DK – Ch 73

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The Dark King – Chapter 73

‘Cleaning’ days

Dudian nodded in understanding. He was not surprised as the concentration of radiation is too high outside the wall. The items that were recovered were full of bacteria and thick radiation. Naturally had go through a clean-up. But what he cared about was the institution responsible for this work turned out to be the Holy Church.

“Your items!” Church’s guard in his early twenties said to Dudian: “And your name!”

“Name is Dean. These are my goods.” Dudian gave them the large fabric that had covered everything he had collected.

The young guard beckoned to the companion who was next to him to pick up Dudian’s huge collection. There was a white mask on his face. He continued: “Good enough but you shouldn’t scrap all the rotten copper and iron.”

It was put onto a carriage. There was a woman guard which tore off a note that had Dudian’s name on it, and posted it above his luggage.

“Next,” the young guard waved.

Dudian thought for a moment and took out dark blue balls from his pocket.: “I have picked up these too. Do I have to give them?”

Young guard was stunned at sight. He looked up and down at Dudian: “Little guy, where did you pick up these?”

“From the head of the undead,” replied Dudian.

The young guard stared at him and asked, “Why would you think about fumbling in undead’s head? ”

“Out of curiosity,” answered Dudian.

The young guard stared into Dudian’s eyes. The latter looked back without a blink. “I shall take it. No value though, your consortium will naturally inform you” Then, meaningfully looked at Dudian and took the seven dark blue balls.

Dudian saw pity and indifference in guards eyes.

Peter had come out from from the passage. Everyone had given the materials that they had collected. So he waved and said: “Everyone on to the carriages!”

“Dean!” Scott opened the curtain of a black carriage and waved to Dudian, “Come here.”

Dudian to saw his invitation but didn’t refuse. He set foot onto the carriage where they were.

He was sitting in the spacious carriage with Mia and another new boy, the three consortium scavengers rode in another carriage.

“We have wronged you.” Scott apologized as the carriage ride away.

Dudian shook his head slightly: “I don’t blame you. It’s in human’s nature to take a preservative and cautious stand when facing the unknown.”

Scott was relieved at Dudian’s words: “Well, this time you are our savior. After the “Cleaning” days are over, I’m going to take you out for a meal.” Scott stopped for a moment: “You age is too small so I can’t take you to those colorful places… You know what I mean?!” Scott blinked: “Well if you are in trouble or don’t understand anything if its within my powers I will help you out!” There was a solemn expression on his face as he spoke. Obviously everything he said came from his heart.

Dudian smiled. In the beginning, Scott and Mia had tried to help the scavengers when they were attacked by the undead. They could have left easily, but they didn’t. Just this, was enough for Dudian to feel admiration for them.


After all, Dudian had experienced the life and death situation. He was very clear how people would despair while facing the death. They would do evil things just for another breath.

Suppressing those evil thoughts could be done by people who had good nature.

Dudian admired them.

“What are these ‘Cleaning’ days? “Dudian was curious.

Scott patted his head, smiled and said: “Oh, I have forgot to tell you guys. Fortunately, that guy Peter does not know or will nag me to death… “He sighed. shaking his head slightly Scott continued:” ‘Cleaning’ days refer to the three day period where our bodies are carefully examined before we can enter the living area of the giant wall. ”

” If the person is infected, it would take three days for the virus to turn them into an undead at the longest time. If in these three days you don’t turn onto an undead, then it proves that you body doesn’t carry the virus and you can return to the living area”

Dudian realized.


It’s alright for the undeads and the beast to roam outside the giant wall.

But once the virus infiltrates inside the wall the results would be much more terrible. There would be no time to identify one by one who is bitten by the undead. The whole area may get infected!

Suddenly, Dudian thought of the “walls of the boundary” between the commercial and residential areas, the slums, the towering walls and gates. Perhaps its more than just the distinction between the rich and the poor. Originally it was meant to divide the living area into many regions so in case of a virus spreads inside it wouldn’t penetrate the whole population. But it could infect the region.

At this time, Scott asked curiously: “Dean, why your strength became so strong? You only get two blessing, but your strength is stronger than me. By the way, I had 19 blessings.”

Sitting next him, Mia and the new boy were also curious.

Dudian saw that they have not forgotten about his super-strength. There was a bit of frustration in his heart. Sure enough, people’s curiosity couldn’t be satisfied, it would never fade.

“The air is still in the wall,” said Dudian.

“I didn’t get it,” Scott said.

Mia can not help smile.

Dudian was embarrassed: “I really do not know. I was unconscious. When I woke up I was like this.”

“Well … …” Scott saw that he couldn’t get anything out of him so he gave up.

Their carriages reached somewhere in the outskirts of the commercial district. This place was at the edge of the living area. But the radiation in the air was a lot thinner. Actually, radiation levels were almost same with the residential area but it was sparsely populated. The reason was that it was forbidden area!

There were old trees on both sides of the street. There were few castles on several hillsides. Dudian’s carriage stopped in front of one of those castle. They gradually got off.

The guards opened the castle doors as they got off the carriage. Nearly three meter high dark red horse came out of the castle. It had an aggressive aura.

A young Knight of Light was sitting on the horse. He didn’t wear a helmet. He had long green hair which was loose on his shoulders. In short he was handsome. He glanced at Dudian, Scott and rest: “Come with me!”

Scott respectfully nodded. While he was the first to follow after the horse with Mia.

Dudian and rest followed behind them.

Knights of Light belonged to Holy Church. They were much more nobler than the average knight. If a Knight of Light emerged from an aristocratic family, it would honor them in front of the other noble families.

It would dignify the family and give them face.

In addition to the glory of the identity, the Knights of Lights were very powerful beyond doubt. Their main aim was to destroy alchemists, potion masters and puppet masters who indulged in evil experiments. Ordinary knight would need to dismount and salute if they were to see a Knight of Light.

The crowd followed the Knight of Light into the basement of the castle.

“Everyone should get into room. There is everything that you need for three days. Moreover, there is “Book of Light” provided to each of you. Its best to see more. Even if the body is not contaminated you can purify your hearts!” Green haired youth indifferently said.

“Yes, Knight.” Scott respectful nodded as he was already familiar with the rules in here.

The small room in the basement seemed somewhat like a cell. It was made of rough iron pillars. There was a bed, wooden toilet and a clean little table. On teach table there was silver colored book with golden color.

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  1. So they basicaly, get quarantine inside jail cells for three days and in the worst-case scenario they also section off the sectors in case of widespread infection. Well, that is a surprisingly smart and considerate move from their part. Even if it does kind of screw over some lesser off people in the slums.

    As always thanks for the chapters.

  2. Indeed it is smart to cut them completely off from the outside they even give you a bonus the book of light. Pfff brainwashing 101

    Thanks for the chapter

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