DK – Ch 72

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The Dark King – Chapter 72

Pastor’s blessing

“Two hundred and thirteen, two hundred and fourteen …”

In a remote office at area no 9, Dudian was counting the number of dark blue balls that he acquired. He had killed a total of 227 undeads in the last few days.

Dudian wanted to apply the method hunter tried to hunt the beast. In short he had tried to use that approach to ambush the prey from the high ground. Although the undead’s were attracted by the sound but his archery skills sucked. Out of 10 shots none would be successful. Occasional arrow that pierced the undead’s head was a pure luck.

As a result, Dudian decided to exercise his shooting skills for the next few nights.

In 50 meters distance shoots of partial objects, after three days of series training, he was able to hit once in two shots. However, he used to practice on fixed objects and their size was too large. The initial rapid progress was normal but further improvement needed a lot of practice. If he wanted to reach the apex of archery, he didn’t know how much time it would take.

After all, the undeads are moving. They don’t just stay fixed on a place and wait for Dudian to hit them.

Moreover, shooting the undead was not enough. He must accurately hit their heads!

Although his physique was much stronger and adaptive than the average person’s but after a few days of continuous practice he could reluctantly show only slowly wandering undeads. Even in this case, on average one of three arrows would pierce undead’s body. To hit their heads, he had to rely on nothing but luck.

This made him painful. If he was able to master archery, then he was confident enough to kill at least three times more undeads!

Dudian looked at the dark blue balls in his possession. He felt good because of his accomplishment but they were a burden at the same time. After all, if he brought all these back to consortium, there will be no small fluctuations.

“It should be alright if I brought only seven of the dark blue balls. I can get to know their monetary value from consortium’s perspective too. ” Dudian hid the rest of the dark blue balls along with bow and arrows in the rubble.

In order to decrease the chance of them to be found in the future, he hid them in area no 9. It has been scavenged thoroughly so nobody would look for something valuable there. However, area no 8 was consortium’s target as the next major area to be scavenged. If he hid them in area no 8 there would be a possibility that they would be found.

After taking lots of valuable things with him, Dudian began to walk towards the edge of the area no 9 along the direction of the map.

The giant wall of Silva was faintly visible as Dudian was getting closer. He felt the charm of the giant wall. Actually, even if the previous beast came in front of this wall it would look like a mayfly in comparison to it. If it tried to attack it, then it would be like mayfly trying to shake a giant tree.

He could just make out the shape of the giant wall in the twilight.

Scott looked at the sunset. He knew that the tunnel will be opened soon. He could not help but look at Mason, Zach and Sham: “You said Dead is still alive. How come he is not here yet? The door will open in about ten minutes. If he can’t reach, he will have to wait until the next time it opens.”

Mason eagerly looked at the distance as he replied anxiously: “He knows about the time. He should not delay his arrival.”

Mason looked at Sham: “You said you saw him. It was four days ago, yeah?”

“I am sure!” Sham solemnly answered. He had heard from Zach about Dudian but he didn’t believe that Dudian will turn into an undead.

Mason looked at him and said, “I hope you are not lieing. It want be good for anyone! ”

Omm! The iron gate propped up as if it was a steel mouth. A figure came out of the underground passage. It was Peter.

“Well?” Peter had just come out. He saw Scott and others: “How come… Isn’t there anyone else?”

Scott was relieved after he saw Peter: “The area no 8 had large number of undeads which had migrated from the other regions.” He knew that so many undeads couldn’t be overlooked by the hunters. Even if they wanted they couldn’t ignore them.

Peter was startled a moment as he suddenly thought of something: “I heard the boss say that there was a monster riot in one of the regions. I did not think that it would be near the area no 8. You guys sure are unlucky…” His eyes swept over them and his face slightly changed: “Where is Dean?”

“He … could have been infected by an undead,” Scott hesitated, still telling his thoughts. Though Zach and others said that they had seen Dudian, but he did not believe it.

Peter’s face changed, sighed: “I was very optimistic about him, did not think … … Bale, you go ahead, the guards are waiting for you inside it.”

Scott nodded slightly. Along with Mia he went inside the passage.

The other three scavengers and newly recruited scavenger followed.

Mason and the other two stood still and didn’t move. They anxiously looked at the distance.

Peter knew that the four of them had graduated together and lived in the same dormitory. He stared quietly at the broad and desolate plains in front of him.

Life is so fragile.

He sighed slightly, looked a bit sad.

A very pleasant voice echoed in surprise: “It’s him! Dean!”

Peter squinted his eyes and saw a black ball coming from afar. After it closed up the distance, he saw that Dudian was under the ball carrying it.

Peter froze for a moment, he could not help but smile.

Dudian saw that Mason, Peter, Zach and Sham were waiting for him in front of the entrance so he accelerated the pace.

“I knew it! Damn it! I know you would overcome everything!” Mason left his backpack and was the first to rush over at Dudian.

Dudian smiled: “Mason, have I ever told you that you look like a girl when you run?”

“Me? You little prick! Your skin color was sooo white that even the girl were jealous when you joined the training came! ” Mason laughed out loud.


Dudian’s face changed to a supercilious look as he came close to Peter.

Peter smiled: “It seems you had a great harvest. Go in, the door will be closed in six minutes. ”

Dudian nodded slightly and went into the passage. Mason, Zach and Sham also brought their backpacks and kept up with Dudian.

It didn’t take long when they saw Scott and the others stopped in the middle of the passage. Moreover there were dozen or so people with Holy Church’s badges.

“Dean?” Scott and others were shocked as they saw Dudian.

Dudian looked at the guards and said, “Who are they?”

Scott recovered, thought of Mason for a moment. Then he understood that Dudian was not infected. Because in the last six days even if there was a slight blood rubbed on his skin he would have turned into an undead.

“They are guards from the Holy Church. It’s a routine check. Each time when we return, they are here to ‘light’ our armor and things that we have collected. Everything has to be transported to the Holy Church in light by the blessing of the priests. It’s for the purification of virus and plague.”Scott explained.

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  1. Um… all of them rubbed zombie blood all over themselves, so why are they not infected? I get that dudian’s symbiotes or whatever can fight off the virus, but the others have no such benefit?

  2. Fun meme, but please place it at the bottom of the chapter. Even though its mentioned early in the chapter its still a minor spoiler.

    Also kinda obvious mistake: “You said Dead is still alive. How come he is not here yet? . Pretty sure dead should be Dean. Talking about undead and dead all the time I definitely see how someone could make a small error like that though lol.

  3. “Dead is still alive”->”Dean is still alive”
    “are not lieing. It want be”->”are not lying. It won’t be”

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