DK – Ch 8

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The Dark King – Chapter 8

Giant wall of Silva


The person near the desk did not rise. The shadow kneeling on the ground who brought the message, respectfully clenched his chest. In the next moment he disappeared leaving only the white letter on the desk.
The stalwart figure’s eyes fell on the white paper. Blade-like dense eyebrows were picked a little. Opening his eyes, he briefly glanced at the new document. Suddenly his eyes were focused on detection value in the bottom corner of the paper.

Staring at this figure, he looked for a while. Later on he got up, put the coat on and opened the door.

In the hall, middle-aged housekeeper looked at the master, surprised: “Master, so late, do you have to go out?

“Ah,” said the stalwart figure, “Prepare the carriage.”

“Three hundred years ago, very big scourge came to Earth. Our ancestors fought hard, survived the adversity by strength and built the gigantic Silvian wall to isolate the disaster and keep it outside the giant wall. The giant wall can not be desecrated by the vile creatures, did you know? “Said a white bearded old man in a solemn voice.

Although his beard was white, in fact he was in his early sixties. But in here it has been regarded as a longevity.

Dudian listened attentively. Three days have passed after the registration. This is his first official class today. This old man did not come up to explain the knowledge of the law. But a brief introduction from some well-known things. It seems that the purpose is only to talk about things which children are familiar with so to consolidate their hearts under the faith. The story of Silva’s giant wall is know to almost every child. They have listened their parents talking about it once in a while. Only the orphan’s didn’t know about the Silva’s history.
Other children hearing the story are bored. But due to the first time to seeing this white beard elderly, most of them are afraid and avoiding rash decisions.

Dudian was relished hearing white-bearded man talk. These are the information what he most wanted to know at the moment. Seeing the old man to not go into in-depth explanation he could not but raise his hands to ask a question: “Teacher, can you say what is the natural disaster?”

White beard old man and other children were surprised a moment. Nobody expected Dudian to be so bold. To dare to take the initiative to ask question and moreover so well-known thing. Actually some of them were puzzled and couldn’t understand why to ask such a question.

Old man saw Dudian’s serious and hopefull look. He did not bear to fight the child’s enthusiasm, however a thought passed in his mind “Is this child’s parents did not tell him?”


“There are a lot of natural disasters. Volcanic eruptions, flooding, earthquake splitting and so on,” he replied with a smile on his lips.

Dudian did not give up and continued to ask: “Just these?”

The old man was silent for a moment but continued nevertheless: “These disasters are terrible. Haven’t you listened to your parents talk? The volcanic eruption alone is enough to kill countless people. The dark clouds in the sky are caused by these volcanic eruptions. ”

Dudian frowned slightly. Did not say anything. Though his heart was pensive. Because he knew about the details of the disaster that happened three hundred years ago. It is not simply a natural disaster. Although the old man said that the various disasters have occurred, but all of them were caused by nuclear explosions. Obviously these children did not know the real cause of the disaster and someone blocked the information from inside.

Perhaps to block the information that insider is so influential that maybe even they rule over this post-disaster era.
“Teacher, my mother said it was very dangerous outside the giant wall. If we go out we will die, is it really true?” A little fat kid who saw Dudian asking questions, made up his courage and raised his hand.

The old man looked at children and spoke with a serious tone: “Yes, outside the giant wall devils dwell and plague overhelms. Once out, nobody comes back.

It is thanks to giant wall that we can leasurly sit here to study, eat rice and vegetables. We have to acknowledge and respect the giant wall!”

The “abbot” refers to the person who studies the law. Like Dudian these children are beginning to learn the law. They are referred as trainee of discipline. If you graduate, through the assessment of the trial, will be able to become a priest or abbot. It is a very sacred position. Same in status as nobility. Not only able to freely access to commercial and residential districts, but also to enter into the wall area!

“The devil and the plague … …” All children are scared pale. Even if they are small they also know how terrible these two are.

There is a hint of curiosity in Dudian’s heart. He naturally does not believe in existence of so called “devils”.

Nuclear bomd explosions has ‘baptised’ the world. Most probably some of the biological variations have gone extinct or evolved. This explanation is only made up to intimidate the children. Of course, the object of intimidation is not just children but adults too.

This makes him more curious. How is the world outside the giant wall? What is the appearance after the nuclear bomb explosions? Has it become just a virgin forest because there is no one to develop?

“Time to finish the class.” White beard old man looked at hourglass and said.

The other children cheered at once.

At this time, the door opened and suddenly two young people clothed in black leather armor walked into the classroom. White beard old man was about to question them but as soon as he noticed the black medal on shoulders of those two his face suddenly piled up into a smile, “are you here to take children?”

Dudian was confused as he hear the white-beard man talk. He was vigilant and doubtful at these two peoples appearance.

One of the slim young people nodded. He looked indifferently and spoke: “Now I will say names. Those who I mentioned, stand up. Do you all understand?” His eyes swept the audience.

All the children were instantly tensed up. White beard old man spoke up to comfort the children: “Do not worry. These two adults are guards. Those mentioned by them will have a hope to join the public service. This is an enormous event.”

Public office? Dudian heard Jura talking about it. In short, it is the equivalent of the civil servants of the old era. For a lifetime need not worry about their livelihood. In this world it is the dream of many civilians occupation.

However, Dudian noted the medal on shoulders of two men. After he entered the neighborhood from the slums, he had yet to meet a guard with such medals. The standard leather armor is also different. As he saw teaching staff to be in awe of the officers, a trace of doubt emerged in his heart.

“Locke!” Young officer said out loud.

A weak child sitting on table in front of Dudia said in a weak tone: “Here … …”

“Stand up!” Officer shouted.

The frail child jumped up at once.


“Yes!” A girl quickly stood up.



Carly who was named stood up. Officer shouted: “Dudian!

Dudian eyes squinted, slowly stand up.

Up to this point including him there were eight children selected.

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  1. 1.“Three hundred years ago, very big scourge came to Earth..”

    ->“Three hundred years ago, a very big scourge came to Earth..”

    “…Our ancestors fought hard, survived by adversity and strength, and built the gigantic Silvian wall to isolate the disaster from the giant wall..”
    ->Isolate the disaster from the people by using the giant wall(?). Why protect the wall alone ‘using the wall’ in one sentence?

    2.“Teacher, you say what is the natural disaster?

    -> “Teacher, can you say what is the natural disaster?” (End quote was missing too)

  2. 3. “Time to finish the glass.” White beard old man looked at hourglass and said.
    -> “Time to end the class.”


  4. I’m sorry man but you need to get someone to come back and edit all these chapters. To be perfectly honest, you’re not a good enough translator to post your translations online without them being edited by someone else. You seem to hate using the word The at the beginning of sentences as well. Just very sloppy work missing a lot of words.

  5. Why are the guards calling him “Dudian”? Wasn’t his new name in this world is Dean? There shouldn’t be anyone to call him Dudian anymore.

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