DK – Ch 74

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The Dark King – Chapter 74


“You! Come with me,” Young Knigh of Light pointed to Mia who was in the crowd.

Mia seemed to be knowledgeable about where to go so she nodded respectfully.

Mason’s curiosity was inflated as Mia followed the Knight of Light and left.: “Where is she going? How come she is not staying with us?”

Scott laughed: “How to join us? She is a woman and has to stay on the other side in ladies room. She would be taking shower and changing clothes, so women has different quarters.”

Mason’s face turned red as he heard Scott talk.

“Okay. We should take shower and clean our bodies. It won’t take long before they come over to check our bodies!” Scott said as he took of his black uniform stained with blood. He went towards the shower besides the toilet to wash his body.

It was a communal shower.

People avoided in this era to have showers but as they had come back from the outside of the giant wall so they had to go through the process.

Mason and the other two also took of their uniform and began to clean their bodies.

As a result of ten days of activities the body sweat had become sticky and uncomfortable. There were bursts of smell coming out.

Dudian’s character was more introverted which was contradictory to his social skills. He had rolled up bad sheets as curtains and hang as a shelter. Afterwards he began to take of his uniform and began to bath.

Dudian would secretly sigh each time he took bath. There were no shower gels which he was used to.

“Look at Dean! ”

“He covered everywhere again! We are all men? What’s the point of covering? ”

“At times, I wonder if Dean is not a girl.”

Mason and the other two were booing and laughing as they showered.

Dudian put his head out of the curtain and fiercely said: “Mason, you talk a lot of nonsense. I will tell Beiwei that you secret painted her portrait! Zach, do you remember the time when you took the money? Sham, if you continue with this bullshit, I’m going to ruin your tavern! ”

All three of them stopped instantly.

Scott laughed.

At the same time, in a secret caste in the commercial district.

A black crow flew into the castle through the window on the second floor. There was an envelope attached to its claw.

The room was very luxurious and spacious. Long carpet covered the floor. There was a large red wooden desk in the middle of the room. Fat, middle-aged man leaned against the chair behind the desk. He was playing around with pencil when the envelope fell onto the table.

He frowned slightly. He tore apart the envelope and took the letter. Faint but dense aroma struck his nose as he read the letter. As he reached the last paragraph of the letter he face changed: “Brian did not come back? How is that possible? He was meant to be a supporting character on the battlefield! How the hell he didn’t come back?”

He stared at the stationery as there was uncertainty in his face.

The consortium sets time to hunters and scavengers that they tasks. The consequences of the violation is extremely serious. If they don’t come back on time then there is 70% probability that they are dead. The remaining 30% is likely that they are at the edge of death, trapped or have encountered with a temporary crisis and failed to return in time.

However, Brian’s situation was different.

Because he was not meant to be hunting in the gray area. He was responsible for finishing work at the border. It was a low risk factor task. If he didn’t come back on time then the possibility of the death was high!

His hands were trembling as he held the letter while there was anger in his heart. He was responsible for Brian as a hunter. If Brian was dead then his position in the consortium will also be impacted. His earning would fall a lot too.

“If you haven’t followed the directions and entered the gray area, then no wonder that you have come back. I won’t be able to bear the responsibility!” He murmured. “However, if Brian’s body is found in area no 8. It would mean that he was killed by the hunters of other consortia who had sneaked into our territory. That would be our consortium’s intelligence problem!”

He immediately raised the quill pen and rapidly began to write the command to be passed out. The matter have to be investigated thoroughly!

After all, even though Mellon consortium was big enough to bear loss of a hunter, but it was not a trivial matter. Such a strange loss may be related to intelligence loopholes or a spy had infiltrated their consortium!

Commercial district. Mellon Foundation Scavengers Headquarters.

Two pieces of information quickly were passed.

The first floor of the headquarters building was responsible for receiving and processing basic information. The second floor was meant for the administration and management dealing with important things related to scavengers. At the moment, two pieces of information were sent to a spacious office in the second floor.

“Information from the Hunter headquarters?” Bearded, 40 years old middle-aged man dressed in a suit whispered as he the information on his desk. Once upon a time he was a housekeeper of Mel family. But as he earned Mel family head’s respect and love he was deployed here to manage scavengers. However, the identity of the man was more greater right now.: “A hunter didn’t come back from the area no 8? Strange, wasn’t the area no 8 cleaned? Only a few undeads would be roaming around. How could a hunter can’t come back?!”

Middle-aged man stared at the stationery and then frowned, “It seems these pricks want to blame us and use as a scapegoat! ”

He had operated scavenger’s headquarters for more than ten years. He immediately figured out the meaning behind the words. His face was a bit gloomy. If a spy was detected within scavengers then the scavenger headquarters’ staff would suffer a backlash or even punished badly. There was no indispensable man.

He also felt helpless, as loss of a hunter couldn’t be compared to hundreds of scavengers who couldn’t make up to come back on time.

The middle-aged man sighed and put the letter aside. He open the second the second envelope. There was not much written and the content was very brief, describing everything. He was startled: “Someone turned over ‘cold crystals’. Dean…Dean…This name… Isn’t he the seed of the scavenger training camp?”

Suddenly he laughed out loud: “This little guy. Quite smart! He is really the seed of the special training! It is worth for consortium to invest vigorous capital to cultivate him.”

His previous depressed mood instantly changed. Originally, recruiting Dudian was a happy event for Scavenger Headquarters. Because they had gone through Dudian’s resume. His body radiation level was very low. Although not a “light physique” but there was a glimmer of hope for him to become a hunter. Only, they were not willing to invest capital into his training. After this, they would!

If Dudian becomes a hunter in the future, it would be a feat written under his name too!

He put the letter on top of the previous one. If the cold crystals were picked up by consortium scavengers then he would associate it with the death of hunter. Maybe they would even go for a deep investigation. But now the object was Dudian so he dismissed the idea.

First reason he did so because Dudian graduated from the regular scavenger training, but also he was the seed object. No consortium would be stupid enough to send a person with such a potential to become a spy! Secondly, from the beginning, all consortiums and military were prohibited from contacting scavengers while in special training.

Therefore, after the graduation the consortiums could only tempt the graduates by coming up with benefits. But they couldn’t contact them privately. No consortium would break the rules!

Therefore, the only possible group where spies lurked could be the scavengers cultivated by the consortium. The rules were more slack while the consortium itself trained them.

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