DK – Ch 68

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The Dark King – Chapter 68


Suddenly, Dudian thought of a matter that he totally forgotten about. While he was stuck in the elevator shaft his body below his butt had been covered in blood which was flowing there. The blood of the beast!

“Does it contain the virus? The armor should have isolated it. I have not been in contact with it, ah!” He quickly stood up but his legs were numb. At the same time more and more tingling feelings came from all parts of his body.

He clenched his teeth and dragged his body outside to remove the blood. He came up towards the wall which he had used before to climb up.

The beast’s blood hadn’t flown here. He leaned against the wall while slightly breathing. He looked down at his body and check his armor from behind. He didn’t know when it had happened but there were quite a few scratches. The blood had penetrated and infected his body using mostly those scratches. He hadn’t felt anything until he had seen the scratches. Like a leech it had already penetrated his body. He didn’t even feel its existence when he touched the blood on his skin.

Dudian’s face turned pale and there was a trace of regret in his heart. If he didn’t come back to kill the beast, perhaps he wouldn’t be infected.

“Although nobody would expect me to escape the hunter, but I even managed to escape the beast’s attack. Eventually I couldn’t escape the retribution of the Heavens… … …” Dudian bitterly thought in his heart. People would often talk about karma and they would say “forgive and forget”. Perhaps if he didn’t come back to kill the beast it would starve to death in here. But now he will be buried in here with the beast.

Dudian was leaning against the wall. Body’s sharp tingling made him shiver and unable to climb up. He hoped that this virus won’t take his life. He could only hope at this point.

In addition to tingling, he felt his consciousness get blurred and dizzy. He slightly lifted his left hand and touched his forehead. He felt hot and could not help but feel despair.

He thought of himself using the dark blue ball to absorb the heat before getting into the coma. He used his left and and struggled to take out the dark blue ball from his pocket. He used his hand and affixed the dark blue ball to his forehead.

Immediately an icy feeling enveloped him. He was able to think a bit clearer. However, his eyelids felt heave and his eyesight became gloomy and extremely fuzzy.

Suddenly, he felt a slight movement from his chest, as if there was something struggling in there.

He looked down and used his left hand to slightly open the armor. His vision was blurred but he could still see small blood red worms. The gauze was wrapped around his chest. But there were worms that were drilling into the gauze. His muscles contracted in peristalsic wave to defy the worms. But most of them had drilled almost half the way in.

“Worms, worms … …” Dudian’s mind at a loss. He raised his hand to grab, but a burning sensation hit his brain. He couldn’t even lift his hand. Before he closed his eyes, the last thing that he saw was that the worms finally managed to fully drill into his body.

Thump! Dudian’s head fall onto ground. He was throughly unconscious.
His palm was still holding the dark blue wall even though he was in come.

Gradually this dark blue ball melted in his hand. It turned into a light blue transparent liquid which penetrated into his palm through the small wounds.

Darkness! He was not aware of the passage of time.

Dudian once again opened his eyes and his consciousness was restored. He woke up because of hunger.

He was at a loss as he saw the familiar picture of the elevator shaft in front of him. “Didn’t I die?”, he thought.

He immediately thought of high fever he had felt before losing the awareness. He touched his head. Body temperature seemed normal. Then he noticed that his swollen palms had been restored.

He quickly sat up and checked his whole body.

There was no kind of visibly external change in the body. His soft armor was dusty and there were a lot of small scratches. He subconsciously looked back at the beast. He saw its charred body still stuck under the pile of stones while its head was cut off.

Dudian speculated: “Was I lucid dreaming because of the high fever?”

“Was I saw tired that I had slept after cutting of the beast’s head?”

Suddenly, he opened his eyes wide in astonishment as he looked around.

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  1. Worms? Like the worm for the “Light Physique” test he took before becoming a scavanger or parasite worms? Only time will tell, or they might be both.

    Thanks for the chapters.

  2. :O so the worm from the light physique test is what the infection is, it would explain why people with the light physique have a higher value as the worm dislikes their bodies. But why is he alive does he have some other physique?

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