DK – Ch 80

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The Dark King Chapter 80


“This is confidential.” Dayton faintly smiled: “However, as the one with the qualifications of a hunter I can disclose to you a thing or two. The raw materials for the “God’s blessing” are taken from these crystals for enhancement of the physical strength. The human who is infected would have his/her soul crystallized because of the resentment. As a result a degenerate undead or monster is made up.”
Dudian was confused a bit.

He remembered that after he was branded with the magic marks while he was in coma he was able to absorb the soul crystal and it didn’t hurt.

Was the magic mark the real reason?

“Even hunters can not use them directly?” Asked Dudian.

Dayton shook his head, “can not.”

Dudian was shocked as his heart beat rapidly increased. Hunter’s can’t use the soul crystals? But he can, ah! At least, he absorbed the melting dark blue ball. He hasn’t felt any strangeness in his body. If there was it would have to show itself during the ‘cleaning’ days. Both of the doctors should have detected the signs of infection as they must be experienced.

Magic marks!

Hunter’s magic marks are different, so they have different abilities. An idea popped up in Dudian’s mind: “ I thought that my magic marks real ability was super smell!? But it seems… it is to digest the cold crystals!”

Or, is digestion of cold crystals is only one of the characteristics?

He was excited because if his speculation was true then he could secretly absorb the power from cold crystals. Although a cold crystal is equal to a gold coin which is 10,000 copper coins but power was power.

“You can go to the Ministry of Finance and receive your seven gold coins after you produce your identity card. As for the other materials, after they are inspected and identified in the “Temple of Elements”, you will get your share. It will usually take about half about a month at least, maybe even a month! “Dayton smiled.

Dudian asked in curiosity, “Temple of Elements?”

Dayton smiled but did not elaborate: “People from the headquarters should be coming soon. You go and wait outside.”

Dudian saw that he did not say much, but also the didn’t force for it. He got up and said: “Thank you, Mr. Dayton, then I will leave.”


After Dudian left the room, Dayton looked at the middle-aged butler next to him and asked with a light laugh: “What do you think?

“Very smart, great potential for a little guy,” the middle-aged housekeeper said respectfully.

Dayton slightly nodded, sighed, said: “Yes. ah, unfortunately … … after all, he doesn’t have a ‘light physique’. His life is limited and the price of ‘that’ thing is too expensive. Unless the top hunter, he won’t have enough capital to buy a little.”

“Unfortunately,” middle-aged housekeeper nodded.

Dayton gently tapped the pen in his hand on the desktop and spoke out: ” The hunter who died in area no 8. This little guy must know the truth. But he didn’t say anything and we can not torture the truth out of him. Even the hunter’s headquarters would not be reluctant to use torture. After all, there has been a loss of hunter and there is a rare new replacement. Moreover it has magic marks from a rare level 9 juranzhi. They should leave him alone ”

Middle-aged housekeeper nodded slightly, said: “The kid said that he had burned the juranzhi’s body to death. He spoke a little bit in nervous tone, but his eyes were calm. There is no way to disguise it, I suspect, he really burned it to death. ”

He nodded slightly, which he naturally saw. Although Dudian disguised well, but his ability to know people is still extremely sensitive.

Mellon Foundation, Hunter Headquarters.

An office in the castle.

Bang! A slender white palm shot onto the table. The owner of the palm is the red head woman with the scarlet armor. She angrily stared at the bald middle-aged man behind the ask. She almost growled: “My brother! My family! There are so many things unclear about my brother’s death! I have checked and there is a recently recruited new hunter in Huasheng consortium. I just want our consortium to pull few strings. I want to go and ask few questions!”

Bald middle-aged looked calm. She was spitting at his face as she screaming around. He didn’t even rub his face but quietly said: “You should be clear, we have no evidence. Even if their hunters secretly sneaked in, we have nothing to blame on them. You have yourself found the remains of his armor in juranzhi’s stomach. His body has been digested with only small residue left. I know that you are angry because your brother has died. But the beast who killed your brother is already dead! What do you want to do? ”

“I want to take revenge !” Scarlet armored woman growled: “Even if my brother was killed by the beast, I will not allow others to pick up my brother’s results. There was no parasitic soul worm next to the beast. There had to be someone else close by. My brother died in vain and somebody else gains the loot?! I won’t allow it! ”

Bald middle-aged replied in calm tone: “I can understand that you can not accept. But to harmd the interests of the consortium, I will not allow. You better not have any little tricks, the consortium will investigate everything clearly and you will get a proper explanation too!”

“I hurt the interests of the consortium?” Scarlet armored woman could not help but laugh. Tears came out as she spoke: “My brother is dead. You tell me, in these years how much interest have he brought to the consortium! Do you think I don’t know? ”

Bald middle-aged man knew that he shouldn’t have said so. A slip of tongue. He slightly frowned: “I said, the consortium will give you a satisfactory account. If we find that person and confirmed that they belond to other consortium, we will never let this go. You can rest assured but you can not go on take action on your own! If caught by the other consortium, you will suffer a major loss!”

The woman stopped laughing, looked at him mockingly, did not say anything and turned to leave.

At this point, the door of the room was suddenly opened. A guard trot in. He saluted the woman in a respectful manner and then came to towards the bald middle-aged man and said: “Your honor. This is the news from scavenger headquarters.”

Bald middle-aged frowned, but still tore the envelope apart and skimmed through the content.

Middle-aged man was slightly stunned. He looked at woman’s back and saw that she didn’t notice it. He was slightly relieved as he quickly closed the envelope and told: “You should go now.”

Even though there was quite a distance but the woman had heard guard’s words. A murderous intention flashed by her eyes as she strode out of the room.

As the woman left, the middle-aged man wrote a new letter and quickly released the order.

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  1. You are releasing an awful lot of chapters today. I’d say too many.

    Take care of yourself and as always thanks for the chapters.

  2. But still, the one at fault was her brother in the first place. He ignored his duty to protect the border between grey area and area 8 and instead lured the lvl 9 Juranzhi into area 8. Even if he survive this, he will receive punishment for his stupidity.

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