DK – Ch 75

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The Dark King – Chapter 75

Magic marks

Hopefully, there will more chapters later on. In a few days, we will be posting our Manifesto! If you don’t know what radiometer is check chapter 7.

Dudian and the rest had already cleaned themselves and put on clothes. He was sitting on the bed and chatting with Mason.

The basement’s door was pushed open as a team of people came in. There were six people. Four guards from the church were escorting two people who were wearing white gowns. They had white masks on their face and were carrying their own medical boxes.

“Everyone is ready to be examined?! Strip your clothes!” One of the guards shouted.

Scott has repeatedly experienced this beforehand. So he took them off as they were ordered. Mason and Dudian who saw Scott followed him by taking off their clothes one by one. Fortunately, both of the doctors were men. Or else they would be shy and embarrassed by being naked in front of the opposite sex.

“Turn to sides.”

“Well, turn around.”

Doctors stood outside the iron cage and inspected them one by one.

Dudian and others followed their orders and turned their bodies according to doctor’s orders.

“What is this injury?” The doctor asked as he pointed to the scar on Mason’s back.

Mason quickly answered: “It is a scratch that happened because of friction when moving things. Its been there for a long time!”

The doctor nodded as he carefully looked at the scar. Later he made a record in the book on his hand: “Scar at the back. Injury time, speculated to be more than four years. Determined that there is no infection. ”

Finished, continue to look at the next one.

“Huh!” Suddenly, another doctor shouted in fear while staring at blood-like red marks at Dudian’s chest. He leaned to the iron pillar to look carefully. He was surprised as he said: “Magic marks?”

The other doctor who heard his words also froze for a moment and immediately turned to check.

Dudian’s heart moved. “Magic marks? Do they know about this?”

Scott who was next to Dudian was stunned as he said: “Magic marks? Dean has magic marks?”

Dudian didn’t think that Scott knew this thing. Looking at his appearance Scott didn’t seem to recognize the red marks on his chest. Most probably he had heard about ‘magic marks’ thing but never saw any.

Both doctors were staring at Dudian in amazement: “How could you?! You are a scavenger. How will you have magic marks?”

Dudian was also puzzled: “What is the magic marks?

Scott had already noticed the strange looks from both doctors. He heard Dudian’s question and immediately said: “Dean, ” magic marks” appear on hunters. It is the root cause why hunter’s are far stronger than scavengers. Magic marks grant exclusive powers to hunters. It is said that the variety of amazing abilities come with different magic marks. Some hunters can make metal corrode, while other’s can perceive everything in their perspective… All these capabilities are the result of magic marks! ”

He looked at Dudian’s chest and saw the blood-red tissues that were above it: “I did not expect that magic marks looks like this. Dean, you were born with magic marks so no wonder your strength was so strong. You are a hunter! ”

He looked at Dudian with full of envy but he was not jealous. Because he knew that not everyone was blessed with magic marks.

Dudian was stunned.

The blood results aftermath the worms forced drilling are called magic marks?

Every hunter has them?

So, isn’t he considered a true hunter now?

Both doctors looked deeply at Dudian, one of them said: “Even though we don’t know how the magic marks had appeared on your chest, but it should be related to your body. Is it alright if we test your body?”

Dudian has long been worried about the hidden dangers of the worms so he immediately agreed.: “I’ll be troubling you two.”

“Do not bother! If the test result are as we expected and confirm you as a hunter then you don’t have to be polite with us.” The attitude of the doctors were modest and there were smiles on their faces.

Dudian suddenly realized the gap between hunters and scavengers. His heart was relieved too. Since the other hunters have magic marks too, then he would not stand out. As a result there should not be any hidden dangers.

Dudian put his arm out from the gap of the iron pillars to make it easier for doctors to do the check up. One of the doctors pulled out a small glass from the medical box. It was the radiometer.

Dudian understood that they want to test his body’s radiation content. So he speculated that the hunters who had magic marks on them had radiation value lower than normal people was because of them. After all, the biggest difference between hunters and scavengers was their radiation value not strength!

