DK – Ch 71

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The Dark King – Chapter 71


Expect the unexpected! we may hit hard again with bunch of chapters! it all for now though, but who knows what may happen in next 6-7 hours…

puff! puff!

Dudian with the help from Scott and Mia, quickly killed the few undeads that were coming over.

He smelled the odors of distant undeads so he said: “This place is not safe and we should not stay for long. We have to leave as soon as possible.”

Scott knew that sounds of fighting will lead the other undeads over. So he refused to take a break. He picked up few sheepskin scrolls from his backpack and opened them one by one to find them map and determine their current location: “It’s no longer safe in area no8. We have to go back to area no 9.”, he said to Dudian and rest.
Dudian nodded in agreement and raised his hands to call Zach and rest.

Zaki ran quickly as he was pleasantly surprised: “I knew you will survive.” He wanted to ask many questions. As he saw Dudian blinking his eyes, he stopped but there was a wide smile on his face.

Three consortium scavengers and the new recruit saw that the danger had gone so they followed Zach out together. The new scavenger recruit from the training camp saw another scavenger’s bloody dead body and his expression turned complex.

Mia noticed their eyes as she spoke in disgusted tone: “Cowards! Previously, you should have taken the opportunity to kill the undead while it was biting onto his neck! Instead you run away in fear! You are not even as good as that child! Shameful! ” The child she referred to was Zach who had turned back to fight earlier.

Three scavengers were ashamed as they clenched their teeth. They didn’t dare to answer.

The new boy, his head down, ran towards them. Secretly he glanced at Dudian. He wanted to say something, but changed his mind.

Scott looked at them. He sighed and shook his head. : “Let’s go!”

Dudian nodded as he glanced at the surrounding environment. He secretly took note of the location so that he could come back later to take bow and dark blue balls.

Everyone quietly followed Scott along the edge of the street.

Dudian along the way maximized the benefits from his sensitive sense of smell to the utmost possible. As he would smell group of undeads he would suggest Scott to take a detour. If there were two or three, then he would kill them directly.

Scott didn’t dare to overlook Dudian because of his young age and youthful voice. He knew that something extraordinary had happened to Dudian. So Scott adopted each proposal given by Dudian about detour options. After half a day of travel, they finally got out of area no 8. They had taken detaours at least for 10 times.

Scott finally relaxed at they came into the area no 9. However, he didn’t dare to stay near the border so they continued to move forward. Scott was completely assured down as they came deep into the middle of area no 9.

Inside the area no9, they didn’t meet any undeads. Even the monster rats were not present.

In addition to broken stones, they didn’t see anything of value through the broken shop’s of area no 9.

“At last,” Scott breathed out in relief. He was not in hurry as he sat in a clean place to rest.

Mia put her backpack on the side over the gravel. She looked curiously at Dudian: “You have just joined the scavenger group of consortium. I have heard that you were the seed from the camp so you got two blessings. Only, how you got so strong with two blessings? Were you supplied with anything else?”

Scott, three consortium scavengers as well as the new scavenger recruit looked over. They had long been curious about the issue but were surrounded by the undeads. They were worried to speak because it could lead the undeads to them so they held back their words.

There was another reason that tempted the inquiry. But they held back because they were worried that it will result in Dudian’s displeasure and he would abandon them in the area no 8.

Dudian had already prepared an answer in advance: “I was in coma. When I woke up, I felt my strength was much stronger than before.” It was half-side of the truth.

Scott and Mia glanced at him in doubt.

Suddenly, Mia spoke out the thing which all of them were worried to ask: “You! You have not been bitten by the undead, right?”

Three consortium scavengers who were sitting next to Dudian, immediately stood up, and distanced themselves from him.

Dudian was curious: “If I was bitten by the undead, would not I become an undead?”

Scott’s face turned ugly: “But there are different speeds of turning into an undead based on the different injuries. If you are bitten on throat, chest and other parts the effect of the infection will be instant. However if you rub blood over the skin, then the speed of infection will be a lot slow… How long has it been that you have awaken from coma?”

“not long time.”

“The slowest infection is usually three days.” Scott looked at Dudian and said: “That is if you are infected, in the next two and a half days, you will completely turn into an undead. If there is not affected afterwards, then it shows that there was no infection.”

Dudian nodded slightly. He was aware that it was not an undead infection.

However, after hearing what Scott had said, there was a bit of uneasiness in his heart. Is the worm counted as an infection?

“We have come out for four days. After six days we will return to the wall.” Scott looked at Dudian in hesitation and said: “We should separate for the time being.”

Dudian looked at them. Except the Zach who had a worried look, the rest had fear reflected in their eyes. It was normal as they were afraid that Dudian could turn into an undead. He couldn’t help but smile and speak soft: “It’s alright, but I would like to borrow your map. I’m afraid I won’t be able to find my way back after the separation.”

“OK.” Scott did not hesitate and immediately agreed.

Dudian looked back at Zach and said: “I will go to look for Mason and Sham. You shouldn’t be worried, nothing will happen to me. Just wait over here!”

Zach eyes reddened as he clenched his teeth and said: “blame me! We drag you behind, Dean! I’m sorry…”

“What nonsense are you blabbering, we are brothers.” Dudian laughed.

Zach could not help but burst into tears and sob softly.

Scott, Mia and others were silent.
Dudian took the map from the Scott and turned away.

Dudian immediately ran at full speed and disappeared from Scott and rest’s sight. He went along the previous route back to area no 8. He killed the undeads which he met and collected the dark blue balls.

It didn’t take long before he reached the located where he had hidden bow and arrows. He took them and dark blue balls from the bottom of the chassis of the car and began to search for Mason and Sham’s smell.

Along the way he met few single undeads which he directly killed.

Although his fighting skills were still immature, but with the speed and strength boost he was fully able to avoid undead’s attacks.

However, in case he encountered more than three undeads at the same time he could do nothing but escape. After all, if he was surrounded and caught, then he would be injured one way or the other.

This is horror of the undeads, even hunter’s would avoid to venture close to a group of undeads.

Two days later, Dudian finally found Mason’s smell in a hidden ruin of a building. Actually, he tracked him down because of the smell of Mason’s excrement. It also made Dudian to understand that in the wilderness should avoid going to toilet. In case he couldn’t resist, he should bury it under soil and leave as soon as possible not to leave traces.

Dudian brought Mason back to area no 9 and was about to return to 8th area to search for Sharm. But suddenly he smelled Sham’s odor in area no 9. He was stunned.

Following the smell, Dudian found Sham. He was alone, roaming in area no 9. Dudian didn’t think that Sham would be able to go as far as getting himself back here.

As he saw that all three of them were safe, a big boulder was taken from Dudian’s heart. He returned to area no8 to begin his undead hunting plan!

In the blind of an eye, four days had gone by.

Everyone came to the wall as the ten-day period had arrived.

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