DK – Ch 69

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The Dark King – Chapter 69


“Its so dark. I can actually see as if it was day!”

Duddian patted his face so that he could feel a little pain. He wanted to make sure that he was not dreaming. He turned to look up but there was no light coming from up. The elevator shaft was still enveloped in darkness.

However, he could see everything very clearly on the ground.

Dudian blinked his eyes quite a few times before he remembered about the worm stuck onto his chest. All the hair on his body stood erect at the thought of worms. He opened his chest in hurry. The white gauze was still rolled and the blood had penetrated it coloring it red. Moreover blood had dried up.

Dudian gently touched the wound but didn’t feel any pain. He immediately unlocked (uncovered) the gauze.

After he peeled off the gauze he saw the scar on his chest. It was a vertical dagger scar which was completely healed leaving only a shallow white scar. In addition, there was half of a finger size blood vessel which was solidified outside the skin.

Dudian’s face changed as he gently touch to bloodstains.

“Those worms haven’t actually drilled into my body, right? Right?”, He panicked as he remember the worms.

Anyone who would be willing for an unknown worms to drill into their body would be a creep.

Dudian thought of his dagger and immediately picked it up. He suspected that the worms might have sojourn in the bloodstains.

Dagger gently pierced the blood-vessel like tissue from which the dark red blood flew. At the same time, Dudian felt an immense pain which passed into his brain. His body trembled, especially the left side of the heart felt most painful. This was a real ‘heartache’.

His hand shook and he immediately stopped piercing. He felt that if he continued it would lead to his death!

as he released the dagger, that pain was relieved a bit. He looked and saw that the scratched blood-vessels were healed in an instant. Actually the speed of healing was visible to the naked eye. It didn’t long before they were back in their original state. Only small amount of blood that was on his chest proved that there was a stab over there.

The pain that he had felt before gradually subsided as the blood-vessel healed.

Dudian’s face turned ugly. “Have they fused with my body? Did I just become one with a worm?”

Ultimately, he couldn’t find courage to continue to pierce the blood-vessels. He thought that if he could find a microscope in the ruins or based on super-chip’s knowledge create one for himself, then he could find the source of the changes on his body. For now he had to place it aside.

This feeling made him a little uncomfortable, but helpless. However, the thought of survival was in itself a great fortune!

“My eyes can penetrate the darkness. Most probably each of those worms had some kind of functionality. They are not worms. Its beyond the concept of virus, bacteria or worm. It is a new variation of the microorganisms. It can live in the other life form’s blood!”

Dudian calmed himself as he began to rationally think about everything before the coma. Obviously this bloody worm was from the blood the the beast. Perhaps it was living with it but after it died they followed out with the blood out of their own to… … find the new host!

This also explained why he turned out differently after the infection by the blood. If it was another virus infection he would turn into an undead which didn’t happen.

Moreover there had to be large number of worms inside the beasts blood. Most probably it has been long ago that these worms has produced anti-bodies to protect themselves from the virus and enhance their resistance towards it. They wouldn’t want to be corrupted by it as they are a different life form.

Nevertheless, he understood that it was only his speculation. Unless he had the right equipment to research it, he would never ever understand what was really going on.

Dudian looked at his hands and feet. He didn’t feel anything strange. He wanted to climb up from here. He used a bit of force to jump to catch onto a stone when he suddenly felt as light as a feather. In a single jump he had already reached the top of pile of rocks outside the hole.

Dudian was stunned, once again he looked at his hands and feet. He thought of something so he bent over to a half-meter large stone. He hold with hands and gently picked it up.

Sure enough it gently bounced up.

He made a swing and was already 3-4 meter high!

And he knew that he didn’t use full force.

Three or four meters high was not where his head reached but the soles of his feet. It was way beyond the ordinary human’s physical capabilities. Even if you had gone through an extreme hard training for decades, you may not be able to achieve such a non-human result.

“Sure enough, the speed, the power, everything had improved. My eyesight is over the top and I can see in the darkness. But the most powerful change of all, is the smell… …” Dudian lightly fell. He closed his eyes to concentrate.

Dudian could feel different smell float into his nose.

As he had closed his eyes, he was able to exude variety of things because of their smells. He was like a radar. He could smell the source and could determine the distance. Even if his eyes were closed, with the smell alone he also knew the surrounding environment!

Dudian opened his eyes. His heart was in shock. This smell enhance was god-like power. He felt as if he was a hound!

” Enhancement of the sense of the smell is completely out of proportion with the other physical improvements. There is just way too much difference. The previous beast also had very strong sense of smell. Could it be that this worms had brought some of the beast’s capabilities into my body? “Dudian was startled. He felt very excited. This sense of smell was a super radar for him. He could smell the undeads and other monsters from the distance!

It was a life-saving gift!

Dudian confidence suddenly burst out, by the addition of this super sense of smell. Now he was assure that he would be able to kill ordinary undeads at a whim. And the monsters as horrible as the previous beast, he would just perceive them in advance and avoid.

Dudian was perceiving countless smells. He smelled something sweet that was distributed from the backpack. The location was twenty-six meters away, in front of the pile of stones.

He grabbed the broken walls and jumped to the top of the building. Originally this place was the second floor. At the moment, all the things in the office were piled in the bottom.

The body injury was healed but he felt very hungry. Backpack had dry food and water, moreover dark blue balls were in it too.

Thinking of the dark blue balls, he remembered that he was clutching onto one before he went into coma. When he woke up and he hadn’t seen it. If it was on the ground he would have seen it for sure.

“What happened then?” Dudian looked at his hands. His left palm was sticky. He was preoccupied with the bloodstains on his chest previously so he hadn’t noticed it. There was a layer of pale yellow sticky material on his palm. It exuded a stench taste.

So what happened to the ball?

When he thought of burning the undeads, he remember that the dark blue ball melted in high temperatures. So because of his high fever… was the temperature so high that the dark blue ball melted?

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  1. I just remembered that the hunter also wanted to kill the beast, and supposed that give him some abilities or something. Dudian is also right in that the beast isn’t an undead. I would still rather not have worms in my body.

    Thanks for all the chapters. However, I think you are pushing yourself a bit too much. Your over eagerness might tire you out.

    1. Lol I don’t think I would even care about the worms for that kind of power. My big concern would be that he seems to have gained a massive weak spot; he felt that he was going to die if he continued piercing the vein (worm poking out?) on his chest. So is this going to be a thing, with all the Hunters (presumably this is how they got their power, though I’m not sure what the light physique had to do with it; maybe the worms are radioactive, so anyone who doesn’t have radiation resistance will be over time killed by ‘levelling up’ from monsters) and the protagonist having weak spots that instagib them?

  2. Somewhat disgusting and disturbing, but also cool. He is like a level 9 undead now?

    Thanks for all the chapters!

  3. Be sure to take care of yourself MadSnail =). But really… You’re superb! Releasing so many chapters today!!! Thank you very much! And Please Keep up the good work =).

  4. “Anyone who would be willing for an unknown worms to drill into their body would be a creep.” I laughed really hard at this. Not sure why.

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    ─────────── (….◕​ ‿ ◕.…)
    ───────── oOO——`​♥´——OOo
    ───── Foя тнє cнαpтєя ──────

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