DK – Ch 82

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The Dark King – Chapter 82


The chapter where Dudian runs up the building to avoid the beast… If you guys remember when he was on 4th floor, Dudian says that the beast have detected the hunter’s body. That’s when the beast eats Brian…

In chapter, where Gale, Linda and the other youth find the corpse of the beast… She cuts its body and finds bones and metals… Those were what was left of Brian…

Last chapter, as Linda leaves the room in Hunter HQ, the man writes down an order… This chapter basically is the result of that order.

Enjoy! BTW, We appreciate each and every comment! Even if it is a single ‘Thank you’ which is very dear to us.


A voice echoed out.

Suddenly a burly figure appeared between the scarlet armored woman and Dudian. His hand instantly touched woman’s thigh to stop her using a kick to Dudian. As his hand blocked the attacked, the burly figures face slightly changed because of the power of attack. He made two steps backwards as he resisted the momentum.

The woman also fell to the ground as she was repelled by the man. She coldly looked at the burly figure blocking her sight: “Bud! Don’t stop me!”

Bud slightly frowned and said: “You should stop, Linda. Dean is the new hunter of our consortium. I’m here on behalf of the Hunter headquarters to appoint him and give him his medal.”

Woman’s eyes widened in shock because of Bud’s words.

Peter and the old man besides him were stunned at the news.

Dudian looked at the burly man. If it was not for him the only way for him was to avoid the strike and run outside to the street in order to escape the crazy woman.

“New hunter?” Woman thought of something as her face darkened. Her dark brown eyes completely turned into dark red. Dark red blood vessels which looked like veins on her arms began to twitch as she ferociously said: “So he is the one who picked up!”

“I know you are sad because of your brother death. But I hope you do not make a mistake by attacking the hunter who belongs to the same consortium as us. I hope you are aware how serious the consequences would be. Don’t destroy your future!”

Woman seemed not care about Bud’s words instead stared at Dudian.: “You were there when the monster ate my brother? Why it didn’t eat you? Why?! You are a scavenger! What qualifications do you have to possess magic marks?”

Dudian looked at her indifferently but did not speak.

Woman stared at Dudian but after a moment killing intent had disappeared from her face. The blood vessels that had appeared on her arms gradually hid under her skin. She licked her lips and said: “Little thing. You said you will retaliate with hundred times more? Right?”

Bud who saw the change in Linda was relieved. If she recklessly rushed to attack Dudian he may not be able to block. He turned to Dudian and said: “You are called Dean, aren’t you? Apologize to Linda and everything will stay behind. Moreover, you are potential companions in future tasks. Why should we be more friendly and pleasant towards each other?”

Dudian frowned. Intuition told him that this woman will not stop at anything. She just temporarily held back her intention to kill because of taking into the account the consequences of killing a fellow hunter. Even if he apologized nothing will change. Most importantly, why did he have to apologize?

Just because you brother died, do you think you can go around an freely vent your anger on others?

Even if its about revenge. Your brother was the one who took the iniative to harm us. Would we be allowed to fight back?

“I don’t care about apology. However you are welcome to come to retaliate me at any time! ” Woman spoke in a feminine tone as if she was not the rogue from minutes ago.

Dudian face was cold as he spoke indifferently: “I didn’t know that the hunter who was eaten by the beast was your brother. No wonder you are so angry. I can understand that. After all, his death was not just ugly but also miserable!”

Linda’s eyes suddenly turned cold. Her fingers clenched into a fist as the sounds of bones creaking echoed out. Eventually she released her fist and head back to leave the hall. She quickly disappeared from sight as she went into the crowd.

Bud wryly smiled as he looked back at Dudian: “Little brother, you can really talk.”

“I’m far to weak in comparison to her. She wants to talk with her hands while I can only use my mouth.” Dudian was calm as he replied to Bud.

Bud sighed: “You shouldn’t blame her. Her parents died young, so they had only each other. After she got to know that her brother died, its normal for her to have mood disorders.”

Dudian looked at him strangely and said: “There are lots of orphans who have lost their relatives. Do they have to go and freely vent their anger on innocent people? Her brother was eaten by the beast and she doesn’t want to went her anger on the beasts but instead finds weak scavengers to harm. Isn’t life of the scavenger a life? Can she go around insulting everyone in here just because scavenger’s identity is not as high as her? Moreover after being insulted, we should also sympathize with her because of her loss?”

