DK – Ch 76

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The Dark King – Chapter 76


Outside the giant wall of Silva. Area no 8 belonging to Mellon consortium

Red flag of Mellon consortium was inserted on area no 8’s edge marking that it belonged to them. Three figures rapidly passed by the flag. A breeze occurred because of their speed which made the flag wave in air.

They were extremely fast, as if they were not humans but three black cheetahs. They flexibly jumped through the broken ruins of the street. Occasionally large walls of buildings would block their movement, but they would gently step on rocks and climb over as if no terrain or barrier could block them.

Soon, they meet two aimlessly wandering undeads. Their clothes were tattered into fragments which hang over. Their gray skin was revealed.

“Hm!” Delicate woman with a scarlet red hair was leading the group of three. She didn’t reduce her speed at all because of the undeads. Instead her speed rapidly increased. Before undeads could react, she was already in front of them.

The next moment, she was standing in the middle of two undeads.

Thump! Thump! Heads of undeads fall to the ground, rolled out as they came to stop.

Two figures who were following the woman followed her. The wind created by their speed blew over the heads of undeads.

“There are still undeads in here. Area no 8 was really upturned!” Youth on the left looked back as his face slightly changed.

The youth on the right had a worried expression as he looked at woman in front. He sighed and said: “I wish to have fun…”

“Do not distract!” The woman with the scarlet red hair yelled: “Gale, do you smell my brother? ”

The youth on the left replied: “No … Hey!” Suddenly he stopped and looked at the right side of the street as if he was scared of something. He spoke in an alarming tone: “This smell… Is it a beast?”

Woman suddenly stopped, looking back at him.

Gale’s eyes flashed for a moment as he said: “Come with me. Maybe you brother is here. ” He run along the street.

Soon, all three of them came to the front of a collapsed building. Gale concentrated for sometime and then went towards a hole. The woman and the other youth followed him into the hole and passed through a passage.

Gale stopped inside the passage and looked towards the source of buzzing sound which he heard. There was a slight voice coming from the darkness. He raised his hand an lit a wax. Dark corridor was illuminated.

Their faces changed at the sight.

“It really is a level 9 beast! “Gale breathed lightly as if scared.

The other youth mysteriously spoke: “A rare monster such as this would appear in area no 8 and actually died in here?”

Woman carefully looked into his eyes and spoke in a cold tone: “It was burned alive… Hum… Useless death!”

Gale regained his consciousness (he was afraid as he saw the beast) as he suddenly said: “You see, only its head was cut open. We all know that their brains are useless. Moreover, those special body parts were not removed. It seems whoever killed the beast was likely a novice hunter!”

“There are no new hunters who had joined our consortium.” The other youth said.

Woman sneered: “It shows that the hunters from another consortium broke the rules and entered our region. Moreover, they have caused quite a chaos.”

Gale slightly nodded, suddenly he twitched his nose as he said: “I seem to sense the smell of your brother.”

“Ah?” Woman’s eyebrows lifted the same moment.

Gale’s face became a bit ugly: “Its emitted from the beasts body… I hope… ”

Woman’s tone instantly changed: “Stop blabbering nonsense!”

Gale, holding the flame, went towards the burned body of the beast. The smell was coming from the gap of its claw where a finger thick piece of uniform was stuck.

“This … ” Gale took out the fragment of the uniform: “This is your brother’s.”

Woman’s face changed as her dark pupils gently contracted. Color of her pupils somewhat changed to blood red. She was trembling as she slowly came to the front of Gale. She got stunned while looking at the soft fragment of the uniform in Gale’s hand. She was aware the Gale’s tracking ability by smell was never wrong. Moreover, she also understood that if her brother was caught in the beast’s reach there was no way for him to survive. She knew how everything would end.

“Animal! … …” Her arm’s skin slowly shed as two blood-red machete-like weapons were exposed. She attacked the beast’s neck and cut it off. Dead beast’s body was already rotten and its muscle tissues were extremely fluffy. As she easily cut it off, the rotten blood sputtered onto her face.

Blood splashed over bloodthirsty insects which were already eating up the monster’s carcass.

“Herd of beasts …” She was not worried about the insects or bacteria which could infect her body.

Gale and the other youth had complex expressions on their faces. They didn’t stop her because they thought it was useless.

The woman’s face was ferocious as she cleaned the stone rubble from the beasts body. The ripped of the beast’s body and tore out the stomach. There was extremely thick rotten smell in the air because of her actions. She took out few digested bone remnants and metal pieces from the beast’s body.

“Beasts, beasts … …” Scarlet woman repeated the same word. She was in grief so she couldn’t think about words to express her feelings.

Gale couldn’t bear anymore as she pulled her back: “Be sensible. It is possible that Brian had run away from its claws and he is alive somewhere.”

“Get the fuck away!” Woman spoke in a cold tone.

Gale sighed and released her.

She tightly clenched her palms into fists. Her beautiful face was full of hideous expressions as she said: “I want to find the one who killed the beast. A damn rookie hunter. Most probably my brother had fought with it and wounded it. The bastard had killed the beast afterwards… I want to see that bastard dead! Do you understand me? I want to kill him!”

Gale nodded: “We will help you and certainly find that guy. The one who dared to violate the rules and get into our area… He shall not be forgiven!”

The other youth said: “It is impossible that person hasn’t left any clues in the vicinity. We should look for them. Perhaps we can find a lead!”

Gale slightly nodded and pointed back to the entrance of the elevator: “The blood above… It should be left by that man. I remember the smell, we could look around if there are no other clues in here.”

Woman noticed the place where Gale was pointing to. She jumped up and saw the stone where blood had been spilled. The next moment, horrifying scene happened. Black blood vessels looking like the roots of tree began to emerge from her white tender hand. They moved in circles and twists as they reached the stone and touched the top of the dry blood. It was as if they were licking the blood.

Soon, the dried blood gradually disappeared from the top of the stones.

Gale face slightly changed, but did not say anything. He knew that this was her magic mark ability.

“Both of you should go around and carefully search for clues! ” Woman ordered in cold tone.

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  1. This b**ch’s brother was more a beast and an animal who tried to use scavengers lives as bait who even gave their food and medicine and also the things coming from her arms make her more of a beast than those undead. This woman is smells like an hypocrite.
    Thanks for for all those chapters. Really liking the story and your wonderful translation.

  2. Wait…you find out that you brother was eaten by a monster. And you think someone else killed the monster afterwards. Instead of being grateful for the unknown hunter for taking revenge on her brother, she is upset and wants to kill him? Logic. There is none.

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