DK – Ch 77

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The Dark King – Chapter 77


Basement of the castle.

Dudian and rest took their time to rest after the doctors left. After all, last ten days were full of tension and they didn’t have time to sleep properly. At the moment, all of them were completely relaxed within the cage and soon sounds of snores echoed out.

Dudian did not immediately fall asleep but gently stroked the magic marks on his chest. He could feel his touch clearly. He just didn’t know the feeling spread from his fingertips to his brain or from the magic marks. As he touched the magic marks which looked like frozen blood veins, he felt a cool feeling enveloping his body.

His heart began to beat faster.

“This magic marks … … if they are destroyed, my life also should be under a great threat. I might even die.” Dudian quietly thought. He would have never ever thought that his life will be linked to a magic mark. “Damnit! I share my life with worms…”

He lay in bed, turned around but did not fall asleep. Suddenly he caught a glimpse of “Book of Light” which was on the small table. He took and gently opened it. He squinted his eyes: “Light is the truth?”

“Because of the light plants can grow. ”

“Because of the light we can ‘see.’ ”

“Light gives life to people. The creator of light and life, God of Light, The Father will shelter all those who devoted… …”
The few axioms in the beginning were the core of the code. Moreover there were few ‘light’ stories in each passage. They were related to the phenomenons that everybody knew. As everybody took them at face value, no one tried to even refute them! Role of light was too big on life but Dudian felt that the book wasn’t enough to explain everything about life.

The role of light …

If there is no light, there won’t be any life on earth!

They wrote tons of examples such as this.

However, Dudian had a better understanding about science, life and creation so he wasn’t going to believe in the “God of life”. Of course, the role of light couldn’t be ignored…but… What does Holy Church aims to do?

Dudian scribbled and flipped through the book. By the end he generally understood how they recruited believers.

All what they did was to put some natural phenomena known to all and form their “teachings” around it. The people were ignorant about many things so they would take their words at face value and be convinced.

If the person who read it didn’t have a sound and strong personality then they would be lost in confusion. They would just blindly follow what the “Holy Church” would say.

Once a blind and a devout believer, then their reality will be dictated by the Holy Church.

“There is no scientific basis to any of their explanations. Its all formed on the appearance. Just like the father had told me before. The ancients had intelligence but lacked the tools. They knew the results but didn’t know the reasons. Same is happening in here now.” Dudian secretly said: ” If they had the right tools they could see the origins of many things…”

“Father often said ignorant claims by faithful were made because of backwardness of science and technology. As science wasn’t able to explain the faithful began to speculate.”

Dudian was convinced by his father’s words. Moreover he increasingly determined to choose the alchemist path.

Three days period of ‘cleaning’ passed.

Both doctors came up everyday to observe and check the physical condition of Dudian and the others. In fact, an infected person would have some symptoms but there were few tenacious people who would carefully hide their scars and tolerate until the last moment. However, still on the third day the outbreak would occur. But there were few examples like that.

Dudian’s new clothing was according to his size and was very fit. Basement’s door opened as they were taken out.

“Please, please.” A guard from church guided everyone.

Dudian and the rest didn’t see the Knight of Light who had received them at arrival. When they were about to exit the gate Dudian heard a voice calling out: “Mr Dean. Who is Mr Dean?”

Dudian looked surprised. A middle-aged gentleman with a black cap and walking cane was calling out his name.

Scott, who was walking down the side, smiled and said, “That’s him.”

The middle-aged gentleman was surprised as he didn’t expect that he would be sent here as a messenger specifically for a boy. But he didn’t neglect his job and quietly stepped forward. He took out an envelope from the chest side of his shirt.: “Mr. Dean, This letter is for you”

Dudian looked at stamp and address engraved on the envelope. Mellon Foundation, Scavenger Headquarters. He understood that doctors had informed them about the magic marks.

He nodded and said thank you. He opened it. The content was very simple: “ Come to the top office in the headquarters and find me…the top?”

Dudian naturally understood what it meant to be top-level. They had to deal with the highest secrecy of scavengers.

“It’s about nominating you as a hunter, and the headquarters is really swift.” Scott smiled, “Congratulations! Maybe the next time I’ll meet you in the wilderness”

Mia who was next to him was stunned as she heard him talk: “What, what? Hunter? Dean?”

Scott laughed: “You do not know it yet but there are magic marks on Dean. He is going to be a hunter.”

Mia stared at Dudian in daze.

Dudian smile and said to Scott: “I have to thank you all for your guidance.”

“Scott.” Scott replied and smiled. He was happy in his heart as he know that Dudian had a positive impression of him.: “I will go with Mia. After a few days, the price of the materials will be assessed by the headquarters. You should go and gather then. ”

Dudian was surprised. The prices of materials have not been assessed yet? But to think of those things, the materials that they have gathered are modern goods. Uses of many things are not known to people inside the wall. It should take time to assess their prices.

Watching Scott and Mia leave, Mason and the other two also bid farewell with Dudian. They together went into the carriage provided by the consortium.

The other three consortium scavengers and the new boy also spoke with Dudian before leaving.

Dudian put away the envelope as he was sent to headquarters in an exclusive carriage only for him.

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  1. Is this a mistake?

    I mean, this could just be Scott’s narcissim, or him becoming a Pokemon.

    Thanks for the chapters.

      1. “Scott.” Scott replied and smiled.

        Madsnail is this a bug? Everytime I write anything between a “” they dissapear.

    1. Oh yeah, I think he will get chased and hunted by them for vengeance and labeled as heretic.
      Thus Dean will become an Alchemist then known as Dark King.

    1. O dont think so.
      I think he Will only become the dark King after he becomes an alchemist, and that Will be his tittle and his contributions would be something about the things the churh teachs. When he becomes a level 5 stars alchemist he Will become the King.
      It is Just what i think, i didnt read ahead so i could bem wrong.

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    Also in a previous chapter Dean did offer a prayer to the god of scavengers when he was being lead through the wall by Peter, so if not religious he still believes in luck.

  5. i hope he get chased out of the wall because i feel like he doesn’t belong there inside the wall. d=

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