DK – Ch 78

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The Dark King – Chapter 78


Mellon Foundation, Scavenger headquarters.

The carriage stopped before the door of the headquarters. Dudian went down from the carriage and looked up at this huge building. Step by step he went along the stairs and came to the front of the entrance hall. It was extremely spacious inside. There were several consortium scavengers who were in front of a billboard inside the hall, looking out for the latest information.

This bulletin was dedicated to the latest information picked up about the outside world. It was required for scavengers to check them out before going onto missions. There were details about the changes within the areas under the control of Mellon consortium or the other regions in the vicinity. Dudian randomly glanced at the bulletin. There was an information that caught his eyes. “Area no 8 is infested with undeads. Temporary blockade. Scavengers should not enter.”

Dudian knew that in addition to occasional tasks specified by the consortium, scavengers were free to go and search any area under the control of Mellon Foundation. In short, the choice of areas was unrestricted. Therefore most of the scavengers before each trip would come over here to get the latest information about the changes in various areas. It was for them to avoid danger.

Even though these areas have been cleaned, but undeads and beasts don’t follow the rules set by consortiums. Often they break and barge in to areas which have cleaned before. Dudian had survived one occasion such as that.

Dudian didn’t stay for long and went down the hall through the corridor towards the stairs.

“Hey, Dean?” Suddenly a voice came.

Dudian looked sideways. It was Peter who was holding a cup of hot coffee. It seemed he just got out of his office: “Mr Peter.”

“The materials that you have picked up haven’t been estimated. How come you are here?” Peter was perplexed.

Dudian was also stunned. Haven’t they heard about him yet? All of sudden he understood that he shouldn’t tell them about his newly acquired identity as the top management haven’t revealed it yet. As he saw that Peter was not aware of the situation so he euphemistically avoided the topic: “I’ve been ordered to come over. I’m not sure about the details so…”

Peter froze a moment as he suddenly thought of something. He wrinkled his brows and said to himself: “Should not be…ah… Even as a suspect… They are just recruited….” He was puzzled… He spoke in a hesitant tone “I reckon I was looking for you”. “I’ve heard about the area no 8. Few days ago news of hunter’s death came from the hunter headquarters. They are going to thoroughly investigate your group who was in the area no 8. But there is no reason to suspect the new graduates so do not be worried too much.”

Dudian hesitated for a moment as all the hair on his body was erect. As if he had encountered danger and it was kind of an instinctive alert. Soon he found himself reacting way to much to Peter’s words so he quickly restored himself: “I wondered why?! Thanks Mr Peter.”

Peter smiled and said: “I have my hopes on you and expect great results! So don’t slack and make great efforts!” Then, carrying hot coffee he left away.

Dudian slowly turned after Peter departed. The smile on his face has disappeared and was replaces with coldness. He slightly narrowed his eyes as he thought: “Hunter headquarters should investigate the area no 8 to find traces and clues. I didn’t expect them to expand the scope of investigation to include the scavengers who had been in the area.” Although he was not afraid but such a big reaction from Hunter headquarters meant that they dealt with this matter very seriously!

He quickly remember the traces of his treatment and thought of an issue. With a magic mark all the hunters get an ability. So are there any other hunters with keen sense of smell as himself?

Thinking of this his fingers clenched into a fist. He made up his mind. Even all the hands pointed at him after the investigation, he would deny his involvement at all times.

He looked at stairs as his calm expression was restored. Step by step he walked up.

Scavenger headquarters had four layers. Each was protected by the guards provided by the noble families belonging to Mellon consortium. Only nobility had the right to recruit private armed forces, but the quota was limited. That’s why different families belonging to consortium divided resources accordingly to their sizes and came up with basic requirements to protect consortium’s assets.

The fourth floor was designed as a cloister. There were too many rooms on the corridor so Dudian was a bit lost. He thought of the attendants by the staircase so he went back to them and asked the direction towards ‘Mr Dayton’s’ office. Under their guidance he come to the front of a large red colored door. He gently knocked on the door.

The door opened. A middle-aged man looked up and down at Dudian. He smiled: “You should be Dean. The newly recruited scavenger who joined the consortium. Please enter.”

Dudian nodded and entered the room.

The room had splendid lightening system. A sweet aroma floated on every corner of the room. As he stepped inside, he felt extremely soft carpet under his feet. He quickly and accurately glanced at the room. All the tables, chairs, sofa, desk and oil paintings gave a pressing aura and atmosphere of elegance and wealth.

His sighed at the luxury of the room. What caught his eyes were the painting at the top of the room. It was of a huge painting of a woman and a man with strong physique. The most eye-catching thing was that on man’s chin side close to his neck there was finger long deep scar.

The scar’s location was shocking. If it deviated half a centimeters more, perhaps the carotid artery would be cut.

“Little guy, come to sit.” Middle-aged man looked at Dudian.

Dudian saw his mild attitude so he knew that he wasn’t going to be questioned about the hunter’s death. He was relieved as he sat down in a couch opposite to Mr Dayton.

“I read your resume. Before the task your radiation value was only 0.8, less than one! ” Dayton gently open the book on his desktop: “However, this time as you had come from the outside, normally your body’s radiation value had to go up. But in your case it radiation value was reduced to 0.1. Little guy, do you know that only hunter’s have that kind of a radiation value?”

Dudian nodded slightly, not unexpected.

“So, you have magic marks. That’s why its not surprising to have such a low value. Now, I’d like to know where is your… magic marks? ” Dayton smiled slightly, but slowly narrowed his eyes, as if examining every minor change in Dudian’s face.

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  1. Hm. Why does it always have to be like this in every story? In the real world, criminal investigation is one of the most inneficient and ardours process. There is a reason why it is said that “Justice is Blind”.

    Yet suddenly in this story, and many others, despite having a low technological level he could easily be discovered for nothing more than a suspicious gaze or a puddle of blood.

    I just hate this nonsense.

    Anyways, sorry for the rant and thanks for the chapter.

    1. It is because you can not apply real world logic to novels and other forms of media where people have supernatural abilities. Technology is not the answer to everything, who says you need technology to solve a crime if you can simply have a supernose.

      To counter your question, why do crimes in the real world not get solved even when we have super technology…. why dont we have superpowers? In all the novels people have super powers so why cant we have them >.>

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