DK – Ch 84

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The Dark King – Chapter 84

Area no 3

Elhessan has joined our team to translate Conquer God, Asura, and 1000 Beauties… The latest chapter is up in our website. CGA – Chapter 74

Close to the outer boundaries of the Commercial district. Marlin street.

Mel family was influential in this part of the commercial district. Moreover majority of the hunters under the control of Mellon consortium had their housing assigned in this part too. Their estates were concentrated here mainly due to its proximity to the giant wall of Silva. It would be more time consuming to depart from here in case a beast was detected.

At the moment, in a small european-style building in Marlin street.

Linda was sitting in the living room on the third floor. Her face was gloomy. In addition to her, Gale and the other youth were present in the room too. Moreover there was another girl with dark complexion who also sat by their side. They have been through many missions together and part of the same team for a long time. Because of long-time companionship they had profound knowledge of each other. They had got the ‘message’, even though Linda was silent for some time.

“Boss, that kid is really a scavenger? ” The other youth spoke in dubious tone: “It is too bold for a scavenger to have the courage to burn the beast. I would be scared half-dead if I had seen that beast and I have been training for a long time now.”

“It’s because you are mediocre.” Linda looked up at him coldly, said: “This little bastard graduated at the top from the scavenger school. First in all three assessments. Even though he knowledge is restricted to those petty scavenger trick but climbing to the top in any area is not a small feat.”

Gale deeply nodded in agreement and said: “I heard that this little guy also threatened you. Kinda he will revenge you?”

“Well, he will get revenge on the captain?” Tanned girl frowned and then sneered: ” Ignorance is bliss! It does mean that he can stand on equal footing with the caption just because he became a hunter. Nevertheless, he is a lucky and daring little daredevil. In my opinion, we should get rid of him as soon as possible. If boss thinks that we shouldn’t be involved directly in this matter then we can just hire an assassin and finish him off!”

Linda slowly shook her head and spoke in a cold tone: “There are more than one way to kill him. Alive he has value in consortium’s eyes but dead he is worthless. If I kill him, at most I will face some punishment or they will let me perform a number of missions. But it is not worth it. He is not worthy to sacrifice myself!”
Gale nodded: “Yes, even if we secretly assassinated him now, the consortium will know. Although there would be no evidence, but this would be direct violation of the consortium’s rules. The top will be unhappy and we will be gradually suppressed. ”

“Yes!” Linda nodded.

Tanned girl seemed to understand their thoughts. So she continued: “That being the case, temporarily we won’t kill him but make his life bitter. It should be ok. We can influence the headquarters not provide him a house in the commercial district. Force him a bit into corner and see how he reacts. In addition, the hunters in the consortium will give you face. As long as you hint out, he will have very uncomfortable time after he will come to headquarters for registration.”

Linda spoke indifferently: “These minor things makes no sense. With such a small means we will arouse his suspicions. This time, we have to wait for the little devil to get to the other side of the wall… I’ll kill him there!”

Gale nodded: “There is no law outside the giant wall so there are no constraints. Dead will die! But this little daredevil just joined the hunter headquarters. He is going to receive vocational training and it may take a few months. Maybe a year or two. We may have to wait for a long time.”

“Don’t worry about that. If I’m not wrong he is going to choose ‘archer’ as his occupation. Because that job and the magic marks that he had inherited from the juranzhi beast are simply a perfect match. His ability is going to be a super smell. Once he makes the choice, I’ll give him an ugly and miserable death! ”

“Oh?” The trio looked at her curiously.

“In case of an emergence even the trainee hunter like him would be sent out of the wall!” Linda coldly looked at Gale: “You know that the number of hunters in the consortium is scarce. So lets say, Gale you have been injured and the other hunters are on task. There will be a need for a hunter. What would consortium do?”

Their eyes lit up as they heard Linda speak.

“Haha, the boss is clever as always.” The other youth laughed.

Dark skinned girl exclaimed: “Indeed captain is smart. This way if the consortium intends to send him over to another team, as long as we talk to them the daredevil will be hindered. We are going to meet him outside the wall in any case!”

“Yes,” Gale nodded.

Linda spoke: “This thing shall not be mentioned anywhere. We convened today because of our next task. We are going to area no 3. Have a good look. ”

“area no 3?” The other three were surprised.

“Its been known for a long time that the level of monsters in the area no 3 are level 10 or more. I have heard that there have been level 20 monsters sighted there. Of course, if the captain takes the lead we won’t encounter such a beast. But we can kill a number of level 10 beasts and make a fortune! “The tanned girl smiled.

The other youth’s eyes shone as he said: “I heard that on area no 3 a giant infected deer has been detected. It’s body is full with fat, but its skin… Its more expensive than gold!”

Gale slightly frowned, said: “Wealth and risk are symmetrical. There have been a lot of teams who have fallen in area no 3. We can’t follow in their footsteps. ”

Linda nodded: “Yes, but our goal is to find infected beasts anyway. In the area no 3 there should be a great chance to encounter a rare infected beast. If we could hunt it down, then you guys can make your magic marks evolve again! ”

Hearing this, their eyes brightened.

Dudian closed the brochure.

The second chapter is about the details of the other privileges of the hunter. The main thing was the details of the occupation which he simple looked at. The carriage had already left the boundary wall of the commercial area and was already in the residential area.

Soon, the carriage stopped in the Lin Kang street.

Dudian got off and took his luggage. As it was consortium’s carriage he didn’t need to pay the fare. He looked at the familiar white colored fence. He had missed the place. He stepped forward and knocked the door.

“Who?” Jura’s voice resounded from behind the door. She opened and saw Dudian: “You came back fast.”

Dudian nodded and entered the house.

It was dusk so Gray also had come from the work in the factory. He had no time in the morning to read the newspaper so he was skimming through it now. As he heard Jura talking he put down the newspaper and rushed over.

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  1. Hey there! Thank you for your work! Would it be possible to help me understand this line? “Kinda he will revenge you?” Normally, my brain will automatically make the sentences sound correct while reading, but this one has me confused.

  2. “Kinda he will revenge you?”
    What the… come on man! Even with bad english skills that doesn’t make sense! ><
    "Linda, will he take revenge?" I can only guess that's what it meant… didn't bother me at the start but the more I read the more disgruntled I get…

  3. So the no wit hack who writes this decided to go from a decent story to cliched garbage with this contrived BS about a sister obsessed with killing some random person because they killed the beast who killed her brother. The world was enough of an antagonist. This forced pile wasn’t needed. Way to sink into mediocrity.

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