Bud could not help but be speechless.

Bud slightly shook his head as he didn’t want to continue to talk about this issue. There was a trace of smile on his face as he said: “Speaking of which, you are not scavenger anymore. It was requested by the headquarters for me to give your contract and medals.”

Dudian nodded slightly. He also no longer said anything about the issue but in his heart he had already taken note of the woman. It will not end. She is bound by the rules of the consortium so she may not directly harm him. But secretly she could. Maybe she could find someone else to do it instead of her. He didn’t like to wait for others to take the initiative to harm himself, so he was going to retaliate at the first possible chance.

“This is the hunter contract. After you sign it you will be an official hunter of the consortium.” Bud took out a document from the bag and handed it to Dudian.

Dudian temporarily put away the plan in his mind. He carefully read through the hunter contract, it was roughly same with the scavenger contract. The only thing that has changed is the welfare and the implementation of the tasks.

Hunters are free to reside in the commercial district. Moreover they will be provide a real estate and license for it for free.

However, according to the contract they don’t have the right to inherit the real estate license. The house will return to consortium’s possession if the hunter was killed on mission.

In addition, each month he will receive ten ‘blessings’! He was a seed from the training camp but he could only get a ‘blessing’ once a month. But this treatment was ten times better. It was surprisingly high.

Hunters can enjoy a discount of 30% in all industries under the consortium. It was the equivalent of VIP-class privileges.

The industries where Mellon consortium was involved ranged from coal mines, real estates, hotels, slaves, transport, chain stores to many others. So this discount was not a small benefit.

Dudian read through the article. After the welfare part, he check other restrictive terms and determined that there was not much that could restrain his plans. Moreover, unless his signed nothing will be official.

“This is your hunter medal.” Bud handed Dudian a bronze medal with a falcon engraved on it.

Dudian took a look and asked: “She had a silver medal. What was its significance?”

Bud smiled and said: “It seems you are quite careful. She recently became an intermediate level hunter as she reached bloody swordsman level. We commonly refer to them as ‘silver hunters’. In the execution of the missions the caption of the team has to be at least a silver ranked hunter.”

Dudian slightly frowned. If he was assigned together with this woman in the next task, it is going to be very dangerous.

“This is the hunter’s manual, you should check it later on. It has everything related to hunters but remember not to show it to non-hunter personnel. In addition if your medal is lost be sure to find headquarters to apply for the replacement.” Bud handed out a small book.

Dudian reached over and nodded, “I know.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Author really doesn’t want Dudian to have an easy path to strength, huh?

    Dropped monsters on him in his first trip.
    Encountered a hunter who basically gave him a choice between death by monster or by him.
    Then that hunter’s sister is just as bad.

    Anyone wanna bet she’s gonna be his captain at some point?

  2. I like the way things turned out. Dudian has some guts for saying such words to that crazy woman. In my heart i gave ” Thumbs up ” to dudian after that.

    Thanks for chapter.

  3. Oh well, this story has to always be the hard way. I wonder if she can hire, or bribe, another consortium to get Dudian killed.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  4. I’d like to comment in every chapter but am kinda introvert person. After typing I’d see whether its proper or not and keep checking and hence i avoid commenting.
    Thanks for the chapter

  5. The author mustve had a deep subconcious hatred towards woman.
    All the woman in this novels are gold diggers, backstabing, unreasonable bitch.! Lol.

    1. I don’t think you and I are reading the same story.

  6. Heed my call one and only mighty dean is on your path become freind and benefit or be enemy and die this only choice for you.

  7. Chance of Dying if fight breakout :
    Side character | Scarlet woman (100%)
    Main character | Dean (0%)

    not even a comparison…, obviously we all know main character won’t die, maybe he’ll suffer a bit, and that’s it, even then his suffering will result in powerup.

    the thing is, if this is Any other CN novel, the girls would either get raped by mc by some sort of situation that limit her power or she’s getting saved by mc and proceed to love the mc..

    this tho.., it’s hard to say
    and this is why i like the novel

    Thanks for the chapter!




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