DK – Ch 79

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Chapter 79: Crystallization of the Soul



惧染者 – this phrase is mentioned a lot in the series. The actual meaning of the translation of the phrase is “fearing those who have been contaminated after death”. The closest meaning in English should be the word ZOMBIE. But zombie refers to a fictional undead created through the reanimation of the human corpse. So I went with the first best choice that came to my mind which is using pinyin… Da.da.da… we have juranzhi which includes undeads and zombies of all kinds. Yea, I know it sounds like jumanji


Dudian had prepared standard answers for this case so he followed the previous rhetoric question: “I’m not aware of it myself. I was in coma. I woke up and it was here.”

“Coma?” Dayton was interested: “how come?”

Dudian was calm on the surface. But ideas rapidly rotated in his mind. To detailed question he was going to answer with a simple sentence: “I don’t know”. But he heard from Peter that hunter have investigated the area no 8. He knew that all the hunters has some kind of strange ability. Although he had burned hunter’s corpse, he wasn’t sure that he hasn’t left any traces that would lead back and expose him.

Moreover, a hunter died and another popped out. Both of it were big things and it was easy to associate with each other.

Dudian changed his mind as he though of these issues:: “I saw a hunter fight with a beast. I was scared. I could understand the power of hunter. But that beast. It was huuge and ferocious.”, He clenched his teeth and his body slight shivered. He acted as if he was still scared of the beast.

Dayton looked at Dudian’s trembling legs under the tea table, his eyes showing a bit pondering. The process only lasted for a few seconds as Dayton quickly withdrew his eyes and looked at the book: “That beast was a level 9 juranzhi. It was born out of a parasitic soul worm. In fact your magic marks should be result of the infection by the parasitic worm.”

juranzhi?”Dudian muttered the name of the beast who he had killed. He was a bit surprised and about to ask directly when suddenly was alerted by the mistake that he going to make: “You said that a parasitic soul worm…it…it…it entered my body? Then I…I will…”

Dayton raised his head and smiled: “Do not worry. I said that the magic marks result after the soul worm enters your body. But after it drills into your body it dies. It’s just dead. However, its linked to your body. Don’t forget magic mark is a deadly location. It is as important as your head and heart. Remember to protect it in the future and for the best don’t reveal the location of your magic marks to anyone else.”

Dudian was pleased. He was worried that the worm would take over at some point. It was good to know that it was dead! At the same time, as he understood from Dayton’s words, everyone has different magic marks on different positions. His was on his chest while the other hunters have in different parts.

“Originally, the headquarters intended to look at your performance. If your performance was good, so in another two years, you would be able to get a lot of money and there would be a chance for your to study at Hunter Academy. Then you would be qualified to buy a ‘parasite’ which would truly qualify you as a hunters”

“Unexpectedly, you have turned into a hunter ahead of time. Actually, it saved headquarters a lot funds that they were going to spend to buy a ‘parasitic soul bug’. Moreover you may not know but magic marks from juranzhi is very rare. I believe that most of the other hunters would be very jealous of you.”

Dudian said: “I would have to thank the consortium for training me anyway. By the way, Mr Day you said that the consortium buys ‘parasitic soul bug’. From where?”

“This parasite takes the monster’s soul as food.” Dayton did not mind to explain to Dudian: “Generally they will give special power to the monster but at the same time they will die! That’s why the hunters can’t transfer their powers between each other.”

“Although the consortium has the ability to capture the infected monster, but there is no way to find the parasitic soul worms. Unless you will directly feed on the monster that is. But the monster is not allowed back to the well so the only way to get them is to buy from the Holy Church. God of light have bestowed them with a cradle which can save the living parasitic soul worm but the price is extremely expensive.”

No wonder, Holy Church as a religious organization was able to recruit large number of guards and knights. Even all the consortia had to give them face. In addition to the original ‘faith’, they have strong grasp on many things.

“This is a secret! Your status as a hunter is not publicly available yet so even others in our headquarters are not aware of it. ” Dayton smiled and said: “This is to protect you! I hope you do not wantonly share it in public. The headquarters there will soon send someone over to confirm your identity. Afterwards you will be able to apply for identity procedures!”

Dudian nodded slightly. In addition to protecting Dudian, the real purpose was to protect the news from other consortiums.

“Oh, there is one thing.” Dayton suddenly spoke up: “You have submitted seven soul crystals which are commonly known as cold crystals. The price of each piece is a gold coin. Although your identity is not public yet, but this is in accordance with the proportion give to hunters. If you were a scavenger, then you would only get one silver coin for each.”

“Soul crystal?” Dudian referred to them as dark blue balls. However he was speechless in his heart. The different in proportion between scavengers and hunters was about ten times. He was a seed recruit and had 30 percent proportion. So the hunters had 300 percent more income than a scavenger?

Dayton smiled as he saw Dudian’s surprised expression: “Anyway, you have to go hunter headquarters. I’m going to be straight with you. The scavengers pay 50 percent of the consignment as transportation fees to the consortium. Moreover, cost of material identification, taxes and the other fees are deducted form the rest of the 50 percent. So the amount that is left to scavengers is not much.”

Dudian was stunned, he could not help but secretly sigh. Consortium was ruthless when it came to making money. Scavengers would go through dire situations, face radiation and life-threatening monsters to find materials and bring back to consortium. At the end they would be assigned with very small part of the overall result. By telling them that they could get a lot profits, was nothing but lie. They were being swindled.

“Businessman with real power never trade but rob!” Dudian felt after hearing all the details.

“What is the crystallization of the soul?” Dudian asked curiously.

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  1. I wonder if there will ever be any more chapters that don’t feel like a cliffhanger. All we are getting anymore is cliffhangers.

    Thanks for the chapters.

  2. Hmm… wouldn’t ‘Infected’ be an appropriate phrase?

    Not sure I quite understand what juranzhi is supposed to mean. Is it just a corpse infected by a parasite? Still sounds like a zombie to me…

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter.

    1. it’s not enough to describe because you can be infected with influenza virus too… there are three words there making a phrase. The second words refers to infection/contamination

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