DK – Ch 67

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The Dark King – Chapter 67


I liked the chapter where he talked with Jenny… I liked the romance.. What was your favorite chapter?

Dudian looked at the direction of the beast. It was clear that they were at the ground floor. He had to climb up to leave the shaft.

However, there were obstacles in the elevator shaft.

Although, not far from him there is an open entrance as the elevator door had fallen down.

He made up his mind. He walked towards the broken stone heap and began to climb. A lot of wound began to open up and dull pain covered his body as he climbed upwards.

He didn’t stop but adhered to climb. If he continues to stay here, his body will lose all its strength at some point and he will be left to death in this God damn forgotten place.

Soon, he climbed out of the elevator.

Clouds of light scattered in the elevator shaft. There was dust in the air. One side of the walls and windows were all dilapidated, full of holes.

Dudian look at the direction of the beast. There was a pile of concrete there. On the side a twisted broken steel was exposed. Because of these stones crimping on it, the beast wouldn’t be able to climb out.

He was feeling lucky that his body had rolled after falling down or else he all the pile of stones would have fallen onto him. He had escaped the death!

Half an hour later, Dudian had finally came out of the rubble of the building. There was still a feel of lingering fear as he looked back at the collapsed building.

He hid behind the stones and looked around for a bit. There were no undeads around. He thought that the undeads should have been attracted by the collapse of the building. Most probably have come over here but haven’t been able to sense him so gradually scattered and left.

Earlier he had wrapped a dark blue ball in his chest to stop the blood outflow. As he had slept over, it had caused his body temperature to decrease. Most probably because of this he was able to avoid sensors of the undeads.

But at the moment, he had already taken out the dark blue ball and put into his pocket.

He quietly went by a nearby shop. As everywhere else, this shop was covered with vegetation and moss. Dudian’s eyes fell on a plant. He took out the dagger from his waist and cut it off. He looked to the juice that was dropping from the plant. It was transparent water. He felt hunger struck him again. He grabbed few piece of leaves from the plant and gently chew them.

There was a slight sweetness that filled his mouth. He quickly ate a few slices of rough leaves. But he was aware that the leaves may be contaminated with germs or their radiation content may be too high.

After eating the leaves, Dudian felt the burning sensation in the stomach suddenly went down. He didn’t continue to eat the leaves but cut the plant from the stem. He sucked the water out.

If the vegetation was able to thrive and survive in a place such as this, then it was an indication that it already had anti-radiation and anti-virus properties.

After drinking some water, Dudian felt a bit more comfortable. Suddenly he thought of the beast that was stuck in the elevator shaft. A trace of coldness flashed in his eyes. He was the culprit that forced the beast into such a situation. As long as it didn’t die, there was a possibility of breaking out. Once it broke out, it will be very dangerous for Dudian in the future.

Thinking for a moment, Dudian came towards the scrapped cars that were covered with moss. The front cover was knocked out. The engine was unusable and corroded. He didn’t use much effort to take out the gas tank. There was nothing inside as he checked the gas tank with a dry stick.

It was an expected result. But he didn’t give up and began to gently scrap tank from inside with the stick. Soon there was a layer of swarthy material on the stick.

He took out the fire sickle and ignited the dark material. It actually burned!

Dudian was surprised. He went to the other cars and pulled out the gas tanks from all of them. He scrapped inside and gathered a large amount of swarthy material.
Dudian went to the shops and small supermarkets that were close by. He found fabric and clothes. He picked as much as he could and crawled back in to the collapsed building. It didn’t take long before he was in front of the elevator shaft.

He was tired and exhausted. He sat by the elevator shaft and rested for a while. He lit the torch. This time he saw everything more clearly. The beast was covered in pile of stones. Only its neck, head and half of its fore-paw was exposed.

Dudian sneered as he stirred the dark oil material, rolled it in the combustible fabrics and wood. Later on he throw them toward beast.

The beast suddenly woke up and opened its eyes as these things knocked on to its face. It growled and grimaced in pain.

Dudian smiled slightly and threw the torch down.


Torch fall on top of the fabric and fire burned up!


The beast body came in contact with the fire. It began to roar up in pain. It head was violently shaking. Stones slightly loosened because of its movement. Lots of gravel rolled down. However it failed in its struggle to move and shaking the stones didn’t help much.

Dudian was completely assure down in his heart as he saw the scene. He was worried that the beast will suffer pain and in madness would use extra force to get out. But after all, the building had collapsed and it happened to be at the bottom. It had suffered a great deal of damage also lost a lot of blood.

The fire illuminated the dark elevator shaft. The beast’s struggling roars gradually dissipated with the flames.

Dudian quietly looked at it. He felt that the life was so fragile. Even such a strong monster couldn’t escape the clutches of death. Perhaps… No… It should only blame itself as it was not strong enough, right?

Dudian slightly clenched his fists. The ambitions in his heart grew as the flames burned and growled more and more…

The flames continued to burn for ten minutes. Gradually they were extinguished. The smell of a cooked meat surged with the hot air.

He didn’t know that how smart the monster was. Maybe it could play dead too?! So for insurance, he picked up a stone and throw it.

Stone hit the beast but it did not respond.

Dudian was relieved. He went down and closely looked at the charred body of the beast. Its body surface was burned. Blood was spilling out.

“It seems that this beast is really different from the undeads. Its head does not had to be cut off to kill it.” Many thoughts passed by Dudian’s mind.

“I’m just interested. Is its head different from the undeads?” Cold light glowed in Dudian’s eyes as he held the dagger.

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  1. I can’t believe that after the whole fiasco with the hunter playing dead Dudian didn’t more thoroughly check the beast.

    I also agree with you Madsnail. Long ago in the comments I had said that I hoped for more downtime in the story. Since Jenny, the story has had any more downtime of any sort. I know that makes them more rare and meaningful moments, but it also makes the action and tension overdone.

    I hope the story slows down when he goes back home, I know it most likely won’t.

    Thanks for all the chapters.

  2. I like chapters like this one more than than the Jenny one. Novels like this need less romance and slice of ife, and more thrillers, actions and conspiracies.

  3. My favorite chapter is when Dudian bought materials for gun powder. I like these kid of chapter where the character is putting what they know in action.

  4. Not sure I’d call it romance, as it was between children but, honestly that’s one of my favorite chapters too. The other one was when he blew Brian up with the gunpowder haha, probably my favorite so far.

  5. My favorite chapter was when he trailed the alchemist apprentice in order to find a point of contact with the “church of darkness”. I was hoping it would lead to more but it proved that our MC definitely isn’t going to play by the rulebook.

  6. My favorite chapter was when all the kids were dumped into the desert, really gave off a real survival feeling and also gave birth to the 4 musketeers. 😀

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