DK – Ch 70

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The Dark King – Chapter 70


“It seems that it is the only explanation.” Dudian thought.

“Could it be said that after its melt the dark blue ball could be absorbed by the body? Whether it is the worms or dark blue ball, are they able to enhance my physique?” Perhaps he could get information out of people from consortium after he gets back into the giant wall.

He easily removed the accumulated stones and broken debris as his physical strength at the moment was enormous. He moved the heavy stones very easily. Following the smell he quickly found the backpacks hidden under the stones.

The dry food and water container had crushed under the stone. Although he could still eat the foot but the water containers were dry.

His hunger subsided as he ate the dry food. His physical strength seemed to recover as he ate. In addition he found dark blue balls in another place. Also he found hunter’s bow and arrows.

Dudian grabbed the bow. It was very heavy for a normal person to carry but he could carry it with one hand and not feel tired at all. He gently pulled the bowstring. It was pulled for almost a meter length. Hunter’s bow and arrows were not trivial but very lethal in nature. Although he could not take them back to the giant wall, but at least he could secretly use it outside.

He took the bow, arrows and backpack, while inconspicuously left the collapsed building.

“I don’t know where the Mason and rest are.” Dudian was in the middle of street. He looked at the position of the sun, it was already noon. He checked the place where he had separated with the Mason and other two. He could smell them and immediately he followed the located the smell took him.

The area no8 was not safe and it was infested with undeads. Mason and the other two could face a dangerous situation at any time. Dudian was quickly following after the smell until he reached a track. Suddenly, the smell disappeared as he reached the street.

Dudian could not help but be surprised for a moment and then wryly smiled: “Did these three brats came up with their own methods and eliminated the body odors?”

At this time, the silence of the ruins was torn apart by the sudden bursts of undead growls and roars.

Dudian quickly chased towards the source of the sounds. Soon he reached the street where the sounds originated. Through the corner of a house he checked the street. Around seven or eight people had gathered into a circular formation in front of a shop. The undeads were coming onto them from both sides of the street.

“Scott? Zach?” Dudian identified them.

They were Scott, Mia and four consortium scavengers. Moreover, including Zach there were another 2 newly graduated scavengers.

At the moment, Zach and the other scavenger were protected by the team while they were staying in the middle of the formation. Scott and Mia were holding their daggers. However, Scott’s face turned ugly as he checked the approaching undeads. With their skills they were barely able to single out one undead. They could manage to stand on their own maximum up to two undeads. But there were six or seven undeads approaching them. There seemed to be more undeads attracted and coming over because of constant roars.

“Back, back!” Scott whispered.

They receded towards the shop.

The first undead that reached them attacked Scott. Its hideous face made the four consortium scavengers behind Scott turn pale. Scott’s hand slightly shivered while deflecting undead’s claw attack.

Scott roared, snarling and waving his dagger.

Puff! His dagger had cut onto undead’s beck. But the blade was not sharp enough so it got stuck in the cervical spine.

Scott’s face changed as he kicked.

Mia was about join him in support but two more undeads rushed onto her. Mia turned around to block. She could stop one of them while the second passed by her and attacked the four consortium scavengers.

The four consortium scavengers were extremely nervous and desperate. One of them waved his dagger to retort but the undead grabbed onto his arm. It pulled the scavenger and bite onto youth’s throat. The blood sprayed onto undead’s face coloring it red.

The other three scavengers shivered in fear as they continued to retreat. One of them even abandoned them to run away.

The new scavenger boy who was with Zach, stood there his face anxious as he didn’t know what to do.

The undead who was bitin the scavenger looked at the boy near the Zach.

“Run!” Scott snarled.

Zach was pale but suddenly summoned all the courage and rushed up holding his dagger. As he was about to reach the undead he bent his body and went for a roll. As he was about to stand up from the roll, he used the dagger and hit the undead’s ankle. Thump! Undead’s body tripped.

Zach took the opportunity to get up and was about to stab the dagger onto undeads head when another roar echoed from behind.

Zach’s face paled as he saw that he was late to block the undead. But a stone flew over and hit the undead’s head. It was knocked to the ground as it stopped movement.

Scott, Mia and Zach couldn’t help but look towards the source of the stone. They saw a figure approaching quickly as he caught up with the undeads that were rushing over to them.

As he reached the undead he jumped and kicked onto undead’s spine. The undead fell down and rolled but he didn’t stop and caught with it.

Before the undead could stand up that figure used his foot to hold it while hit it with double-edged fire axe on its head.

Puff! The axe smashed undead’s head.

Scott, Mia and Zach were shocked. The three consortium scavengers and the new recruit who had fled into the shop looked back. They were stunned at sight.

Zach saw that the person who beheaded the undead was Dudian.

Without losing a moment, Dudian ran towards Zach. The undead was about to stand up when he threw the axe. Puff! The axe slashed undead’s head from back of its neck.

However, it was not enough to kill the undead as it was struggling to stand up.

Dudian took advantage of the time and chased over. He grabbed the haft of axe and swang it to cut undead’s head off.

Bang! The undead’s head fall off while the axe’s haft broke up.

Dudian took a light breath: “Fortunately I caught up!” He didn’t use the hunter’s bow to shoot because he didn’t want to expose himself.


When he saw Zach and the others surrounded, he immediately hid the hunter’s bow and arrows under the chassis of a scrapped car. Moreover he managed to grab axe from the fire hose box (fire protection cabinet). Unfortunately, the haft of the axe had decayed so badly that it broke after few swings.

“Dean, is that you? ” Scott was horrified at sight as Dudian had killed two undeads.

“Be careful!” Dudian screamed as he grabbed the axe’s head and threw it.

Puff! The axe head like a metal brick smashed on the undead’s chest which was in front of the Scott. It knocked it down but didn’t cause fatal injury.

Scott recovered, hastily stabbed the dagger onto undead’s head.

Dudian said to Zach: “hide inside.” He grabbed the dagger of the youth who was bitten by the undead. He turned towards Mia and threw the dagger. It stabbed onto undead’s head which was fighting with Mia.

The dagger pierced undead from its jaw and thrust into its skull.

Undead made “uh uh” sounds twice and fell down.

“Thank you,” said Mia to Dudian as she curiously glance at him. Power shown by him was not on scavenger level but she knew that they were in a critical situation so she didn’t have time to ask.

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