Soon, the doctor extracted blood from Dudian’s fingers and dropped onto radiometer for measurement.

Dudian’s vision was completely different from his original condition. He saw a small red line that slowly crawled up a bit but then softly slide down. This time he clearly saw that this red line was a hair-like worm!

So each radiometer has such a worm inside?

No wonder, in this era where technology was so behind, to measure the radiation content of human body they were using such mysterious small worms. Most of these worms, even the one that was used to check him in the hunter castle, could induce the radiation levels.

“Soo low!” Both doctors responded at the same time because of radiometer’s results. Both were surprised as they dawn over to see the exactly value of the radiation content. “No wonder, there was a magic mark in his body.” They secretly thought.

However, they couldn’t understand how come Dudian was allocated to scavengers group? Was it the error of the consortium?

They didn’t dare to think about the reasons. After all, this matter is decided on top and had nothing to do with them. As long as they did their job, they wouldn’t be concerned with anything else.

“Well, we’ll submit the results!” one of the doctors told Dudian politely: “You have a hunter ‘s body. I believe in short time you will be promoted by the consortium. I would like to congratulate you in advance!”

Dudian saw the change in their attitudes. He was not used to something like that when people sucked up to him. But he thought that this is how the world worker so he didn’t think it was hypocritical. He frankly answered: “Thank you two.”

Both of the doctors smiled then turned to check the rest. After the recorded the details of the check up they left the basement with four guards.

“Unexpectedly, Dean you even unwittingly became a hunter!” Scott said to Dudian as the doctors and guards left. There was pleasant surprise reflected in his eyes. Moreover it was a heaven-sent opportunity to be in close contact with a hunter. If he could get close to Dudian, then his future will be better than many. Moreover as long as Dudian backed him up a bit in the future his scavenging results would improve a lot!

It was reality. It was the hunter’s influence!

Mason, Zach and Sham were equally surprised to find out that Dudian was hunter. They were envious and happy for him.

“We have a patron!… haha… ” Mason laughed out loud.

Zach said: “Did not expect that Dean would mysteriously become a hunter. I suspect that it was because of the coma!”

Sham added: “Dean has long been known as a seed of the training group. As long as he had good performance sooner or later he would have the opportunity to become a hunter. I didn’t think that he would become one know. Still so young, I don’t know what kind of reward the consortium will give to Dean.”

They were excited.

Dudian looked at their happy faces. He touched his chest. It seems that the hunter tried to ambush the beast mostly for the worms. However if that hunter had magic marks, then why would he be after it? Could it be that even if you have magic marks, you can use others to enhance or increase your abilities?

Speaking of ability, he thought of his super smell.

This should be his magic mark exclusive ability.

Dudian thought of Scott ‘s words and asked him, “Do you know what the hunter’ s magic marks are? What are their general ability? Would it be threat to me?”

Scott scratched his head in ignorance: “I only know few things. I heard that there are a wide variety of abilities. It shouldn’t be a threat to you… To tell the truth I don’t know much. After you are promoted to a hunter status by the consortium, someone will inform you about specifics.”

Dudian thought the same way…

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  1. Wait! So if Dudian has “Magic Marks” can he now be considered a “Magic Man”.

    Nonsense aside is this a bit incriminating? A hunter around the region dies while trying to hunt a beast. Yet, suddenly out of nowhere a scavenger now becomes a hunter around that same time and same region.

    Thanks for the chapter.

      1. I dont think its suspicious because first of all the gap between hunters and scavengers are too big, its hard to imagine one scavenger killing a hunter. Secondly Dean is a seed from the academy, as mentioned he cant be a spy so there is no motivation for killing the hunter. Finally I dont think u inherit magic marks from killing hunters, dean just got it from the beast and probably the cold crystals. And the beasts are even stronger than hunters so its even more impossible for a scavenger

  2. People only count their blessings. A young hunter with lots of potential is gonna be more valuable. I also wonder there is a regression in the moral standards as well due to the changing times.

    Also thanks for the chapters!

  3. Well he’s been alive for more then 30 years and im pretty sure he’s still a virgin.
    Of course he would become a wizard.

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