DK – Ch 83

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The Dark King – Chapter 83

Four major occupations

“You have seven days to adjust and rest.” Bud smiled and said: “Seven days later you have to go and report to the headquarters. Although you have magic marks but you lack too much in other areas. Hunters have different positions. Specifics about each occupation is written inside. Consider on your own in those seven days what do you want to be.”

Dudian thought about the word ‘bloody swordsman’ said by Bud earlier on. His heart moved as he nodded said: “I know.”

“In addition, I suggest you better live in the commercial district. The hunters are sometimes called out in emergency situations so its efficient to get them when we know where they are. For example if we detect the presence of a jiranzhi then we immediately need to dispatch hunters to prevent it from running away. So most of the time hunters are usually in the commercial district on standby.”

Dudian nodded as he understood what Bud meant.

Moreover the radiation content in the commercial district is better than the residential district. Nevertheless, he would have to take Jura couple with him to live in the commercial district in a sense to return their adoption grace.

“If there is no other thing then I’ll go first.” Bud smiled.

Dudian greeted him and watched him leave the hall. He looked at the brochures and medals in his hand. It seems he would get his hunter armor after seven days when he would report to hunter headquarters. It was not urgent anyway.

Peter and the other old man closed the gap between themselves and Dudian. They closely looked at the genuine Hunter Medal in Dudian’s hands. However, they still couldn’t believe that he had been appointed as a hunter.

Nevertheless, both of them have been working in scavenger headquarters for a long time and their eyes were extremely sharp. Through the previous conversation between Bud and Dudian, performance of Linda, combined with the news that they had, more or less they have guessed the reasons of the matter.

“Dean,” Peter smiled in an unnatural way, “I did not expect you to be a hunter, congratulations!”

“Congratulations!” Lean old man also complimented.

Dudian smiled: “It’s because you have cultivated me well. I will not forget the care that both of you had shown to me. ”

“It’s nothing.” Peter waved his hand quickly, said: ” Its because of your own efforts that you have accomplished the position. I thought it would take few years for you to have an opportunity to become a hunter. I didn’t expect it to be so fast.”

“Indeed the seed of the camp. Powerful and smart!” Lean old man’s voice echoed out.

Dudian observed the unnatural actions displayed by both of them. The change in his identity had influenced the others communication style with him way too much. However he knew that it was not good to act impolite towards others because of his status.


These people have been in this business most of their lives. Dudian understood the terrible influence of the system upon the individuals.

He secretly sighed in his heart. He saw the brutality outside the wall. It was also very difficult to integrate into the consortium. It was the sole reason why previously he didn’t want to bow his head in front of the scarlet armor wearing woman. Instead he released all the anger inside of him and spoke out. First, he knew that bowing is useless. Second, he knew that he didn’t want to!


Moreover, he has seen the fragility of life and won’t tolerate other people bullying him. Perhaps, the woman hunter’s character and hostility were same as her brother’s which made him to stand on his own.

“I have something to do first.” Dudian said to Peter and the old man: “I’ll come back to see you guys when I have free time. And, I have three good friends who are scavengers. I would like to trouble you by taking care of them.”

“Give their names to me” Peter grinned.

Dudian nodded slightly and waited for them to take the leave first before going out of the hall.

The others in the hall were envious and jealous. They knew that Dudian would live in a world which they could never ever reach to.

“I should get back home.”

Dudian called to a carriage which was docked near the headquarters and went back to the residential district.

On the way back, as he sat in the carriage he read the thin booklet that was given to him. Information was divided into several chapters. The first chapter was about the purpose and responsibilities of the hunters, which Dudian naturally know. In simple terms, the only role that they had was to hunt monsters outside the wall.

The second chapter was all about the types of hunters. The occupations and details about their roles.

The four occupations were respectively: Knight, Warrior, Scout and Archer. All four positions were responsible for different jobs and hunters were focused more on team action. When it came to hunting monster, whether it was efficiency or safety was maximized.

“Knights and warriors are responsible for attracting and attacking monsters from the front. Scouts were responsible of detecting and gathering information about the surrounding environment. Archers were responsible for long-range attacks and support.”

“Its like modern warfare. There is infantry who is responsible for the direct confrontation on the ground. And there are supportive forces such as surprise air attacks or artillery like long-range strikes. It didn’t matter whether it was a large-scale combat or a small group operation, there were three aspects that had to be followed. They were intelligence gathering, direct confrontation and long-range support.”

“These were basic occupations that had to be chosen by the newly appointed hunters. However as they gather more experience and become proficient in the occupation they will have to pass an advanced examination. Likewise they will step up and become intermediate level silver hunters. While at it they will be able to re-select a different expertise!”

Knights advanced to shielded knights, animal knights, etc. The swordsmen also had shielded swordsman and combat swordsman. Previous woman was referred to as ‘bloody swordsman’ because after advancing she had combined her ability with the title. In fact, she should belong to combat swordsman category”

Dudian knew that the hunter whom he had killed earlier belong to archer category. He most probably was responsible for tracking the enemy and long-range attacks.

In the long run, there had been a systematic distribution while developing the hunter teams. So that interests and efficiency could be maxxed up. After all, individuals energy is limited, if everyone in the team specialized in the same category then they wouldn’t be effective in fights against a group of stronger monsters.

“Bud let me to consider so I’ve to decide on a position in advance.” Dudian thought, “Knight and warriors are goot at close combat but the number of monsters outside the giant wall stronger than a hunter is just way too much. If they are caught in a disadvantage they have to rely on remote hunter’s cooperation to overcome the problem. Scouts are mainly focused on traps and assassinations. They would be the weakest link in the group.”

“I have already created bombs which are my secret weapons. However, as I am not strong enough I can’t reveal bombs in front of the others. So the best for me is to choose a position which shall grant me individual space where I won’t be in contact with the rest of the team as much as possible. ”

“Only scouts and archers satisfy the main condition. They are more independent in comparison to the other hunters. As long as I can you the environment to my advantage I can kill any monster on my own. Just like the previous hunter who tried to use us, scavengers as a bait to lure the monster and finish it.”

Thinking through the details, Dudian made up his mind that he was going to be an archer.

Moreover, he could come up with and develop new ideas and tactics to be used in hunting, using the knowledge of the gunpowder. If he could add lead powder to the top of the arrow, wouldn’t it be several times more lethal?

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    Ooooh. He is taking the same position as her brother. I am sure she is gonna take it personally and get even angrier.

  2. hahaha great writing. so the MC of the dark knight chooses Archer for an occupation. that came as a surprise. Am really looking forward to how he wants to explain how he got into possession of the bow, when the previos owner as an archer been eaten by a monster. haha love this novel __________________@y________________ MadSnail rocks!

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