Dai smiled and said: “Remember three years ago, there was a child called Dean. That’s him!”

Woman’s eyes went wide: “That’s why he was a little familiar. He actually had become a guard?!”

Dudian saw Joseph and the others standing in front of the orphanage looking uneasy. They seemed to be worried about the case if Dudian bulged out. He gave them the contracts: “We should go now. This is your own household registration.”

Their bodies slightly trembled as they saw the genuine contracts in their hands. Joseph’s eyes reddened and tears flowed out.: “Dean.. I… I….”

Dudian looked at their appearance filled with gratitude. He was embarrassed as he said: “Oh come on… Stop being so polite… Let’s go Barton still waiting for us.”

“Dean, this, I really want to thank you!” Kroen spoke heavily.

“Well, otherwise, we will have to… like Barton … …” Barry tightly clenched his fists.

Dudian smiled, said: “Do not be so nauseating. Let’s go.”

They no longer said anything as they saw Dudian’s expression. Before leaving all four of them looked deeply back at the orphanage. They also saw aunt Dai and the chunky woman by its door. They didn’t know but their lives will be completely different after this!

Similarly, no one knew but in the annals of later generations… All historian’s will depict the name of this four man crew in scarlet red – ‘Devil’s Cradle’

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    1. well , you should’ve atleast expect that right?
      i mean we can see from the novel title “The Dark King”, what’s a dark king without a devil subordinate?

      i think it sounds cool, knowing that they’re not indisposable human for dean rite??

      thanks for the chapter

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  3. Thanks for going through the effort of translating this novel, it is much appreciated.

    Please keep up the good work!

  4. BUT but but, Historians are always on the winning side, that means in the future the MC would lose to the empire?

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